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>be me, 9 years old
>on the jungle gym at public park
>some asian 2 year old running around
>i fucking accidentally run into him
>hes on the ground crying
>30+ people at the park go completely silent
>they're all staring at me
>i run home crying
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if something like that made you want to hang yourself, I'm surprised you're still alive.

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>normies at tomorrowland are having sex right now
How does this make you feel?
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tomorrow what?
why should i care
I always wonder how all these American 20-somethings have time to do shit like this. Do they not have jobs?
in belgium though.

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>tfw no moral, christian gf
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why the fucc would you want that?
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>tfw no cute immoral slutty but never approached by chad theatre gf
I don't care if she's not a virgin I want her
Enjoy your blue balls.

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i was finally messaging a qt grill and all going well i suppose untill my autism and lack of social skills occured and i couldn't get a chat going for at least 5 minutes and she left me on fucking read why is this happineng why when i get a shot i just fucking blow it i could've gotten this 8.5/10 qt anime girl but noo i decide to fuck my chances with a girl that i could've made it to cute gf
w-why is this happening to me fellow r-robots
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Roasties have literally hundreds of guys expressing their interest in them. Some average robot is just a drop in a really big bucket of dudes. If you sperg out and don't distinguish yourself as someone who is different from every other guy she is talking to, she will just give her time to the next guy.

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I'm literally only posting this thread because I love this picture. It's so mesmerizing.

talk about whatever you want
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I don't know who she is but I would fill every crevice in her body with my semen

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stop shilling your overpopulated pseudo intellectual normie discord.

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>A man wearing a Superman robe jumped to his death Friday from the balcony of a high-rise building in downtown Memphis, officials said.

>Memphis Police spokesman Sgt. Louis Brownlee told The Commercial Appeal the incident was reported around 10:28 a.m., when dispatchers received word the man jumped from the 10th floor of a building that is mainly home to elderly and disabled residents.

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No replies in the DB for this post!

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surreal pepe.png
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>tfw finally convinced my mom to stop forcing me to go to church
well, it took 25 years but I finally did it, boys

I have to move out by Friday, though
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yep... shit sucks dooood
Hey, I've never been. I'm a'ight. Still click with the right people occasionally.

why does he always make videos with hila? i have to admit i find ethan very funny and his impressions are spot on but hila is only cringy.
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i agree.
most of the time she just mimics what ethan is doing, it gets weird
i like hila she is like a grow up anne frank would bash her with my fashy stick
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>tfw you will never relive your childhood as a chad jock
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I wish I could re-do middle school with all the knowledge I have now as an adult. The classes would be piss-easy and I'd actually sort of know what I'm doing so I might be able ot have fun instead of having the most miserable years of my life.

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Females can't be robots...

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That's not a robot. That's a mental patient.

those two things are usually a package deal
That behavior is beyond robot. How many robots literally live in their shit?

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What gets your blood boiling?

>Parents have a child for no reason other than "starting a family xddddddd"
>Raise it for 18 years telling it to be grateful it exists and gets taken care of
>Once it hits 18 they start charging it rent or kick it out
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No matter how many men complain about having been mutilated, people will keep denying it.
people who don't stop at stop signs
>People who don't indicate

It's like everyone thinks they're for decoration, they slam on their breaks and turn off THEN indicate. How do so many people fail to grasp the point of them.

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It's raining, I'm 500 miles from the comforts of home working for the summer, only making enough to scrape by while studying for a certification I'll need for my career. It's a small town with unwelcoming locals and I have nothing to do. Lets have a feels thread going so maybe one of you can make me feel something other than empty.
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>that feels when am live with grandparents for the summer because i got a job near them
>managed to get a summer fling with a girl on campus, had/having doubts about it
>horrible sleep schedule (bed at 3am wake up at 7am for work), have to nap / inject coffee to keep myself functioning during the day
>Eat the exact god damn ham and chesse and pepper sandwich every single god damn day for lunch because it's free
.>smok weed, but feel bad about it because grandparents probably know and do not like it, they are giving me free housing/food for the summer
>also find it very hard to have a conversation with them because they talk for so long every time, it is never a short interaction, and i have a very short attention span
>can't seem to stop browsing my phone
>invested half of my savings into bitcoin / cryptocurrency literally during its peak and now a week later a MAJOR crash is happening
>everything costs so much money and yet still need to save up for the school year

I am having bad feels man.
just fucking kill yourself. not even joking. just fucking do it.

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Join this group, all are welcome.
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>Current year
>He uses skype
Discord is where it's at now.
Discord is for anyone 14 and below

Skype is for anyone 18 and below

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a 40-50yo guy of my city wanna a guy to fuck with his wife while he looks

should i go?

a im a 5'6 kv with a average dick but my girth is big (i though i was skinny) my girth is 6 inches

im 20yo btw
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Cuck that sucka, getcha dick wet playboi
If you do go, wear protection. Also, post a pic of the slut.
That sounds supremely awkward. I don't think I'd want to do that at all, much less for my first time.

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