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>Could you speak up?
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>Join to voice chat and talk or ban
Rudest senpai.
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>Everyone find a partner
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>You can't even look at me when I talk to you

>hey anon what you wanna eat?
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Anything as long as you don't touch it with your hands you filthy nigger.
Sorry but I no longer have an appetite. I'll be moving to Alaska now.
Something mad by a white woman.

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Tfw wellbutrin prescription.
Tfw literally increases your sex drive unlike ssris which decrease it.
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Wellbutrin caused me to have a seizure. Be careful bro. I'd suggest NO meds for people but you're past that point now
I'm unsure if i should try and get a prescription for cbd and grow my own or go on jew pills.
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Are you serious? I started taking it to KILL my sex drive, I just didn't want ssri's because they make you fat.

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Which of these things should I prioritize in my attempt at self improvement? I am 18 years old.

1. Study for the driver's test and get my license
2. Learn and practice touch typing
3. Relearn precalculus online/with a tutor before I go to university/college
4. Start working out/doing exercise
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>power gap
>don't even bother with 2
I would say either 3 or 4 because:
-learning precalculus will allow you to learn the new material more smoothly without getting bogged down by trivial stuff => getting good grades => getting job opportunites
-getting into shape will boost your self-confidence and health, which is important for self-improvement

1 and 2 aren't too important unless:
-you're planning to get a part-time job that requires those skills
-you're studying computer science and need to learn to touch type in order to code
-you're planning to use a car when you're at school, which even then you could probably use transit as an alternative
I really, really like that image anon

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Your girlfriend decides it's time for her to go for a run, her workout outfit is this, how would you feel?
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I want to fuck her in public
I want to pee on her and watch her run by people in a city
I want to smell her clothes
I would feel like I need to bury my face in her sweaty ass as soon as she gets back
>Your girlfriend
heh, lol

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>tfw no belly gf to play video games with
Wouldn't that be great?
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What is she even looking at? Hate weebs.
She's looking at her massive bum, of course. She'd be able to see it no matter which direction she looks at.
Bump. Any fatanons in this thread?

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>fresh, new and wet pussy everywhere you go

Does anyone honestly believe this?
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what should I do if my height is not listed?
>what should I do if my height is not listed?
what do you think
fuck your gay ass foot system and post metric you cunt

Can a 27 y/o baldcel get a 19-20 y/o girl if he looks decent and has game?
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If she has daddy issues and is somewhat mentally retarded, then yes.
Nope, sorry to about that. Young women absolutely hate bald men.
what the FUCK is this

>Everyone who has it better than me is a filthy normie
>I have it worse than 99% of people on this board

The 2 sentences that describe every poster on this board
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bump, give me (you)'s you worthless cumrags
Shh, relax
Thanks, check out the movie if you haven't it's great and full of scenes like that

R.I.P Benny Harvey, gone but not forgotten edition
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1st for Tilde did nothing wrong
cunt stop making new threads early
also fuck namefags
Ebin 2 questions

1. what are you up to right now
2. Can we see a 'post haircut' picture

>20yro never had gf
>first gf last saturday
>broke up with her this saturday
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wow so sad fucking normie
such a nice normie that it lasted for a week
Now you must live your life as a failed chad/normie
It is a cursed existence, you will know no comradery or sense of belonging to robots or the masses of normies outside this board
You are truly alone for the first time in your life
Is it better to know victory and then taste defeat or to never know victory at all?

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>tfw manic episode is over
back to the bottom, boys....
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Dont Worry you'll have another manic episode sooner or later.
thank you anon, but now is the worst time, i need confidence because im trying to get with a cutie
its fucking over for me

Alright, so basically title says it all. Bullying regarding my height really fucked me up when I was younger, and as a result I ended up with no friends right up until the present day. I'm taking a gap year before Uni, but I feel like I have no future.
Will people take me seriously at my height? It's frustrating being smaller than plenty of girls, and probably contributes to my shyness, not to mention speaking to tall guys is awkward because it feels as if they're judging you. Makes me think I won't make friends, and won't end up in a relationship because girls like tall guys.

Doesn't help that I hit puberty about a year later than others my age, so I don't have any facial hair, or much arm hair, and am a bit chubby in the face, and so look about 15-16.

Not only that, but how can I hope to get hired over a taller guy, or how can I expect a girl to ever find me attractive?

How can I make the best of it?
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well how tall are you OPie
Become self-employed.
5 feet and 6 inches, Manny.

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Post yfw you realized /pol/ is actually an anonymous cuck fetish support group for autistic men in their early twenties
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Shouldn't you be on reddit? Why are you posting here?
>support group
Support group implies that they are trying to mutually find strength to overcome their affliction. /pol/ is actively pro-cuckoldry and the sheer volume of miscegenation themed cuckold porn being posted, discussed and saved proves this.
They support each other and find strength in what they have in common is what I'm saying

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No he didn't, get your faggot ass back to /pol/ and talk about your cuck fetish there
did he hide her in the refrigerator with Cherie
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The classics never get old. Back to page 1 with you, my friend.

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