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how do i stop?
i wake up tired as fuck every morning because i drink a ton every night and once i start i can't stop.
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smoke weed everyday

eye3 es
drink less
I did the same thing and now I don't do that anymore.
Alcoholism general

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>tfw no k-pop bf
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I didn't know I knew this feel until just now
This is the worst feely feel of feely feelers to exist.
This tbqhwyfimop

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a classic XD
pool's closed :DDDDD
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ayumu oh my gah.png
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>ironic shitposting

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I wanna start cutting here, but there's hair there
So I'm wondering if the hair would make it more painful? Will the scars show up?
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the hairs will enter your bloodstream and you will get tetanus

why do you want to fuck up your arm anyway if you're worried about the pain?
dont cut dude, that shit will haunt you for years on end
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dude don't be retarded. I cut and it wasn't worth it. You're probably just a teenager. I hope you can try to find some other way to help you.
That shit fucked me up. I was really depressed and shit. the day I looked at myself (and my arms) in the mirror is permanently burned into my mind.
A few years later, I found happiness by devoting more time to art, video games, and music. I embraced the robot life and now I don't care as much about things anymore like I used to.Things change man.

I know you're probably not going to care about anything I said, but I hope it helps.
Good luck out there man

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Get in here, it's a women hate thread.
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Think of it this way. The woman on the left is dating down. She is wasting herself when she can get guys like on the right. She was given loads and did nothing with it.

The woman on the right has less, but used it better to get a guy out of her league.
>posts are capped
>comments aren't

>I can't see any muscle on him, he must be weak as a jellyfish!
Only an autistic male who had been starved of socialization for a considerable period of time would write that.
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Good luck having one of those with the current state of /r9k/.

I'll help you out tho.

What's preventing you from getting a job, anon?
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>What's preventing you from getting a job, anon?
I dont want to
Just quit my job today. AMA
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ragie-wagies btfo

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>have 4.5" penis
>be 5'8"
>weigh 350lbs
>have big sack of fat around penis
Will I break the 6" barrier if I lose weight?
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You'd probably get as high 7" tbqh, you're a big guy.
If serious post

Yes I lost about 100 and noticed my dick looked a lot bigger from 3.5 to almost 6.
Probably even more anon, you're too fat

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>Addicted to food
>Addicted to porn
>Addicted to games

I've hot rock bottom. I really have.
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you need
>addicted to drugs
How did you became such a lazy hedonist?
Society overwhelms us with hyper stimulating things such as video games and porn. Whereas food in America is basically designed to get you unhealthy

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>boipucci is ovulating
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No it isn't
You are making it up
im a doctor and i can confirm the ovulation
>>boipucci is ovulating
Does this mean you are taking a shit?

What is it like having a roastie sister? If I had sisters I think I would have killed myself
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I dont get along with either of my two sisters, especially my younger one who is a total slut. Parents buy her birth control and let her boyfriends stay over at the house. They are in complete denial; the birth control is just "for menstrual cramps" and the boys have to sleep in seperate rooms so that makes it ok despite our catholic upbringing. Most of her boyfriends use her as a cumdumpster I think; inevitably there is always a sudden break up with no explanation once they see what she is really like. My sister is the devil, but my parents created the monster by spoiling her and always letting her get her way.
My sister is a normie slut that has fucked like 25 guys at least. She ended up a single mother with a mixed kid of course. Meanwhile im a virgin thats never been in a relationship. I blame it on the lack of a strong male figure while growing up my dad talked a big game (he was a chad growing up) but in reality in actions he had no balls and let my roastie mother walk all over him and fought with her every day but didnt bother to get divorced until i was fucking 20. T-thanks for the unbringing mom and dad
having an (ugly) sister is the absolute worst. I've got dealt with one. Sucks desu.

Hello r9k. I posted last night saying I would be spending the day with some chads and stacy sluts, a little older than me. There where 2 chads, one normalfag guy, and 2 stacy sluts at my home. (First time a girl my age has been in my house) we went in the pool and they were wearing slutty bikins. The normalfag guy asked if I worked out because I am muscular looking, not like my cousin Chads but much more so than him. We swam and relaxed in the pool. It was insane. The stacies were actually nice to me! It was surreal having girls in my pool in my own house! We left to go to the beach, then we went shooting at a gun range then after we went to dinner. I tried not to spill spaghetti but it came out a few times. They were all talking about weed and drinking then I said "I'm too intelligent to drink" and "im too intelligent for drugs" then the normalfag guy asked if I'm too intelligent for a girlfriend and I said yes. He asked if I ever had one and I told him "no" the 2 stacies said "awww" i was mad at the normalfag for making me say that. Then they started talking about normie TV shows game of thrones ect when they asked me what I watched I said I only watch anime, they said "oh nice anon" then kept talking. When we left dinner everyone hugged each other and the 2 stacies hugged me and said "it was great meeting you anon! I shook the normalfags hand, then I drove my 2 chad cousins back home.
Now I'm here typing this. Pic related is a Creep shot I took of a stacy at my house. It was hard to take one because it was so bright outside I couldn't see my screen and inside my house i was scared they would see. I survived robots, got some decent fap material and now I'm no longer hugless. Decent day overall I'd say.
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You're a fucking superautist. You literally spouted the r9k "too intelligent for gf meme" and you took creepshots of your friends.

How can you even be a KHHV in the 1st place????? Most robot are just virgins or KV
is that althaea and was the other ones name lexy bcoz i know those sluts too
gg most likely no re

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Girls always list "fantasies" as something that they masturbate to. What are these fantasies?
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Literally just sexual ideas that arouse you. I have a sunglasses fantasy wherein I and my partner both wear RayBan sunglasses and she's also blonde. Something about sunglasses is so erotic...
Gang bangs, rape, gang rape.
probably sex

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1 (1).png
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>got a scholarship to a private school at the age of 5
>was consistently given various tests. Regularly scored in the top 1%
>in high-school depression started hitting me. Got a lot of mental fog. Couldn't concentrate
>ended up leaving school with a bunch of Cs
>years of constant unhappiness and suicidal thoughts have fried my brain. I struggle to do even basic arithmetic, even though I could do calculus at 15
>can't even hold down a wagecuck job for any longer than a few weeks because I'm really slow to move and am oblivious to my surroundings
>my days are spent wishing I were dead and drinking away what little money I have

Most of you guys are under the age of 20. Try to treat your depression while you still can. Apparently prolonged depression literally destroys the parts of your brain responsible for emotions and memory.
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What clowns are handing out scholarships to 5 year olds?
Getting a scholarship to a tard school isn't something to brag about
Happened to me, man. At least, that's what my mom tells me. Maybe she paid for private schooling, but I come from a poor family.

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mr. feels.png
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>ywn be a loving father, raising his children and loving every minute of his life
This is all I want in life. I don't care for girlfriends, friends, whatever. This is all I want
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You shouldn't love every minute of your life. Instead, have strong goals in your mind and understand that in order to accomplish them, there will be suffering. A slow-burning feeling of joy will come with prolonged action in accordance to one's values
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"Glad you understand now, Champ. Having kids is important because it passes on the family name, makes you more responsible, gives you a heightened sense of accomplishment, and ensures that you'll have someone to take care of you when you're old. And it's as simple as talking to that nice girl, looking her in the eye, giving her a firm handshake, and inviting her out to dinner."
You're right, Father Handshake. Time to meet a nice white girl and further the race

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just got ghosted for the first time

i know how you guys feel now...
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I know it hurts like a bitch right now buddy but eventually it becomes comfy in a weird way. By about my 10th time being ghosted it stopped bothering me and started to feel more like relief. No more wondering if someone really likes you or if you said the right thing or if theyre ignoring you or anything like that. Just silence
Im ghosting several bitches right now.
who cares man, move on to the next dumb slut.
What does this term "ghosted" mean?

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