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>make shitty OC for stupid thread
>slow as fuck and retarded so thread is gone by the time I finish
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hey, that's kinda funny desu
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merch bag
I don't understand the joke. Why did the baby's face fall off?

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Is it possible to meet humans I don't want to murder?
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internet's a big place with all sorts of nice communities

maybe just get in on one that's into the same weird shit as you, and use it as an opening for a meetup
>internet's a big place
And all I've seen is human garbage. I'm pretty sure garbage is the only flavor humans come in.

>all sorts of nice communities
This is precisely the sort of delusion I'm talking about.
>all I've seen is human garbage.

This, you are not wrong.

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>mom found a cutting towel with blood on it
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>neighbor inspected a whimpering hound with semen in it
>turkish tanks towed the titty tractor
post cuts

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>tfw no real interest towards anything
>actually trying out every board here and try to like some of them.

/mu/ and /fa/ used to always be my main interest. but now the passion for it is fading away.
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Listening to music and fashion are not real interests anyway so don't feel too bad.


You forgot your trip, Ry

tfw moving right improved my depression
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Moving to the right?
moving right?
excuse me?
Really helps when you aren't living in a delusion where you're expected to be a victim and lash out in every possible circumstance, huh.

d-do guys like it when girls wear perfume? or is it seen as trying too hard?
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i see it as giving a shit about your presentation, which is always a plus
Guys love it when girls smell nice. Duh. Every time some sweetie around here is wearing perfume it turns my head.
As long as it's soft and subtle it's nice. Girls who use too much heavy perfume are obnoxious.

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>pitbulls are the niggers of do-
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Whatever you say OP. You flaming faggot
That baby got his arms ripped off the next day because someone slammed a door in the house

The owners will say "he was a good boy for ten years, I don't understand why he just snapped"

A very good boy
most if not all dogs are good dogs

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Found out that every month whenever my boyfriend got his paycheck he spends about $20-$80 on vinyls/cd's signed by the artist. He told me he'll save up money to get a new washer and dryer, but apparently that won't happen any time soon if he's not saving up a much money as he said he would. I want to confront him about it, but I don't want to come off as bossy or intrusive. He doesn't know that I know about his signed CD/Vinyl collection.
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I'm selling a washer and dryer on craigslist. Are you interested, anime girl?

We want an energy efficient front load washer/dryer combo. The ones we have are over 10 years old and have broken down. Our water and electric bill was so high when we used the washer/dryer.
I mean 20-80 bucks isnt a huge amount unless you're on disability or something. Just let him do something he loves

This happened today
>Be me
>At the natural history museum in DC
>Looking at some fucking killer stalagmites in the geology exhibit
>See 2 qt3.14's walk into the exhibit, they're both wearing summer camp t-shirts
>Keep looking at rocks
>I see one walk up to me in my peripheral vision
>"Hello" she says
>I wait a second for her to reply
>I say "Hows it goiii-"
>Feel awkward as fuck
>Walk away

How do I not be autistic please help
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ask her where a certain exhibit is, then ask if they all want to go with you to find it.

she can only say no anon. but at least you will know where the exhibit is.
>how do I not be autistic
You're into stalagmites, anon. That's weapons-grade autism. There's no hope left for you.
it was just weird because she approached me and not the other way around

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>all this KHV roleplaying on the board
It's getting out of hand, prove you're a KHV by posting something only a KHV would know or feel

Let's try this again because this was the only good thread on normie9k
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Living my life this long without any intimate contact from a woman has made me both fear it and find peace in knowing ill never have it.
8 months ago I made a penpal with a supposed woman (not the reason I even contacted "her" in the first place) whose face I've never seen and whose voice I've never heard. No matter how much I force myself to believe that I'm really writing to some 40 yo. guy, I still fantasise to hell and back about "her". I imagine us hanging out together, being a couple etc. I'm fucking pathetic. Whatever, it's always a good feel whenever I see I received a letter.
The A/C broke in my cuckshed and now I'm sweating my ass off while LaDante fucks my wife.

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>suddenly remember that one time in grade 2 when some girl i sat beside in class found my parents' number in the phonebook and called me to ask for the title of a silly poem i recited to her because i thought it was funny
do you have adorable memories from your childhood?
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my hoe
lel, surprisingly, it didn't take too long to google

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>I was in first grade
>girl moved into neighborhood, second grade
>had family issues and came over to my house any time she could to avoid it
>we played all the time and she liked me, I didn't really understand because I was a retarded 6 year old
>eventually moved away, hugged me on the last day and said she loved me

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>you will never go back to a time where the internet doesn't exist
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>you will never go back to a time where the internet was pure and uncontaminated by normies
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>tfw I literally grew up for the first 13 years of my life without the internet (am 25)
>THEN I TURNED 13 and my parents were like "HEY we're getting internet and a new computer, happy birthday!"
>THEN I discovered Runescape and Totse
If I could go back in time I'd slap my parents in the face and kick my father in the balls then go throw the PC and the modem in the fucking swimming pool
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Then what? Buy expensive college text books? Use the university library? Fuck that.

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>21 khhv

>Go to creative writing class cuz Iove making up rich fictional bullshit

>Dude there same age as me been talking for a few weeks, he's khhv too

>Turns out that oddly enough I had added him as a friend on Steam months before I met him in real life

>Ask him for his Steam, tells me it "I-I already had you on my friends list" we both smile

>Is a furry just like me, likes shitty gay furry jokes just like me

>Write '"OwO what's this" on a whiteboard and show it to him and quickly erase it

>He smiles at me, I blush super hard

Help me I really just wanna be his little buttslut if just to try it, always had submissive/feminine tendencies. Is this what love feels like? I'm a diagnosed schizoid and not supposed to be feeling this.
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Hawken get off of /r9k/
>Help me I really just wanna be his little buttslut if just to try it, always had submissive/feminine tendencies. Is this what love feels like? I'm a diagnosed schizoid and not supposed to be feeling this.

Stop being a faggot and go suck his cock.

Live your life, anon.
Y-you are probably right, my heart feels a good kind of weird just thinking about it.

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>be me
>be 24
>be low-test
>look like I'm 16, still

What sort of girl would like me? Fat girls don't want me because I look much younger than them, and I'm not fat. Low-test girls don't want me because they can get high-test men. And high-test women don't want me because they can get super high-test men.

When I was younger, I thought fat men dated fat women; high-test men dated high-test women; and low-test men dated low-test women. But I guess not.

What hope is there?
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start smoking. you'll age a lot quicker
But I'd still be low-test. I'd still have a very plain face.
Shit nigga, there are all types of people out there. Fetishists of all kinds. Someone's gotta find your face hot.

Guy Fieri visits R9K. He wants a taste of this place's specialty for his show, Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

What do you serve him, and how does he describe the dish?
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is there a food that encaptures shame, depression, and existential dread
it would have to be mom's tendies.
moist tender meat enveloped in crispy coating and chad's special dipping sauce to accompany
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>hello guy we're going to flavor town!
>this is my frozen pizza I bought 2 for buck!
>it really goes well with a Diet Coke!
>"Ah yeah, this frozen pizza is Money! You really can taste the soy cheese and preservatives!"
>"Well thanks anon for showing us this sad dish on the Tripple D!"

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