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can you cure social retardation
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If you're as powerless as me than no
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new question, does being socially inept mean you have confirmed autism?
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not completely... you can improve it a lot though. You gotta do more normie stuff like work and make an effort.

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>would dress myself in fantsy clothes and armor
>live my life as an actual dwarf
>would live in a small cabin close to the mountain and forest
>would dig a mine in my backyard and smith my own tools and weapons
>would drink beer all the time
>would carry a double bit battle axe with me at all times

I wish I was a dwarf
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>wanting to be a manlet
It's hell, I promise
But normal size people would be bigger and stronger diggers and axe weilders.
Why do you need to be a dwarf to do any of those things?

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should you let an ingrown hairbump go by itself or take a sterilised needle to it and tweezer it out?
mfw skipped by qt3.40's on omegle
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Cut it out with a fucking bowie knife like a man.
stab yourself in the abdomen
ingrown hair isn't in my abdomen

i don't like david bowie sry

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What can you do if you lacked a father figure?
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Be yourself, take responsibility, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and choose to be happy.
I'd probably be extremely gullible and be completely molded by the personalities of my first friends
You can learn everything you need after childhood. It just takes some dedication which is something this board severely lacks.

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Just wrote a new song called murder


Tell me what you think

Also share music thread
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original comment

there's sharks in the water and the waters deep
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My soundcloud

>thought I was a tit-man, turned into an ass-man
>though I was an ass-man, turned into a legs-man
>though I was a legs-man, now I'm a face-man
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I'm a feet, face, tits, ass, tummy, legs, and armpit man
Turns out girls are hot no matter what part you look at.
>thought I was a vagina-man, turned into a boipoochie-man

How do I woo you and win your heart? I'm a clueless fembot
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By not attention whoring on this board. get off, or actually make some oc
I'm just asking for some advice
And he gave you one

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>fruit flies in my apartment
>haven't bought fruit for years

this doesn't add up
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Had them from rotten leftover rice once
I do have some very old rice sitting around, good idea anon
>rich nigger neighborhood
>same niggers still getting arrested for robbery and moida

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sad gf.png
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lets do this again folks, dream gf thread: OC edition
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rate my dream gf lads

im white btw
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what about dream bf?
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Fairly cute, though in reality would probably just say "oh" and distance herself immediately.

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This is my 2003 Mercedes-Benz E500. It set me back less than $5000... and let me explain to you just how much car that is for the moola.
It's got a big v8 and it's fast. (0-60 in 5.7), handles much better than you'd expect, especially in sport mode. The steering is HEAVY and feels just so nice after driving cars with light steering for years. And as a Mercedes that originally stickered for big money, it's... luxurious. The brand new air suspension can be pretty stiff in sport mode, but while in comfort delivers fluffy cloud ride quality. And then there's the interior. Simply draped in leather and wood with a level of fit and finish that is nothing short of remarkable. the sound system is glorious, producing bass that shakes the car and levels of volume that will easily deafen you.
to everyone about to comment "a cheap Mercedes is the most expensive car you can buy" , I'm not as dumb as you think: this car is not like most cheap Mercs.
I picked it up from a wealthy business man who had meticulously maintained it for 15 years, and had driven it just 92,000 miles after he bought it new. He also did me a huge service by replacing all four corners of the air suspension which is what always goes wrong with these cars and costs huge money.
Overall, If I tried to explain just how much I love my 500 black Benz to a non car enthusiast, he or she would think I was a ridiculous person
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How do you afford car insurance?
Enjoy spending another 5k in repairs within the year. There's a reason they're 5k and you never see them on the road.
I don't know where you live, anon, but in my area it's relatively easy to get used Benzes cheap. They're great cars, but they don't hold their value for shit.

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Good looking people are treated better by everyone,why should women be the only ones utilizing advancements in aesthetic medicine?
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>that pic

holy shit did he got a chad-o-plasty or something like that?
it looks like he got a jaw implant

>Real men work with their bodies so they can lead healthy and independent lives

>Autistic computer virgins and souless corporations want them to be replaced by robots
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That's not how this is going to play out.
I don't care either way but it's gonna happen eventually no matter what anyone wants, it's usually way cheaper in the long run
How is it going to play out?

I went to STEM career course and they said "everythings gonna be robots in the future so you better learn to program!"

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>her face when you don't reply to her messages
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i dont know any females
People take not replying to messages too personally. I rarely reply to a message.
Because you don't get any texts you lying faggot

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Anyone else thinks that women are just gross? I can't even think how I could have sex. After jacking off to porn I judt can't look at women because I want to puke
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Original bumperrrooooooooooo bump orego
op is a faggot

case closed
I am not. I jerk off only to woman

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>hate narcissists
>am narcissist

can't tell if it's a defense mechanism for my autism or just how i naturally act but i hate it
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get out of here with your self diagnosed bs

also, I am the greatest.
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This is just the way it is.
what's wrong with self diagnosis? it is clear to me i am a narcissist.

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