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Why are you here?

>inb4 habit
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>Why are you here?

You know why.
Whereever you go, there are already humans there. Kind of pointless if you can't escape them anyway.
I have a VR headset so I can pretty much visit any place from the comfort of my own room.

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>Aunt found the smegma jars
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so these are jars made of smegma or are they normal jars containing smegma?

& where were you hiding them?
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>jars made of smegma
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>granddaughter fell in the poop bath

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stop posting this garbage


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Alright /r9k/, tomorrow is my first job interview ever and I'm nervous as fuck. I am currently at uni, but decided to get a light work to get some money while i study.
I am not that nervous about the interview itself, but since I'm kinda autist, what I'm scared the most is about not finding the place where the interview is and look like a retard + lose the place.
Any advice you guys can give me on my interview? Also, how not to panic if i don't find the place?
Feel free to give advice and share your experiences in your job interviews and also on your first day ever being a wagie :^)
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"Son, it's simply a matter of walking in there like you own the place, speaking with the manager, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him you want the job. Easy-peasy."
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>be me
>get laid off from my job
>drink for a week on severance pay
>finally decide I should get a new job
>edit resume for a half hour
>send it out
>get a call the same day to come in for an interview
>go to it and have no problems because I'm not a fucking idiot sperg
>get new job

did that help? Christ you manbabies are insufferable.
Afraid to get lost,
Visit the place (without entering ofc) b4 the interview. That way you'll be in time. Asking for directions isn't a bad idea either as you create a window for a conversation starter with your employer: exam. 'I asked for some help to find the place as it's my first time around these parts. Area looks really nice'.

Business casual works fine. Depending on the weather.
Warm, dark blue jeans or some brown/lightbrown chinos combined with an white oxford blouse and some white neutral sneakers/brown leather shoes. Match the belt in same color as shoes (when wearing leather) to gain even more points.

Handshake and introduce yourself when meeting the employer! Cannot stress this more.
Prepare some questions ahead. Why do you want to work there and why should they hire you. Simple answer that ur studying and could use some extra cash is just fine, as they like educated people over retards so just stick with that.

That said, good luck bro. I own my own company that trains people with this kind of stuff. You're miles ahead of most of my clients :)

Greets from the nonrobot r9k lurker

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That'll be 19.95 plus a firm handshake.
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"This is indeed a disturbing universe..."
I get my pizzas posted through the letterbox so i don't know how i would be able to give the delivery guy a handshake

Nyarlathotep, stop fucking around and put on your real face. I hope whoever gave you the idea to go on 4chan is dying of eldritch AIDS.

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>spiderman dumped mary jane watson to fuck brown midget pussy

ah, so this is diversity
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>reading comics
Top JeJ
That's from the arc where Otto took over Peter's body.
>westerners are getting into loli

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What's worse:

Just be yourself, or Just Do It?
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JBY worse. It works only if "yourself" is what others want. JDI will work every time as long as you put in effort and dont bail at the first bump in the road.
"Just do it" is literally how I get by at work and in my every day life. If I stop to think about it, I realize it's pointless and all for nothing or I get anxiety and overthink minor situations in which I have to interact with others. Just do it, like all the other zombies out there.
As Einstein used to say, firsten posten esten besten posten.

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College tips 101

Rule #1 Don't be that guy who talks in class for everyone to hear.
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Anyone tried this?
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Does this actually work?

Can I sell the pantsu for mad ca$h?
You have about a month at the start of freshman year where everyone is looking to make friends
I don't care if your tired or if you want to settle in, put as much effort into it then and rest later. Trust me things getting much harder after other people have settled into groups, harder but not impossible

Is there such a thing as a painless suicide method? What is it?
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buy a helium tank and hook it up to a respirator
you're welcome
i mean, how painful can be a shotgun blast through your head?
you pull the trigger and you're dead on instant without feeling anything.
I don't know why but I could never go through with that kind of method. I'd want my face to be intact when I'm dead. I can't articulate why.

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does anyone else get sad when you see a wholesome girl ruining themselves by doing degrading acts in porn?
> mfw could've married webm related and had a happy life with our first born
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Jeez, that's a lot of DNA...
I know red heads are crazy, but when I see crazy attractive ones in porn J just wonder what the hell happened.
>wholesome girl
>doing degrading acts in porn
She has to be one or the other, you can't be both. If she were wholesome, she wouldn't get into porn. Even if you thought she was wholesome, she was always a whore at heart. Sluts are rarely made, they're born. When actual wholesome girls listen to too much Rihanna and read one too many posts made by sluts on Reddit, they try out the whore thing and they don't like it, they feel ashamed of themselves. She wouldn't smile as she got bukkake'd by strange men, she'd probably break down and cry because she knows she's being disrespected.

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>Tfw don't have a chiseled jawline
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>tfw weak jawline
>tfw recessed chin
>tfw always look like a meek beta no matter how ripped I get
men with nice jaws are so fucking sexy

everyone else, a weak beta hipster.
You have one. Just get under 10% bodyfat

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In much the human brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, we all know, killed first. This naturally it attacks the general speed and weakest members. In much the herd is hunted, it is the slowest brain cells first. In this way, regular constantly making the slowest and weakest ones at the weaker brain cells, consumption is good for the brain a faster and when the herd is hunted, it is the human brain cells, but natural speed and weaker brain a fast as the slowest and health of the back that are kill
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Are you a foreigner or just really high?
I don't do degenerate acts, as if.
What a cute Steven and Connie.

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Cleaning my room didn't change my life, fuck this meme
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Having a clean room is preferable to having a dirty room.
That's just the first step bro, you're supposed to move up from there.

Besides, isn't it better to know that you're actually fucking trying rather than wasting away in self-pity?
Even if it is all for nought, at least you went out swinging.
You used off brand bleach tho, didn't you? It's like, how do you normies get off coming on my board with absolutely retarded shit like this. I don't have the patience for this anymore, learn the difference between a dollar and a euro, based on you corporate overlords.

Would you Jeffrey Dahmer?
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Originally always
Are you the faggot who's in love with dahmer and keeps posting these threads?

anyway because of your last gay thread I've watched the film Dahmer from 2002, and I enjoyed it a lot, it was creepy and sad, just like I like them

would recomend
Have I converted another soul to Dahmerism?

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>tfw you miss all the friends you ghosted
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I've only ever ghosted my one online friend because he was a clingy faggot more demanding than a gf (based off what I've been told about gfs).
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faggot detector.jpg
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What type of dumb fuck are you?
Can't miss someone who's insincere

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