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30 year old 12 year long NEET here.

Finally went to see a doctor, had some tests done last week, got put on this today as a "starter".

How fuck am I?
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you are 100% fuck
Should have just boosted your testosterone and taken supplements that promote blood flow.

I have a complete supplement stack that does both. Do some research on what foods, vitamins/nutrients, and actions boost test.

Antidepressants can give ED, so be careful.
I've been lifting for 5 years, the doc did a full panel on me and all my results came back good. That includes testosterone levels, vitamin D, B12, blood sugar etc etc.

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I fucking hate gay people, but everybody is turning me a social outcast because of it. I don't really want to change, but I'm afraid I will end up with no friends at this rate; I've already been given an ultimatum by my social group, I don't really know what to do.
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The solution is obvious - fuck a man.
Why do you give a shit? Seriously, most annoying fags are just that: annoying fags, and would probably be just as obnoxious if they were into the opposite sex. It's like hating all black people because of how the niggest of them behave.
Thanks for posting that pic, I was looking for it

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Back in the day our youth stormed the beaches of Normandy at 18.

Now kids sit online playing video games and become 30 year old meme posting virgins.

What the fuck is wrong with this world?
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you're right, more people should have shell shock or """""ptsd""""" in the world
I'd rather be a 30 year old NEET than die for the Jews.
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>Killing the prime 8% of the world's population is a good thing

They didn't have to take care of the fucking baby boomers

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>so called "friends" ignore you and make excuses as to why they cant hang out with you over and over for days

>everyone does this stupid bullshit

>finally have enough, change passwords on facebook to random copy pasted gibberish and log out, can't log back in now

from this day on i am a friendless man, fuck them all
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i dont expect any of you losers to care but i feel better already. fuck people who don't bother to prioritise you in the slightest
I know that exact feel my man. It seems like nobody has time for anyone else anymore
I understand how you feel, to have shit friends, won't ever hit you up until they need some favors.
I know how it feels to let go of people you've known for so long, its not easy but it's better than suffering silently without doing anything about it.

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Just matched w my sister on tindin, wut do??
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she swiped right too u know
did u super like that ass, my dude?
send her some generic pick up line

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How do I, as a melanin challenged human get an asian gf
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>Trying this hard to push the BBC meme
Asian girls love white guys more than even white girls do. They will suck and fuck you whenever and wherever just to keep your awc
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girl 1.jpg
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but its not a meme

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>How do I, as a melanin challenged human get an asian gf
Just ask one

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Can we have a Chris Chan thread?

What's your favorite saga? Liquid Chris or Solid Chris? What do you think will happen next?
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Was Barb on Obamacare? I think that's an important question
Liquid Chris saga is the best, no question about that. Tomnoy saga is the worst; Christine really is more depressing than funny these days.

>tfw you will never have an evil clone of yourself

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What was the greatest betrayal you ever experienced?
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Deng Xiaoping.
When we were forced to hit "I'm not a robot" before we post.

We are robots. Fuck you, captcha.

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list 'em, originally
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this shouldn't be hard, come on
i post my best waifu on here and i get no replies? fuck you all
How can you have a waifu (shit) if you don't believe in anything u baka.

Give me one good reason you aren't out hiking the Appalachian trail right now.
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ticks gonna kill me
Because hiking is literally the most normie hobby a human being can have
I'm fat and lazy, also hate nature.

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reveal yourself imposter
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I like big black cock

Fuck you mr man
Im going to dox you imposter

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How accurate is this image?

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I will always respect a serial killer, because a serial killer has the smarts to have gotten away with at least a single murder.

All a school shooter has to do is bring a gun to school and shoot an area concentrated with people. No school shooter has ever escaped or outwitted the cops.
Honestly very correct
Being a serial killer takes effort
It's not hard to shoot kids
I would say Cho is the only exception to this. He was smart enough to actually plan out a kill corridor and become proficient with his guns. Other school shooters are basically retarded, including Elliot, for not killing the true objects of their rage. Serial killers are true predators, able to evade law enforcement for up to years at a time, if they're ever caught at all, as well as kill the objects of their ire and those who represent them.

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How do you like my new shoes R9K?
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wow that's obscure
using those to help you lose weight?
that's a nice floor

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Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you fucking faggots?

Reading this board made me lose all hope in humanity. You guys are a very disgrace to the human race. Go the fuck outside. Talk to a female. You sit inside on a anonymous message board posting memes and watching anime all day. You make no effort to change.

You are fucking useless. The world would be better without you. I can't think of anyone more of a joke
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you're... new to shitposting, arn't you?
this feels like a forced, and unoriginal shitpost
>>>36781936 (OP)
>you're... new to shitposting, arn't you?
>this feels like a forced, and unoriginal shitpost

LMAO accuses me of shitposting instead of addressing my point. just read the shit you post on this board man. you guys are sick
I'm gay and at work right now dude.
Please do not bully.
Also what's ur stats.

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>8am class
>wearing hoodie and jeans because its a bit chilly
>temperature shoots up by the time I get back outside
>not really hot but a bit too warm for what I'm wearing
>coming back from getting food
>back of my neck itches
>so does my side
>so do my legs
>itching turning into stinging pain
>getting worse the more I stand in the sun
>start speed-walking to my dorm
>starting to get unbearable
>stinging pain while equally itchy all over my body
>get into dorm
>rip off clothes
>sit in front of fan for 5 minutes
>barely sweating

What the fuck is wrong with my body? This happens every time I dress too warm. I don't sweat, I feel like there's flies biting me all over my body. I fucking hate heat
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Have you been in any tall grass recently?
Kinda get this feeling when I stand up for too long. May be something wrong with your veins, cholesterol, too much salt, ect. Idk really, try googleing
I haven't touched long grass two months, I only stay in my room because there's too many normies to be comfortable outside

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