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Are 'fembots' of /r9k/ a real thing or just a meme?
I genuinely do not understand what could a woman gain from this place
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what does anyone get from this place anyways
I got a boyfriend out of this place.
i know of one girl who comes on here, she's really pretty.

they're real. some girls can relate

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post your desktop boys
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Here is the hackintosh i use only for shitposting and watching stuff. I wish i could make my own bowtie theme, but i cant even find where the app stores downloaded ones.
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my desktop.png
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this wallpaper holds the record for wallpaper i've had for the longest/greatest time total because it so accurately reflects how I feel about my life
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Screenshot (52).jpg
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I guess nobody else wants to post theirs

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Have you prayed tonight, anon? If you don't, why not give it a try?
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I feel like logically there is a god and I have felt it emotionally but I never feel like it works after a short emotional outburst at church or after praying. I don't mind if you don't respond if you don't know, but how to fix this?
Anon, praying and going to church are meant to be communal activities. They are intended to bring people together. Going to church just to go, or praying just to pray won't give you that spiritual feeling. Going to church, hearing the pastor speak about how after the sermon they are going to the local soup kitchen to help feed the hungry, and going with them and feeling the sense of community, bonding, and satisfaction from helping people out is what brings you closer to God and gives you that spiritual feeling
because you're not supposed to do that shit in public

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download (1).jpg
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I am an afrocan American robot. I don't have friends, I'm fat and I have never even hugged a woman. I am just like all of you, except I am black. Am I still not accepted? I even dislike the rest of my normie black 'race'.. They are just normies.
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I accept you anon. Outcasts are outcasts and we belong together, free of normies.

But you probably don't accept me because I'm a tranny robot
Fucking faggots.

Jk, we are all sad fucks in the same boat.
Lose weight nigga.

I'm pretty sure you got a HUGE benis deep inside your fat pad and are actually a nice black anon.

You could either lose weight and get a qt gf or become a robot just like all of us.

How did you become a normie after being a robot? I suppose non-normies can answer here as long as they aren't complete robots.

I'm intimately familiar with everything wrong with my life, and I know exactly what I need to do to fix it, but I can't be bothered to do anything. I feel trapped in my own unhealthy mind.

Were you ever in a position like this?
How did you fix yourself?
Was there a certain event that motivated you?
Did things get really bad before you had the resolve to do something?
Because right now things are mostly ok for me.

I feel so hopelessly lazy.

>inb4 just do it pussy
Yeah, I know, but I don't think posting that here will help me.
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The single biggest factor for me was working out. I wasn't fat fat but I was soft. Went from 6' 185lb 20+bf to 205 12% bf. Girls threw themselves at me, I got more respect at work, ended up dating a girl who I always thought was way out of my league.

Being unable to get a girl was what motivated me. As pathetic as it sounded, I used to think if I get this last rep out shell be with me.

Things were pretty bad for me at the time which was definitely a driving factor. I couldn't afford rent, had no friends or family, typical robot sob story.
>go to college
>you know what? fuck this shit, I'm not going to be the autistic fag I was in high school, we're adults now
>actually take the initiative and go out and talk to people
>maximise on those first few weeks where everyone is a little awkward to make the easy friends
>use those friends to springboard into friends I actually have traits in common with
>realise that I'm actually quite charming and well-liked by people when I'm not tripping over my own insecurity
>flashforward two years and I'm an entirely different person now with a wide circle of friends, much improved social skill/confidence and in the process of turning a relationship with a girl I've liked into a romantic one


seriously, though, you'd be surprised how easy it is to make friends when you stop woorrying and start putting yourself out there. Especially in this day and age, people are more introverted and if nothing else they'll appreciate you for not being awkward and taking the first step.
i guess i'm a normie?
i live with my bf now and i met him on here, but i still am very bad at leaving the house or being like social.
i still can't speak loud enough for most people to understand me on the phone.

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Daily reminder that only normies take hot showers and cold showers remove bad feels, make you look better, and make you have better willpowe.

why are you still taking normie hot showers?
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i take sponge baths with lukewarm water and no soap or shampoo
>tfw take warm showers but sit down in tub bc lazy and stay there till no more not water

Am I alone?
>not taking baths


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war pigs.png
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>people half your age can draw better than you
>people with ten times your talent have quit because people got angry at them
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>people with ten times your talent have quit because people got angry at them
This is the worst feel in the world
Adolfo Hitler was an angsty artist.
Teacher made him quit.
The rest is HIStory.
And that makes you better than them.

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>wife is only 8/10 white woman
>only had sex with 12 women in my entire life
>all my alpha friends have fucked way more and have 9/10+ white wives
>want hotter wife
>want to have a higher killcount

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Have some children with her first and raise the kids a little bit before splitting up with her
This makes me never want to get married. Is this what robots would do after marriage?
I'm sure this is bait, but either way, unironically off yourself.

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you guys... are part of my family
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And (You) are part of our family as well.
>>36280218 (You)
>>36280456 (You)
love you guyz
is this a bully thread ?

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Anyone else just really sad today?
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I am sad 'every' day. You're just a little normie "I am sad TODAY" REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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Every. Fucking. Day. ORGINALITIO
>everyone on this board is fucking sad.

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How would you feel if you went on a date with a WOMAN and she started filming it for her Youtube vlog?

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bumping because i am interested in what m'anons think of this neat post right >>36280122
I hate women and I can't explain it, their mannerisms kind of, this low affect hubris with no substance to it.
take the camera, turn it off.

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Hey /r9k/.

I've had a lot of fun on this board, and the other various boards of 4chan.

4chan was always there for me when other places and people weren't. Sometimes you were all shitheads, but many times, you guys were the greatest people I've known.

I'm enlisting in the Army. I dunno what I hope to accomplish, but...

Maybe my small effort can help ensure that those of us who aren't able to do something like this can stay home, safe, and go to 4chan.

I'm ready and hopeful for the 'get rekt faggot' comments. They're like home.

But truly, I love you all.
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Fuck off cunt
i love you ;<)
Join the Air force you fucking faggot, best housing , easy work, and you won't be killed by stepping on a landmine is some god forsaken country.

But I'm not trying to have the best housing and the easiest ride.

I'm trying to do the best I can for my country. Someone has to step on the landmine so that others can sit in a nice house for 4 years.

>Be Black.
>Hang around mostly with White people.
>Never experience racism irl.
>tfw I browse /pol/
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/pol/ is a bunch of ninnies.
Most white people on here are lower than the dirt on your shoe, don't take it personally anon.
/pol/ is mostly non-white. Really makes you think.

Why is this part of the country so fucking dumb?
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Don't they have a fuckton of niggers?
Why was Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland excluded?
>tfw I live 1 mile north of West Virginia
Checkmate idiot

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I really only listen to 70's music. Beatles, Carpenters, ELO, Pink Floyd etc. Its hard to bond with people over music because all they like is shit rap. Anyone else like this??
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>tfw 28 and addicted to 70s / 80s pop

As if I needed another reason to be completely unable to relate to others my age.

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