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>when your index finger accidentally slides on top of your thumb and scratches the inner side
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Why are blacks winning the sexual war in the West?
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Because you're cherry picking pictures.

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Ask I guy with about thirty marbles up his ass anything. Planning on removing them when the sunrises in a few hours, so I got lots of time
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pix or it didnt happen


/most original saging in the world original|\
It was more popular on /b/ but this harder to get an audience. Fine I'll leave, but I'll let this thread for here

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>I do and it's a rare and horrific feeling

>mum grants him the family leader status

>he thinks being beta is the way to go and raised us beta and inferior feeling to EVERYONE in society

as a result all his children became either doormats or dependent on men or friends. We were braught up to feel worthless
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my advice is stay away from him

Having a beta male dad is worse than having no father at all. I'll tell you why. People who grow up with no father don't have any authority on them. That individual doesn't need to listen to his mother because he knows his mother can't enforce her rules on him without a father so he does as he pleases. The beta male father on the other hand, shows a bad example of how a man should be. This is very destructive because kids look up to their father as a role model. They see their role model act like a wimp and a doormat towards their mom so they emulate that same behavior, believing that they're doing the right thing. It also lowers their self-esteem because the beta male father will always side with the wife even if the wife is wrong just like how our current justice system caters to women more than men. Without a healthy father figure around, these kids grow up isolated, depressed, anxious, cowardly, and weak. With our feminized society that sees masculinity as toxic, it will be difficult for them to find proper guidance.
>grow up isolated, depressed, anxious, cowardly, and weak.

100% spot on. No father > beta father

Personally i had to change role models and completely unlearn all his examples. STILL some triats r still there

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It's a lot better than staying kv.

I wish Asians looked like anime waifus :(

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Can someone give me a quick rundown of the first great meme war?
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first great meme: kek won

2nd great meme: cnn gets bad reviews on some normie app stores.

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Hey robots!
I just woke up, sent some mocking texts to my wagecuck gf and loaded the bong. Sure feels good to have the whole day ahead of me - I'm just glad I don't have depression or no social life like some of you weirdos!
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Hey, for those robots into Japanese media, you do know that the average Japanese adolescent only watches anime for two years before moving on, right?

Sure they may watch some action-y kaiju stuff as kids but they only enjoy manga, anime and light novels for a short period of time before moving on to adulthood.

Take Gundam for instance, which has a new show, movie or special every few years. Chances are, your current middle schooler/high schooler in Japan has only seen the most recent series.

Even fans may only watch two or three shows religiously and collect one or two series they enjoy before selling their fandom at the end of their childhood.

If you gave up your Otaku nature, you'd have time for club activities with friends, go out with girls and have adventures overseas.

So what gives?
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I like it get over yourself.

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Why waste your time and energy complaining about the many varieties of normalfag? Your thread isn't going to give Chad or Stacy an ounce of self awareness, so it's futile to analyze their intense stupidity. It's not going to restore your foreskin or add two inches to your dick. Just keep browsing, try to do something that you enjoy until you decide to kill yourself.

This is for your own good. If all else fails, expedite your suicide and escape this hell.
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That's a fine Nietzsche pepe you got there anon. Yep, i am going full nihilism mode, gonna enjoy my life with videogames and programming then suicide at 30. I am 20 and no regrets.
The only way i see things going other way, is if i become rich. then everything changes.

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im sorry rem please take me back
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Is that today's gay and unoriginal thread?

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>tfw you like some of your friends but hate them at the same time
>goes ahead and destroys some relation ships but feel deep sadness
>pic related

This shit is hurting..i like my friends but its almost like i dont care about them anymore...
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>tfw don't care about any person i know irl
>my aunt died on wednesday and all i could think about while being in the ER with her corpse was that i have to look sad or i'll freak people out

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This sentence is originaI.
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Can someone donate some GBP and tendies? I lost them when I stayed up too late one night.
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>Mom says sister hated guys
>she thinks all men are dicks and pigs
>say I think thats sexist
>she says my sister is just going through a hard time
>MFW if this was reversed my mom would freak out
>My sister is a feminazi bisexual dyke.
Anybody else have crazy feminist/sexist family members?
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Robots, how do you deliver your respect to women? I deliver it by trebuchet usually.
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amazon wishlists

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