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Is there a single feeling out there worse than knowing that you've been cheated on?

Nothing crushes your soul like knowing that you weren't good enough for someone that you loved dearly.
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What happened, OP? Who cheated on you and why?
I guess you are what we can call you a
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Fuck it makes no sens can't I modify this shit

Met this girl on tinder, she should be pretty hot but she said she gained some weight.

Might be a porker.

Does this interest the robots?
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>"I shaved my legs for tonight" is an acceptable thing to say to someone you don't know, before an initial date

I want to live alone in the wild like a caveman
Why the flying fuck are you even posting this here? Just to hurt our feelings? Are you so sad anon that your best bet a couple laughs is posting your succes with a tinder whore here?
Fuck off and never come back jackass.
I've been pretty crass with her especially when we spoke on the phone.

I'm a robot too.

fucking hate panic attacks lads
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Only had one. At the only job I ever had. The manager fucked everything up during a rush and I flipped out
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>when you miss panic attacks because at least you felt something
Welp I haven't seen that one before. Is it OC?

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>your job
>your hours/wage
>do you enjoy it
>how much do you have saved
>what do you want to do in the future
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bump because i want to hear what robots do
>pizza delivery
>anywhere from 7-15 dollars an hour, usually around 10.
>I like it
>easy money
>paid cash every night
>drive around and listen to music
>smoke weed at work
>skateboard at work
>also a uni student
>want to manage hotels eventually
>about 1200 saved up
>your job
call center supervisor
>your hours/wage
55k + bonus. salaried but I usually put in 35-40hrs / week
>do you enjoy it
Easy work, although staff is mostly black millennials and sometimes cause problems. Im the happiest ive ever been as a wageslave
>how much do you have saved
3k savings, 20k in 401k
>what do you want to do in the future
I still have no clue and im 28. I think ill just stay here bc I have no college degree and I dont see myself making this much money anywhere else

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Why haven't you become a trap yet?
>tfw no qt bf
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Because I'm fucking straight that's why
>people cry about this
>they do not cry about the thicc/bellygf generals
>not a pepe about the fembot threads
like fucking flashing a blind person
Because I go to the gym and am happy with my body

You walk up to a sassy black receptionist at the front desk. She ignores you and continues typing on her computer. She seems moody. What do?
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timidly say, "uhhh.....excuse me can i get some help plz"
"NIGGA do i look like your personal slave? racist white cracka fuck outta here!"
She looks up and stares at you with a look that says *dis white boi baka*

"Hold on", she mumbles.

2 minutes pass by.

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>tfw wake up
>tfw go outside and see white race hasn't been exterminated yet
>day ruined
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There's a place where you can go and see NO white people ANYWHERE.

Want to take a guess where it is?
If you hate it here so much you go back to africa where you'll have to fight for your life everyday and hope to god they don't pick you for the nightly sacrifice to le ooga booga spirit man.

you don't start wake up with tfw.

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Let's have some rosemary bread on this lovely night.
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where have all the rosebuds gone, op?
Rose fags kill yourselves
I don't know, but it's sad to see /rose/ become so dead. I hope it picks up again soon.

>tfw you don't steal, do drugs, or commit crime
>tfw white people still don't accept you
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Blame the shitty single moms and dead beat dads.
Dont forget gangsta culture and rap.
I do all those things and I'm white. I'll accept you, friend
>be white but no invisible in a snowstorm
>"true white" people grasp their possessions hard when im near them in the metro

People will always be hateful scared little shits

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I am lonely, could you share what's on your mind?
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I have to go out and hang with friends tonight but all I want to do is get high and play Red Orchestra 2 by myself.
You have a sexy leg I wanna lick it
Feel like I'm getting ghosted by a friend, hbu?

What's for dinner robots 05/19
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I fucking hate when people put sour cream on nachos.
This, it looks fucking rank, same with that "cheese" sauce Americans put on it
I had three slices of pizza with baked beans.

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>6'3 ft
>220 lbs

You kidding me, boy?
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Grab my throat and pull my hair.
that motherfucking feel when my friend
>tfw no one wants to dominate 6'3" skeletons
>tfw i'll never be a little cute boy or just a girl
there's a niche fetishist for you somewhere

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>Hey bro. Girls, say hi to my brother.

>Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii Anooooonnn

>Whatcha up to tonight? Want a taco?
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Do I look like a fucking Mexican?
Who the fuck are you people, where am I?
>Fucking potato stew for dinner again.
>no drugs or alcohol
Nah I already ate, probs just gonna chill. Have fun talking about your vaginas or whatever girls do.
I-is it fish?

Could a woman ever truly understand Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Honest question. Not looking to shitpost.
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I don't think ANYONE truely understands Evangelion
>Could a woman ever truly understand Neon Genesis Evangelion?
Women can barely understand how to operate a TV remote let alone a complex work of art like NGE
NGE is exactly the kind of pseudo-intellectual garbage women 'get'.

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Are green eyes /superior race/?

Blue eyes are too conventional, everyone says they love blue eyes. Brown eyes are common and boring. Green eyes sparkle! Light grey eyes are also nice.
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Who here /hazel eyes/?
Brown Eyes are the superior race

>People with eyes that are so dark brown, they sometimes appear black have one of the rarest eye colors. As such, they are often perceived as mysterious or secretive, yet a study in Current Psychology reported by Medical Daily showed that people with darker eyes are generally seen as more agreeable.

Additionally, the darker your eye, the more melanin is in your system. A study published by the journal Personality and Individual Differences says that people with very dark eyes tend to drink considerably less than those with lighter eyes, while another study notes that people with darker eyes are generally better at sports that involve hitting targets (like tennis). The melanin acts as an insulator for connections between brain cells. The more melanin one has, the quicker their brains may work.

Green and Blue eyes irrevocably btfo for all eternity
That's nice and all, but over 50% of the world has brown eyes. They are the true pleb eye color.

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