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Road wars edition
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1st for Jahans
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Second for Cute Police Officers

Touched you make a road war edition OP <3
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>28 year old man gets onto the bus
>Doesn't have any money on him
>Claims that he is desperate to get to work
>Wants me to give him a free ride
>Give him a lethal dose of morphine instead

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>tfw realizing I unironically have triggers
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Tell me about your triggers, anon. I won't do anything rude.
Door knocking, porn of my waifu, car doors slamming, or any loud household noises are the big ones.
I can relate, all of those things are very obnoxious.

I don't get what other guys have against tall girls desu.

1. Your children are going to be genetically superior.

2. Bigger boobs and ass if she gains a little weight, and isn't a skeleton.

3. She will act more feminine because she will feel self conscious about her height all the time.

4. If you're able to get her comftorable enough you might be able to act out your most depraved and lewd femdom fantasies irl.

Only downside is other people judging you but who the hell cares about that when you'll be able to pass down your beliefs to your chad sons who become star basketball players and then Billionaires, and then one of their 7 foot tall grandsons (because I also passed down belief to marry tall women) will then become Fuhrer, finally ridding the world of the Jewish menace, and creating a white ethno state.

That is how my genes will go from an autistic 5'9 to 7 foot tall ubermensch.
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I'm 6'3. My ideal height for a gf is about 5'9". I don't want manlet kids.
I'm 5'10" and love tall girls, I want to date a girl whose taller than me and makes me feel like a child or less of a man. It's just not as hot when a short girl does it.
>tfw you will never have a tall thicc gf who makes fun of your height during sex
Why live
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I'm 165cm and also like girls taller than me.

pic for you

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4chans /pol/ is just 'nigger this' 'nigger that'. Can't I find a nice little forum to have a right wing political discussion on without it being filled with the detritis of human society? Fuck

So I just checked out [eight]chans version of /pol/, seemed ok infact. So then I wana check the rest of the site out.... only to find out [eight]chan is the actual degenerate capital of the internet... Why? Click the board button and BAM- straight into /loli/.

Well fucking thank you Hotwheels for putting me on the watchlist you fucking cockless waste of biomass

Trying new things hate thread
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I recommend /liberty/. At least after the site restoration is over...
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Where abouts am I finding this? DDG yeilds nothing
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Your lunch break is over, wagecuck. Quit stalling and get back to work.
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ayyy retard cuck neet.

just bought myself a new car and s8+.

how does your cheap ass tendies taste like?
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Thats cute child, it's my day off though gonna go out later and meet my partner but have fun penniless you degenerate.

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1. Use a name in the namefield (this is important so I can remember who's who).

2. Share your problems, ask questions, be listened, listen to others.
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Not looking like a bad day today. Persona 5 is out. That's the game where you change masks along with your personality in order to access different attributes. Did some cooking in preparation. Grilled tiger prawn salad, barbecue and chilli wings, and a rack of ribs. Mostly for the benefit of the woman whom I live with. So there you are. Pure benevolence.
>change masks along with your personality in order to access different attributes
Probably BPD
>Pure benevolence.

Really now...

Sounds like good stuff, foodwise.

On my end, I almost fainted in a supermarket and feared I'd faint at work for the rest of the afternoon. Also had to hide to gag in secret before entering certain parts of my workplace.

A bad day,


Not probably, but BPD is almost the least of Facet's problems.

You may use this thread for any member of your family


Option 1
Go hug your sister, tell her you love her, and post results.

Option 2
If she is out of reach or you want to change your approach you may also text her 1 of the following lines.

1 - I've always loved you the most.
2 - I'm in love with you.
3 - I love you.
4 - Why haven't we had sex yet?
5 - Would you ever give us a chance?
6 - Do you feel about me the way I feel about you?
7 - I've hidden my feelings from you my whole life.
8 - Are you hungry? Want me to get you something?
9 - If we could do anything together with no consequences, what would we do?
0 - You are the one thing in my life that keeps me sane.
Dubs - I want to make love to you regardless of what others may think.
Trips - I want you to remember that no matter what you say I will always care about you. But the truth is I love you more than family... I want you.
Quads - Know that I am not joking, I am in love with you and want to be with you. I would never joke about this, and I want to be with you for the rest of my life.
Quints - I fell in love with you years ago... I'm taking a chance to tell you that despite of us being related you are the only person I ever see myself starting a family with.

Some of these can be played off as a joke just in case, but not all.
You can also use this thread if you are a sister looking to cuddle with your brother as well.


Regardless of your choice make sure to tell her how much you love her too!
Now go!
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I recognize that filename you old bastard
What an originally cute cat
I don't think I am who you think I am. I'm only 20

Mine first one is minor, but indicative of some genetic damage. Suspend some cousin marriage in my Appalachian ancestors. I was born with bent cartilage and a tiny hole in my ear. The hole is about 2mm deep and itches sometimes
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My second deformity is on my foot. There is a big, thick patch of skin that has always been there. Doctor says it's nothing but it looks like a tumor

Okay I just googled it for the first time in my life. It's just a fish gill. Nbd
My entire face

and I have a third nipple I guess, but that seems to be common.

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How hard is it to get a prescription for amphetamines in Canada? I'm sick of being unproductive.

Any tips?
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Amphetamines will not make you productive if you are already a lazy shitbag
They'll make you anxious, paranoid and maybe you'll clean your room, but eventually, you'll build a tolerance and be unable to function without ever increasing dosages of speed
The crash is fucking awful too, just stay away from amphetamine and maybe look into modafinil
I have experience with every amphetamine except for meth. I know what it does for my bio chemistry and I've made the decision it makes me more productive especially in the morning.
this except something far more horrible is likely to happen...

what actually happens is that you end up jerking off or playing video games for 10+ hours

you'll feel amazing during it, but it'll just wire your brain into being even MORE unproductive, not to mention you'll have to deal with a terrible crash like anon said, feel crippling depression and anhedonia, be physically ill, and will need more and more to keep feeling as good

legit adhdfags need to be even more careful

desu a lot of adhd is linked with diet and lifestyle, especially upbringing. but nobody wants to here that, they want a magic pill like for depression (protip: those dont fix everyone either)

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>make two orders to my address at the same time
>they are being delivered at the same time
>the delivery people are going to see each other
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tell them you only have enough cash to pay for one, and to fight over who gets paid
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Do it anon embrace the DEVILISH
I paid online with card

One of the delivery persons was a woman, she was taller than me (6'2) and smiled at me and said thank you

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How do you actually make enough Carbon Monoxide to kill yourself. Should probably mention that I don't have a car. I tried using a few candles in limited oxygen, but am still alive even after doing it in a super cramped space. Advice welcomed.
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Yeah candles would not really give off any monoxide. They would only burn off your oxygen, and even that much.

May I ask how you have come to this point though?
Not op but do you really care or are you just being a nosy asshole?
>I tried using a few candles in limited oxygen, but am still alive even after doing it in a super cramped space.
This is the dumbest suicide attempt since that one greentext where the guy drank 2 sixpacks of light beer to kill himself

Do you guys play poker?
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Yes. I shouldn't but I do.

The 5 friends I made in high school I made them by playing poker
Yeah. Thought i was pro, autist 25000 euro to infinity
I used to play poker in freshman and sophmore year and I rolled in mad shekels

(spoiler)Because I was the only one whom knew hwo to play(/spoiler)

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>mom found the cum shoe
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Why don't you just jerk off in the shower or into a tissue or something? Just tell her you spilled food on it or something.
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>dad found the jizz sock

I'm gonna kms dude what do I do
>He doesn't let his cum get all over his body
>He dries himself afterwards
>Not letting the cum dry to surround yourself with the glorius smell of musk 24/7

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What would you give up for this girl to be your girlfriend for 1 year?
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1 year? Not sure I would enter a relationship that with the explicit intention of it being temporary.
nothing at all, she looks super fucking annoying. I just want to sit in my cave and play vidya
>1 year
whats the point if its not going to last?

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will any fembot be my gf?
im a hopeless neet but ill love you forever and ive been told im cute
please respond im so lonely
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>he's still making these threads

When will you understand that no one wants you?
oooo... turtle.fish.paint, good taste op.
ill be your gf. just post your credit card number and we'll get this going

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