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>tfw my wife says I have to take HRT or she will leave me
what do /b/ros?
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your wife is a cartoon? Anon, I... you need help my man
Quit trolling. If your wife really said that then she is obviously a stupid and foolish woman who you need to leave if you want to save yourself trouble in the long run. Quit being a degenerate, where do you think you will go when you die? Do you think you can face God who is perfect morally, how he speaks and how he conducts himself, how you are now?
>your wife is a cartoon? Anon, I... you need help my man
No that's just an example wife. My wife is 3D but she is also Japanese.

why do you assume I'm trolling? I can't just leave her, she's the only person who loves me ;_;

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Why do i identify so strongly with the monster of Frankenstein?
I am rereading it and his struggles remind me of myself.
Does anyone else feel this way?
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Have you ever killed a little girl?
The monster is more human than his creator. Throughout the book Frankenstein tries to deny his creation's humanity, while the monster tries to affirm it. Looking at the work through the lens of Robotism (name subject to change), we can make some easy deductions:

1) The monster is a robot
2) Frankenstein is a Chad

Notice how Frankenstein "cucks" the monster out of a bride (or gf) and casts it out from humanity. The monster goes to another family, but spaghetti's and sends them running. Throughout the book the monster's kills represent the "beta uprising," which is culminated in the slaying of Chad (Frankenstein).

t. /lit/
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Not yet,but my dad abandoned me and my mom barely talked to me
I have always been alone,and every time i show my true self to others they literally call me a monster and leave me(i am probably a psychopath and my mom is a skitzo)

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What was the last book you bought?
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originally commentery
The last books I bought were "Men on Strike" by Dr. Helen Smith, and "The War Against Boys" by Christina Hoff Sommers.
>buy book
>writing style is too complex for me because of the old English and slow pacing and references religion and Biblical times

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Seriously, I've just woken up and there's no thread. Overnight lads, up your game.
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first for should of gone to specsavers
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Am I fucked lads? Where do I go from here?
>No britfeel in title
>thought it was Sunday
>not on P1

Weak attempt.

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I want to racemix
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>I want to racemix
Choose me
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go mix with China
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I want to breed a short asian boy's feminine butt, so I kind of know that feel?

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Is it normal to want to play with your ass after you get bored of masturbating?

My dick hurts but I'm horny as fuck.
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bampu you fucking low lives
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that's just you dying ...completely normal *smiles*
You should try working out at that point.
>tfw diminishing returns

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Life is absurd, isn't it robots?
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thanks for the reminder...take care mate
not really i dont think
absurdism is the only thing keeping me from full nihilism/suicide

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Is there anything more jarring than a black person who "acts white"? Imagine being so pathetic that you actually start adopting the identity of people who look down on you. Whenever I come across these blacks I have to restrain myself from knocking some sense in to them
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It is rather shocking sometimes, I'm used to them acting like chimps.
Brimming with rage this early in the morning guv'na?

It's just like gays who "act straight". Many even put that on their hookup profiles ("straight-acting"). Like the old song says, "How straight do they look when they're down on their knees?"

>take adderall
>keep looking for porn even after you cum
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Phenibut masterrace
>no adderall for like 4 months
>I miss it
>take finasteride because balding at 23
>went through 3 weeks of not being able to get a boner or fap
>still get the occasional day where I can't get it up

Still the better option compared to being bald at 25

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is it considered manly to know how to change your own oil or something?
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no, it's standard car maintenance knowledge like changing a tire
I dont consider it manly, i consider it prudent

But on the other hand ive only ever met one girl who changed her oil. So maybe it is
I definitely feel less manly not knowing how to do anything on a car. I've never even changed a tire before.

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>r9k irl simulation
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What a faggot, he obviously wasn't going for a high score.
why is this so popular in the media wtf
>No high score

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>no straight internet friends who want to bully me with their penis

why live?
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quit being a fag, you fag
I cant, I love it too much
go suck dick on craigslist




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If you weren't a newfag, you'd know that everyone posts on other, better chans these days and only come here to laugh at the absolute state of 4chan.
Nigger, I live on the East Coast and its 4am now.
What? No its not
Its almost 3

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You know what robots? I'm fucking pissed at most of you.

None of you seem to want to take responsibility for your own happiness. Instead, like little children, you choose to fill you head with shit like SJWs or tumblr or reddit or whatever else as being the source of your problems.

And yeah, I get it, life is fucked and the world doesn't care about you. I've been there. Hell I'm still there. But just because you didn't cause your problems, doesn't mean you're not responsible for solving them. That's a fact of life everyone eventually faces.

Get off the internet. Get rid of whatever bullshit in your life is keeping you feeling more confused and insecure than necessary. Stop blaming others for your problems before you've even tried to solve them.

It's really, really all up to you. Unless you're willing to accept this, you'll never be happy.
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sure let me just solve myself another foot so I'm not 5'3" anymore

poltards bitch about trap threads BITCH WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO
Get off the internet. Stop filling your head with shit that only makes you feel worse.

Yeah, you're short. Yes you're playing life on hard mode. What are you going to do about it? Bitch to nerds online?
you have to go back reddit cuck

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So this happened tonight, like 30 minutes ago. Basically, I turned down a three/foursome... I think.

>be me, freshie in college, living in a freshman dorm
>just got out of the hospital after being there for a month, first day back
>walking back to my dorm room after hanging with friends in the uni pizza place, like 11 at night
>planning on just grabbing some stuff and going back to one of their rooms to hang out
>some context first
>at the end of the hall near my door live two obnoxiously hot girls
>like, eights or nines out of ten
>we're friends/close acquaintances
>friends as in, get lunch sometimes and one of them who we'll call Stacey showed me her nude photoshoot she and her roommate took in the forest
>a couple photos from it, at least.
>back to tonight
>she sees me coming down the hall
>stumbles down the hall and hugs me
>absolutely REEKS of alcohol
>she goes on about how much she missed me and all that jazz
>I just laugh and am like "Good to see you too"
>look down the hall and hear music coming from her room plus the sound of her roommate and another guy.... talking?
>notice Stacey has some dry jizz in her hair
>not a lot, but enough to be noticeable
>and so I'm like "So you throwing a homecoming party for me or something?" jokingly
>she grins and then strokes my arm for a sec and says "Well we can make it all about you if you want."
>I kinda just laugh it off and say "Sure, see ya in a sec", tongue in cheek
>walk into my room, grab my bag, walk back out
>she's... still there
>"So you coming or what?"
>wait, really?
>is this happening?
>I just smile and say "Nah, I'm goin out with some friends. I'll see you around though"
>she smiles and hugs me again, says she's glad I'm back
>stumbles back into her room
>I just stand and watch, awestruck, then leave

Did I make a mistake? I mean she was absolutely PLASTERED. And it's possible I was reading into it too much. Should I have fucked?
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i would have fucked this shit out of her then again i am black
I mean I am too, what does that have anything to do with it?

Also, it's easy to say you would have, but in the moment when you're weighing your options and you need to say/do something quick, I think most people would have gone the safe route. Especially considering it wasn't a clear cut "invitation" to anything
>youve been offered sex

fuck off normie

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