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Anyone else here not turned on by sex?

I have various fetishes that I masturbate to, but penises going into vaginas actually sort of disgusts me. Feels weird, man.
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It doesn't disgust me, but I can't remember the last time I watched open that involved fucking. I also just watch specific fetish vids, and if these happen to have fucking, I skip it
>I watched open

Dumb phoneposter
penetration isn't hot to me because it's not something you can really do with lolis feasibly. i find oral much hotter as well as simple nudity

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who here /bully/? I want friends but just can't help myself. My first reaction to any situation is to make a joke at someones expense.
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I don't interact with many people but I do try to control my family. It's frustrating because they annoy me in so many ways

It's not something you can't control. You just expect everyone to deal with your shit, but they don't. I don't think you'll get good friends by humiliating people in public, only backstabbing cowards that fear you and pretend to be friends.
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y-y-you can bully me if you want OP
what's your discord

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At my fourth day of my new McDonald's job and it's the sigke worse experience of my life
Definitely gonna quit tonight before I leave
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im probably starting orientation this week, what happened anon?
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the manager basically if I dont bend over and suck her lewd cock im gonna be slaughtered in my sleep and thrown on the grill.
>suck her lewd cock
this is bad???

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What are some video games or books with good waifus? I'm in dire need of some warm company
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wtf r9k, help me out here you faggots
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little estelle

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That's me on the far right
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I'm on the far right too, and I think you should kill yourself, sodomite
>posting Goebbels
haha, sod off

get run over by a minivan driving abdul antifa

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How do I find a good therapist that understands robot needs?

I've been to two before and I quit them because I felt like they didn't understand my issues. But, I can't keep going on living like this, so I need to find another one.

The last two were female, so I'm thinking maybe a male one this time.

What's your experience?
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I don't fuck with shrinks anymore, but have you considered embracing a different perspective at least when talking to them?

Your issues might be minor or insignificant compared to some of the things they're faced with, or simply nonsensical. Getting out of your own head for a little bit might let you see the fault in your mindset too. I can't say for sure, because you haven't explained any of it.
I've been seeing a male therapist for 3 months now, doesn't understand the issues and I'm just pretending that my mental health and social skills are getting better to not worry my parents
What are robot needs?

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Why do men age so gracefully?
Why do women age so horribly?

Most women are unfuckable bags of wrinkles by the time they hit 40. Even "milfs" in porn are like 30.

>inb4 cherrypicking hot older celebrities
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>inb4 cherrypicking hot older celebrities
o the ironing
Men are generally not that pretty to begin with. Men aren't ABOUT being pretty.
It's like how a ferrari that gets banged up and left in a ditch for a couple of decades looks like shit while a tank that goes through the same thing looks like a tank.
Male prime is at 25, don't kid yourself.

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>tfw the cryptocurrencyfag that has been shilling stuff like BTC and Etherum will probably have to become a wagie soon
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>implying the price isn't dropping because he rapidly sold all of his coins
He's going to buy back into it after the price raises again.
>implying you're not him trying to save face on an anonymous cardboard crafting website
>implying you're not in denial for losing 20% of your money and your plan for the future
It was 3000 , last week and it's down to 2994.3 it will probably go back up.

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>tfw a girl called you "kitten"

What did she mean by this?
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she means youre her pet
Hi, Russia :^)
You're cute in a little brother type of way

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a lot of you people are broken physically and mentally so post a link to your favorite porn video and well try to guess what's wrong with you
Heres mine:
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That's a very nice car.
I fucking love grand nationals.

Anyway my favorite video is mayli's facial abuse. Interested to hear what you guys have to say.
What model caddy is that

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How do you not go crazy being a virgin at 27?
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>tfw 21 year old virgin and already going crazy.
why do you guys always make it about being a virgin. more like, how do you not go crazy from having little to no social contact for years.
>tfw actually enjoy being alone
I just wish I had sex so I wouldn't feel like a loser for failing at something literally every biological creature that lead to me managed to do.

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So, now that video games, science fiction and fantasy shows and movies and capeshit are socially acceptable, what is the new nerd culture? What's the stuff that'll get you made fun of and repel women?
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women can't chase us out of our hobbies.
you're new here
Supporting the alt-right
Anime is still safe. The only anime that is pretty much entirely socially acceptable is ghibli, everything else, even the popular shit like aot, is still a cartoon to most people.

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Mask off
Fuck it mask off
Molly percaset
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You gon run it for this hundreds girl or nah
Show me if you really bout this money girl or nah
Dont play with a boss
Girl take it off
Take it for a real one you gon get it all

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>have a 30 second conversation with a girl
>fall in love

Why am I like this?
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There's a Whomp comic that explains this.
This could be because of some form of autism

like myself, people with autism fixate on objects/people and have trouble disconnecting this fixation.

This personal stops me from actually wanting to speak to girls because i know ill be depressed when i eventually and inevitability fall for them.

Get help if you can anon

>ITT anon needs to realise women dont want to fuck him
This hurts. Especially how dismissive Agrias is. Fuck Agrias.

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How does it feel that teenage girls are quite happy to spread their legs and get deflowered by predatory ecelebs? Meanwhile, you would be considered a creep for even looking at a girl just because you're not cute or famous.
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nowonder he's so smug, his whole life he will know the reason his life went to shit is because he was a pussy magnet

>spread their legs

He'll be spreading his ass cheeks in the state pen, shortly
Nah the normies hate him now for being a hebe. Fuck that little twink faggot Chad and not because he's a pedo, but because he's a dumb little faggot who though he could get away with everything just because he's wealthy and famous Chad. I'm a hebe too, but I'm not a retard and I'd never do what he did. Niggers won't be able to get enough of his twink ass.

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