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How can yellow boys even compete?
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I'd date asian men, and I'm white (and not a weeaboo). I wouldn't date a black man though.
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bmaf = master race

Im asian. I like watching their youtube channel. She is sweet and he is cool.

And OP, no reason for me to compete. I will just try to find an asian girl that likes asian guys.

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is it weird to draw ms paint pictures for your friend
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what kinda pictures?
like trying to draw their favorite character from the game of the /vg/ general we met on

I'm not very good at drawing but I thought they would appreciate it if I tried to draw little doodle things for them
I'd give you shit but I'm a terrible artist that doodles in mspaint to harass friends

just don't have a freudian slip and call him daddie like i did

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plenty of autistic childs and shemales
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which game is it
because i have noone to play it with
APB Reloaded

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Shit normies do or say that piss you off

>when they chew with their mouth open/talk with their mouth full
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>ask you how you're doing as some kind of greeting but they couldn't fucking care less
>randomly whistling tunes
>When I'm on my break from wagecucking, minding my own business. eating my lunch and my mouth is clearly full and they fucking start to small talk with me.

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Burdens are for beasts, not men.

Post about NEET life and activities ITT. What's your income, how'd you get it, and what do you do all day?
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Income: zero
Leaves house: not once this month
NEET status: confirmed
My income is cutting my lord (dad)'s grass, and for my freetime I usually stay in the house laying in my bed or on the kitchen computer posting on 4chan.

Really want to end this lifestyle but it's going to take alot of effort on my part.

Income: 825$/week
Source: wagecuck
Daily Schedule: Work, come home to gf, drink, drink, go out with friends to drink, come home and drink with gf, go to sleep repeat


I'd much rather be alone and have no responsibilities and play vidya all day

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>everywhere you go, online or in real life, everyone around you constantly puts down others or expresses how they feel superior to others

How can I escape this
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the thing to realize is that it's a cycle. People are put down by others, so they have to try to boost themselves up [albeit artificially] by putting down others.
It comes from insecurity, and I agree it's a terrible terrible thing.
I suck. I am such a loser. I'm a failure.
It's ok for you to exist, even if you don't do things as good as others or don't have the same things as others. There's enough space on the earth for you, there's enough resources for you to have your share

Why can't other people see it that way

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Why is it socially unacceptable to call out religious people out on their bullshit?

It makes you look autistic so I never did it, but I still don't know why it's so unacceptable.
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religious people are the majority
Because their faith largely does not affect you, but stomping all over their beliefs to prove a point or to look clever is very emotionally detrimental to them- that same faith is a very useful tool in their lives that they derive personal strength from.

Because unless there's an active debate going on you look like a complete asshole for ruining a perfectly good lunch because of some shit that really doesn't fucking matter.

the fact those people worship space hitler will never change anything, and the fact you don't won't either.

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I want to spy on my neighbor. Any tips? Pic related.
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If you marry her, you can spy on her forever my friend.
How about you be a normal fucking person and just ask her out?
break into her bedroom when she's away and hide in her closet until she goes to sleep and then stand at the foot of her bed with your erect cock in hand

>tfw no fat girIfriend to cuddle with
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>tfw could probably get a belly gf if i tried but i'm too anxious and awkward.
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fat girls are gross but as a babbyface it's all i can land
fuck this planet

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pls rember that wen u feel mean or angery never forget ttimes wen u feeled nice wen mood is bad alway rember nicer day
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Thanks, anon. It's always nice to see people post positivity!
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This is a nice thread
I literally can't remember nicer days

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>he praises Western culture, using impoverished black nations with no chance of moving past hunter gatherer culture due to the overall lack of fertile land and other resources as an example
Meanwhile, Asian countries are laughing right now.
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You know that a lot of Asian countries were strongly influenced by western culture
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Yeah bud, it's the land and the resources that are the problem.
Which is how China went from dynasties to communism. Thanks western culture.

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>The world doesn't owe you anything
>Kids in Africa are starving be grateful
>If you don't love yourself no one else will
>Just think positive
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You have no right to complain about life when you're so privileged that you have time to shitpost on the internet.
You have no right to dictate what is allowed to bother another person you lil shit
Actually we do have that right, evidenced by how loads of shitposters are doing that right now

>be me
>take LSD on the first Saturday of February
>real life as I know it has been changed
>derealization becomes ever stronger
>see flashes of light sometimes
>linger on 4chan for what looks like an eternity
>stay in the house and don't go out
>tfw can't get back to who I was before
I have descended into some mindfuckery and I can't get out, there's no escape

There must be a way out, to correct all of this, /r9k/.
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aspiration is key
>aspiration is key
That's funny because I have no planned future and I'm very unmotivated and despondent to do things. If aspiration is key then the key is missing.
Psychosis can be scary. Seek help soon senpai.

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I graduated today /r9k/ What now ?
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Graduate from what?
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From high school, I forgot I'm in /r9k/, sorry.
Obvious path would be uni but depends on your financial situation. Maybe you should find a job for a year to come up with something you'd enjoy studying and would also make a sure job in the future. Also depending on your country military service is an option but i assume that it probably isnt your first choice. Where I live,11 month mandatory service is requiered from all young males. I havent gone there myself yet.

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Is it common for brothers and sisters to be banging each other?
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In antiquity, yeah, a LOT.
The Jews did it all throughout their history.
It's why so many of them have health problems and mental illnesses.
Schizophrenia and psychopathy is common among Jews. Much more so than any other race.
In the past maybe but now no, forget about it.

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