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Ah, Sunday. The day before Monday. Are you getting ready wagie?
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Weekends aren't fun anyway. I love my job!
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a-at least I can afford expensive things I don't really need
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Yes I am ready. Hey anyone in here got an electric razor. Just order the braun series 7 razor wet and dry. I heard it's really good, I'm so excited waiting for it to come through the mail. Got it on sale for 230 dollars.

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>22, virgin , never had a gf
>no friends
>drop out
>arthritic so spend my days leeching off my parents NEEt playing videogames and fapping
>not even having fun nymore, just look foreward to sleep
>depressed everyday is the same

Can anyone give me a reason to not kill myself?
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You could be smoking weed instead, I'll go smoke a J for you OP
killing yourself is really hard anon
Same but 25 years old. Just remember, it never gets better.

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Does this sound like you?
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Yeah, it does sound like me.
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> sensitive individuals are reluctant to express opinions, tend to avoid arguments or controversial discussions, are reluctant to make requests or impose on others, are easily hurt by negative feedback from others, and tend to rely too much on familiar others and situations so as to avoid rejection.
That's me.
sounds like my entire family. I never had a chance.

Ok for Eurobots, i am now the owner of a small campingsite at a lake

And i want to make it a niche camping site, so maybe try it as robot holiday place or Robot paradise.

How you would like your camping sites Robots ?
Give me some advice
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>assuming robots will leave the house

I suggest you start filing for bankruptcy now
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fat ends.jpg
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is it a nudist campsite?i will gladly pay if i can get my schlong out
you robots would leave your basement if you would know there is a place you belong to besides the autism camp

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>tfw being an attractive girl doesn't make anything easier
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fuck off you fucking vile cunt
The only way anyone can fail at life when they're also attractive is by being the laziest fuck on the planet

No one cares
now go fight em' op

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Broke up with girlfriend of 2+ years. It was a loveless and eventually sexless relationship. First night out getting drunk with friends, I've got the abilities to be a chad but first night out is a failure.

Talking to one chick, she's cute, fat ass, but I realise that one of my few friends has been "working on her" for a long time, and I stop talking to her so he can get with her.

Second girl, start talking to her, great body, but then her hotter sister comes along. Hotter sister is totally into me, I'm totally into her. Turns out she's 17, and just visiting her sister at the college. What the fuck, I stopped talking to her when I found out.

There were a few other girls that were eligible and on the list of who I might talk to, but one of them had slightly hairy armpits and when I saw those I was against doing anything there. Another was boring, and a Freshman, I can't go there with any self-respect.

I just need to let out my anger because I feel like being a chad has been stolen from me and I have no one else to talk to.

Anybody a robot because of their morals? Stories?

I ended up just kinda dancing alone outside a circle of people before heading home.
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You are on the wrong board. Kys.
Maybe you'd be better off at the nursing home. It's obvious you only like grannies that no one else does. Or maybe a gay bar. Giving on a girl that's legal because she is too young sounds like a bullshit excuse.
>Another was boring, and a Freshman, I can't go there with any self-respect.
how old are you

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This is a thread where we confess our sins
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Probably going to murder once in my lifetime desu senpai.
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father forgive me for I have sinned.

I drove down a one way road because it was dual carriage way, thinking it was just a normal road. I didn't read the signs and I always get confused by the triangles on the road, pic related, because they look like arrows saying "go this way" but they're basically the opposite.

There was a car on the same side of the road coming the opposite way and we both had a shock, and when I realised I had made a wrong and dangerous turn, I did a u turn and went back. The girl in the passager seat in front was staring back at me

Please forgive me for this mistake I made, I feel bad about it
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I post on threads where people post their faces to boost my ego. Also the pictures I use are a lot better than what I normally look like

>realize that I've only left my bed for maybe 10 hours in the past month
>have also lost 20 lbs apparently
I honestly thought someone might try to help me and make me leave bed more, but then I realized that there is no one.
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That's really unhealthy my man

You've likely lost some muscle from inactivity

You should get a job that requires a lot of walking like stocking a grocery store, so at least you have a reason to leave bed and won't waste away into a husk.
>getting a job
I wonder who could be behind that post
Work sucks but I'd prefer it to being in bed for a month straight

Also money and the ability to purchase things you want are nice incentives.

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>tfw in love with a girl who I found in a vintage photography set who has absolutely no name connected or no way of finding more of her
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how can you love her if you dont even know her personality?
>in love

Learn to tell lust from love. You don't know her, there is no way in hell that you love her.


I don't even want to fap to her I just want to caress her tender face and stare into her eyes

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You're busy with porn? You can't focus on AI Channel? Not good, Human. You're interested in sex? Then here's the question. How long do you plan on chewing a stick of gum that lost it's flavor long ago?
Don't you want a new piece?
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What the hell are you going on about exactly?
Who is this cummy mummy?
new level of degeneracy

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I have a weird hobby.
Whenever I have a day off, usually on weekends, I break into other people's houses to take a shit in their toilets. I don't know when and why I decided to do this, but by now it has become like an activity or a hobby I just do in my free time. I even keep track of the amount of toilets I've shit in, were they clean or dirty, cheap or expensive. You could even call it a treasure hunt. Now the few people I've told this to didn't believe it because they think it's impossible to get into other peoples houses. Actually it's way easier than you think. I've studied, and noticed a lot of security holes people forget about, so it becomes a matter of finding them and waiting for the perfect time to sneak in and do my job. If anyone has any similar experiences please share, I feel like I am the only one in the world doing this.
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Do you flush?

Seat left up or down?

Or do you try not to leave clues behind?
I flush only if I am sure there's nobody home, or I can get out in time.

I usually leave the seat down, just in case, but most people seem to not remember the position they left it in.
I generally leave no clues behind, unless it is impossible, say a broken window or the inability to flush down.
I don't how to explain it but if you ever took a shit at a friends house it just feels so different and so comfortable at the same time it's just like a new experience you see all their stuff that's new to you you can touch it around and everything

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>tried to cut my own hair
>fucked it up
>have to go to the dentist tomorrow
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Fix it by just shaving the whole thing super short

unless you have a weird shaped head
wear a cap and buy a hair clipper while you're out, also post a picture
>tried to extract my own teeth
>fucked it up
>gotta go to the hairdresser tomorrow

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uni pepe.png
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Time for another /unifeels/ thread
Offer up your experiences with faggot roommates
Greentext stories definitely welcome
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I've never met a person more lazy than my roommate.
>last day before moving out
>already finished finals so figured I'd stay up a full 24 hours just for the hell of it
>that night roommate walks in
>he's stumbling and breathing hard, looks like he's in a cold sweat
>other roommate tells me he probably did acid
>fucked up roommate collapses on his bed and just falls asleep immediately
>play vidya for the rest of the night
>several hours later hear my acid tripped roommate go to use the bathroom
>think nothing of it
>eventually my mom arrives to pick me up
>we're talking things from the room
>I tell her to check if there's anything to bring from the bathroom
>hear her gasp
>she tells me to come quick
>turns out my roommate had shit in the bathtub and not the toilet
>"I guess that shower curtain's his now"
Twat keeps leaving raw chicken in bags on the counters to defrost

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At what body part did you look first?
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Wedge behind the knee

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unknown (10).png
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Well, pic related is my chair now, I guess things tend to break agter being used for 7 years.

So can any of you guys recommend me a new office chair? Preferably nothing over 200 euros
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Invest in a high-quality ergonomic chair, like a second-hand Mirra or Aeron chair from Herman Miller. You'll be sitting in the chair most of your waking hours, so may as well spend good money on it.
Be thankful you didn't get a piston in your ass.
It's one of the main reason I don't want a swivel chair. Call me paranoid but better safe than sorry.

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