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Does anyone from the old Kik group still lurk here? GIVE MY MY KIK FRIENDS BACK REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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lol kill yourself faggot we were never your friends

thank god you fucked off, we hated you
The group was disbanded and everyone deleted their accounts so your bullying has no effect on me. I know you weren't a part of the group.
you must be 18 years old or older to post here

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Who here has used an escort? How much did you pay and what was your experience? In my area the standard rates seem to be $200 for 1 hour. I'm thinking about calling one tomorrow.

Pic semi related.
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$300 For a one hour blow job session. She used to do porn a few years ago. Came three fucking times. She swallowed every time. Money well spent.
Sometimes I like to pay a dominatrix 200 bucks to treat me like garbage then jerk me off for an hour.
You all are fucking dumb if you live in the United States and you're paying over $100 to fuck one whore when you could go to Mexico and fuck multiple literal magazine models for the same price. Two places on my list to visit are Mexico and Brazil for that very reason. Cheap sex with 10/10 brown skinned qts.

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Who here /fit9k/?
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>that face

you look like austin powers on steroids
He's gotta be British

Browse this board for a bit longer before you decide to post.

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it's not that hard to loose your virginity jesus christ

you nerds are a fucking waste
>t. a gay guy
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>Go to a bar
>Find a group of sluts
>They always have a Duff
>Wait till the end of the night.
>Start hitting on the Duff
>Have sex with duff
>Leave before duff wakes up so no rape charges.

this is how i did it.
doesent count
Why doesn't it count.

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How do I fake a suicide attempt so that I look stronger to my oneitis
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You do it for real.
>faking a trait undesirable in a mate to impress the opposite sex

This tally ho man, unless you are trolling her this is a bad idea.

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Which is worse?

Catching your partner cheating with someone of the same race as you? Or catching them with someone of a different race?
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depends what race tbqhwyf
Wanna win dont play.
Cheating is shitty, what did you expect?
If you're white, catching them cheating on you with another race.
For any other race, catching them cheating on you with the same race is worse.

Would you want a nice SJW gf, robots?
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hell yes, i love SJW qties
>nice SJW gf
pls be in Brisbane
You'd hate your life in a minute
I made the mistake and whenever I'm around her I can't say faggot or dyke or nigger or anything else it's a real bore

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Benzos get me motivated. Why? Is this normal? I thought they were downers.
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They're not tho
It's alcohol minus the drunk feeling
They make you less capable of using the parts of your brain that control judgement.
Basically if your judgement is faulty and interferes with you getting stuff done they stop that from happening until you get tolerance in a month and up the dosage, develop a dependance which leads to physical addiction in a few months and have seizures and severe panic attacks when you finally stop taking them.

Basically enjoy your shit assed gay cuckpills
How'd my judgement be faulty tho. Is there a name for that? Usually I only feel like lying in bed and doing nothing or sleeping, and everytime I try to get something done it gets unbearably boring and unworthy too soon.

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Do girls with big boobies like it when other girls play with their big boobies? Do girls with big boobies like it when other girls suck on their nipples?
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What animu is that from?
I need to fap to some old school cartoon titties.
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Angel Blade
I mostly originally thank you for this original reply anon.

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What's the /r9k/ excuse for not getting buff?

Everyone cries so much about how they're too ugly to get a gf, too autistic, how they'd even take an ugly / fat girl but they still can't.

No matter what the situation (unless you're paralysed), you can get a better body, which will make you so much more attractive.

Think about it, if a girl has an uggo face but a great body, she'll still be attractive enough to get a bf. It works both ways.

So let's here your pathetic excuses. Pic somewhat related
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I'm lazy and unmotivated. I just going to made a thread about.
aerobic exercise
>I just going to make a thread about
Do you mean you were just going to make a thread about it?

If you're unmotivated that means you don't care enough about being alone

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>Boss asks me why I didn't get my daily haircut
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Lul wat
Op goofed up
>daily haircut
What did he mean by this

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I just noticed that most robots here want a gf but hate women in general. Why bother getting one if you're just treat them like shit because of their gender? Like come on, are you guys really that much of a hypocrite?
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yes. please give me my emotional sandbag gf now
Then you don't deserve any faggot. Off yourself.
Even if I lived like a saint I wouldn't get a gf.
Might as well be a lone asshole

Go make your bed right now. It will fix you.
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Nice try wagie. I ain't making my bed just so I can mess it up again when I go to sleep.
I always make the bed after waking. There's just something gross about coming home at night to an unmade bed.
>There's just something gross about coming home at night to an unmade bed.

this might be the most normie thing said in the history of r9k

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I'm going to get tinder for the first time. I need a faq/guide/tutorial and some advice/tips.
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Step 1. Uninstall Tinder.
Step 2. Go outside or use (((Facebook)))
>find the fattest or most single mom of them
>swipe right
>see no matches
>sob quietly in bed
ur welcome
>create fake profile with chad photos
>swipe right
>message 10/10 grills with eyy gurl u wan sum fuk
>cry yourself to sleep when they respond to chad

ily anon
pls pls pls i need u
anon yes~
give me ur dick anon pls
i need ur dick ;_;
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>female girl
this is the reason why i need feminism
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>not 1D
Pathetic. Get out of here normie.

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