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Chad gets cute gifts from his Stacy girlfriend while you get nothing. How does that make you feel?
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Some gay shit

Not an ounce of weed to be seen

I fucking hate gifts, man

It's like people give them so they can obligate you to be all "oh, thank you so much, I really love you did this..." while they fellate themselves over their sense of giving.

It's just like giving to charity. Loads of people do that just so they can feel good, not because they care about what/who they're giving to.

I'd rather just get my own shit. Less hassle.
>no meat
>no hard alcohol
>no tobacco

I'll pass.

>tfw will never experience a psychedelic trip

What's it like, bros?
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way less visual and way more of a headfuck than you think
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Literlal doinf it ieufht now anon and I feel like semi dead, it's not worht it
I think everyone in the world should do mushrooms at least once in their lifetimes. It gives you a clarity that I would liken to having an uncomfortable pressure relieved. Everything around you that's natural is beautiful, significant and interesting. It's like being a kid again where you're seeing everything for the first time again. It also removes all of your hatred and anger for things and allows to look at everything in the world with zero bias. It even makes solving your own personal issues seem so simple and even the worlds problems seem like they have clear solutions that can only be achieved through a complete lack of bias.

Also it makes music orgasmic and generally enhances all forms of entertainment. It's a good time but you can only really do it when you're still young and don't have shit to do nor any real demons weighing you down. If you're not in a good place mentally, they have an opposite effect and really bring into a hellish place that will make you never want to do them again.

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Why are soda drinkers allowed on this board? Literally the drink that makes Chad. You can't say you are a robot if you drink soda.

>that kid at the birthday party who asks for something other than soda because the bubbles hurt their tongue

Where's my Milkbots at?
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>Literally the drink that makes Chad.
>You can't say you are a robot if you drink soda.
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I can agree with your post, but fucking milk?
Fuck off you stupid fucking cunt.

Milk is literally chad the drink. Every 20iq chad has always had a fridge full of an obscene amount of milk.

Shit's shit and tastes like dirty animal. Is only drinkable if very cold so you can't taste the animal smell.

"Champ, you did a good job stepping outta your comfort zone today. I know it was tough taking time away from your friends on that Ostrogothic Moonrune Deciphering AOL Fan Club to apply at all those places we visited, so let's celebrate with a couple of Big Macs and Shakes -- my treat. And since we're here, you might as well check if they're hiring, Champ. Just go over there and ask for the manager. Look him in the eye, stand up straight, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you wanna work here. What've you got to lose, Champ?"
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*sees you stammering as you extend your hand*
I'll have two of your warmedest apple pies, oh and shake my hand real quick
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Correct. You know why I brought you here.

Get a job, Champ.

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i lost all hobbies
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Do you remember where you put them down last?
i used to play game or draw in the end of work
but recently i getting shit result every time i started quit it
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Drink more Four Loko kiddo

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addicted to meal deals edition
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>still not over Sainsburys removing the ham hock and cheddar sandwich from their meal deal
>Tfw try and join the banter
>My reply gets ignored
i know that feel too well, anon. you gotta do it when the posting is short, like now.

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coffee is my lifeblood XD
aha time to get some work done, but first. coffee.
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Don't even THINK about talking to ME before I'VE had my COFFEE

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>tfw room smells like fungus
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clean your room
Fuck off Ebin.

That's your yeast infection, get two of these

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tim allen knows that the IRA fricked jake paul

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can someone give me the quick rundown on who the hell jake paul is and why I keep seeing his name around these parts
Jake Paul too stronk man, he'll just dab on the ahmeds. Now that Felix is in Team 10, ain't nothing stopping this ride.
Disney show actor who was fired for posting anti-Semitic stuff on twitter.

>go to supermarket
>get cart full of items
>get cashier to scan them
>after the last item is scanned, say i forgot my wallet and leave

take that normies i am too /devilish/ for you
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I need to do this once.
All your doing is hurting your fellow NEETS Anon you should be ashamed of yourself.
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>go to random university lecture
>at random points when the lecturer is giving their lecture yell "wrong idiot, wrong"

Which one of you is this guy?
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I cringed about 5 farts loose. Thanks for that. I didn't even know those were in there.
HAHAH what the
Thank fuck I went to an all boy high school or I'd have pulled some shit like this.

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Who is she trying to fool?
Why are roasties like this?
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That's actually pretty slim for the South.
>Slim body

Your chins tell the truth lady.
>Not American

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I just caught my mom reading hentai on his laptop and she caught me catching her.
Fuck what do I do, /r9k/? This was just 10 minutes ago and we haven't talked since.
And no she wasn't masturbating but she was leaning on the screen as if she were into it.
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What sort of hentai was it anonymous?
Who owns the laptop?
if it wasn't trap you need to slap her in the face and call her tastes generic and garbage.

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... l beg your pardon?
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Woman are the root of all evil.
Yep, it's true.


There's a simple explanation for the growing number of trannies and traps: estrogen in the water supply that's nearly impossible to remove.
AJ is always you stupid normalfag

Anyone else struggle a lot with the fact that other adults don't do simple fun stuff and instead slave away really hard and do unnecessary organising and structured shit?

Like instead of just a general "let's go out and have fun" it has to be like "let's cycle from x to x and measure our times compared to last week" uhh FUCK THAT SHIT, I JUST WANTED TO GO PLAY.

I spend all week working I want to literally not think and just do what I feel like.
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I think it's a form of risk aversion. Having an event be structured in such a way means they'll know what to expect from the experience.
This is exactly how I feel, and I am wondering if we are just the plain stupid garbage of society (because of it) or if we have it (life) figured out in some way?
I don't ktf
>wasted my entire youth staying indoors and playing vidya
>hate vidya now that I have a job and can work on and contribute to things irl

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