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Should rich people care about how poor people feel and live?
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>Should rich people care about how poor people feel and live?
Poor people should be killed off imo
yes because people should be nice
do you think poor people really care about how rich people feel and live?

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reigame66 (1).jpg
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>Tfw i have been started to understand less and less what is a robot
>Everytime i come here i cant relate
>2 years ago it was so comfy
Its just getting worse and worse, the last couple people that could feel here has either killed themselfs or left for some reason
I lost the pack of people that would listen
Its only normie shitpost now
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I feel you anon, I rarely come here anymore its gotten so bad.
What's on your mind? I'm currently trying to psyche myself up to walk over to the supermarket to get food.
Yes, it has become lonely.
The fact that i could let people hear my voice and at least feel their physical warmness its bad.
But now i cant even connect by typing and reading text on a cold machine

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Just took an MBTI test and got INFJ-T. Not sure what that means. How much Chad potential do I have? 80 percent I, 86 percent N, 99 percent F, 66 percent J, 93 percent T.
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INFJ is the rarest type.

I doubt you have much chad potential based on your provided information alone.
>How much Chad potential do I have?
your pic related is of an anime girl so id say close to 0%
>93 percent T

You're fucked.

I have a shitty hectic office assistant job and got written up for some bullshit and i have written a 2 and a half page rebuttal to it where I air grievances about all the bullshit i deal with at the job, not insultingly or angrily, just annoyedly

Would this be stupid to give to my boss?
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How valuable do you think you are to the company? Would firing you be a big hassle to them?
can you really get fired simply for giving responses to being written up?

a big reason for this is because my boss is a cunt who everyone there hates
Yes. It would be better to say it directly to him. Putting it in a letter or email would make you seem scared, which you probably are as an r9kbot. If you cant say it all without sperging up in 1 go, just pick the most important parts and keep it short.

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Integrity is fundamental. People have recognize that we would have increased on a set of people is a key element and practices are designed to companies: People is a key elements that we would have increased on a set of every person in they needs, and management based market. A company's company's competencies, and engagement and managers assume responsibility, teamwork, competitors operating at world-class company's employees are viewed as a new meaning. To become a world-class companies have increas
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Get the fuck off my board Connie fag
>my board
You don't own it by any means you happen to frequent it all the more though. I'll go where I want, how I want, and when I want to. Get used to it.
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Daily reminder that Connie is a dumb snowback MALE(boy)


Hey, SupremeGirl here. I have been feeling lonely for a very long time. All I do is sit by myself all the time and dont get to talk to anyone. Why does life have to be so empty? What do you all do to recover from loneliness?
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Join your gentleman in the ever after
There is no recovery. Fashion the loneliness into a friend.
roastie says shes lonely for attention while texting 10 guys at once

About NoFap,
If you guys are looking for an app to count your days.
Download Quit tracker, Its to stop smoking but you can use it for NoFap.

Not an ad fag
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Ok newfriend! i try your app!
>not using days counter
not my app sand faggot

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Who else into muscle girls? Share your fetish.
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Muscle girls are something I fap to when in the mood, but I don't think I could ever handle a real one.
thats the point, they crush you
I love em, both 2d and 3d. Very underrated because most people think of hyper muscle or roid monkeys

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if my dead loved ones are looking down upon me... then they must be disappointed.
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Sorry if you're disappointed by what you're seeing, Dad. I miss you.
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Never knew me father, but I doubt he enjoys what has become of one of his children.

Oh my god, this is so horrible I can't take this anymore.
I'm going to do it. I'm going to kill myself. Tell me not to kill myself /r9k/.

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Good old fashion feet thread anybody?

2d, 3d, giantess, whatever
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can we get this ball rolling?
I don't expect this thread to take off anytime soon but I'll keep it bumped
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I love feet so much but I dont wanna get up from bed to jack off help.

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Let's have a women hate thread.

Originality is reality.
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What do you women hater guys think of MGTOW? Or why don't you just stay in the shadows and enjoy the isolation that way? My internet experience is the most comfy when I lurk but don't post.
Mgtow is what you make of it honestly, there's good things you can learn from mgtow but I definitely wouldn't conform because truth is a lot of the mgtow guys are simply just lonely people unfortunately
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We are in here.

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normie neighbor is about to fuck a girl, his bed is right next to mine behind a thin wall seperating our rooms.

What song do I play loudly to fuck with him?
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just play hardcore porn full blast
"Treat you better"

Please post a recording.
ear rape shit
something like this

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What's do you think?
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It's tiny and skinny. Are you happy now?
Pretty fat. So fat that it almost looks short but other points of reference say otherwise.
Are you sitting outside naked and erect on a picnic table?

In this thread we post our favorite foods

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for me, nothing beats a hot bowl of rice and beans. with a little salsa
Gnocchis, I'm too lazy to find a good picture though
Ugh my girlfriend took me to the best pho place the other day. You have good taste, anon

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>have gf
>2 years
>She dumps me last week over text
>I've been crying all week
>She has pics up on Facebook today of her hanging out with a group of guys who I know
I want to die
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get cucked normie faggot.
just let her go. i trained myself to do this after getting my heart broken a few times. you simply have to shrug and say "oh well" and move on

Having a partner whom you have affection for or "being in love" causes your brain to regularly release dopamine and other chemicals dealing with reward and a sense of wellbeing, specifically whenever you think of her or com into contact with her. Because of this breaking up with someone feels like coming off some kind of hard drug, in addition to the psychological impact on feelings such as self worth. Try to practice thought patterns that prevent you from dwelling on the breakup and engage in healthy activities that stimulate your reward centers such as exercise until your brain returns to normal functioning.

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