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I just came inside a pillow, ask me anything
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D-did it feel good? That sounds hot
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It was ok the stuffing was a little rough from previous times but felt fine regardless.
That cleanup sounds impossible desu

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She is pure, knowledgeable on vidya, politics and loves to cook. She is also intelligent having did STEM programs in college.

You are free to do anything as long as it is not sexual. Doing lewd things will get you banned.

What do you do?
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Play video games together until I get so motion sick I pass out
play vidya by myself

tell her to cook me dinner and use her vidya knowledge to spoonfeed me when it is most convenient

tell her to cuddle me too because cuddling isn't lewd if you both have clothes on
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That is a lewd thing anon. She realizes you are a creep and this opens the door for her beta orbitor to swoop in for the kill.

What's your move? How do you compete with this

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Mentally... its like marinating your brain in negativity.
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more like marinating your brain in gay faggots
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>life already extremely negative
what's a little bit more going to do
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hopefully push you over the edge

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>Finally get a date off Tinder.
>Aspie girl who I get close with pretty quickly.
>She says to me, "I'm so glad we met, anon. I was crying in the parking lot today because I was so lonely."
>Date goes fine, she hugs me goodbye and tells me we should meet again.
>Immediately starts ghosting me afterward.
>Check her Facebook in anguish.
>400 friends and 60 likes on her last new profile picture.

What the hell, lads. Do women have a different definition of "lonely"? I don't even know 60 people in real life.
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anything below 5 people is not enough attention

actually i wouldn't know but im probably right so w/e
No no matter how fat and disgusting and repulsive a woman can be there will always always always always be a person who wants to stick their penis into them out of pure desperation. Women are put in high pedestals because they have such a high demand ever since the Jews gave them rights and ruined everything
as a girl you're expected to be social with nothing in return, even when no one wants to be around you you're expected to be accommodating and put yourself out there.
those 400 friends are probably everyone she ever went to high school with and all her coworkers she ever worked with.
imagine knowing that many people and still no one gives you the time of day besides a meaningless "like" on your social media account? if you knew 400 people who would not spend any time with you, and despite having all these "friends," you were still lonely.

There's a chance she's not at all lonely, and there's also a chance that she's trying to keep up with the social space of her peers and is still actively avoided. I know I fit the second profile, though I only keep about 40 facebook friends, more than half of which are people from /r9k/ and a quarter of which are family and pages of people's dogs.

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>that was a fun date anon
>wanna come in for a bit?
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No thank Grol'Thar, i must be on my way. Please spare my cottage in the next raid
S-sure, I could give you the old lickaroo
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Sure Fampai

Just please don't tell me you are a girl. Ive been dealing with my secret homosexuaility by dating you.

I have 18 years old, and i fell for the trap, sissy hypno meme, i am not ugly and hated by my friends, but i have this fucking issue 5 inches btw.
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post your steam account
5 inches is average you cretinous bastard
I am from Argentina...

And did you see a fucking BBC...

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>war on drugs is ending in my country soon
>braindead stoner degenerates will no longer get theirs
>braindead stoner degenerates will no longer get their lives totally fucked up resulting from their degenerate brain damaging, soul staining hobby
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It's about damn time, ha hahahahaha op get mad faggot.
Because what would help problemd drug users integrate back into wider society is locking them out of specific jobs and imprisoning/fining them.

If we demonize them enough we wont have any more problems...
dum conservaposter

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>wagecuck for 8 hours
>just wanna go home
>get home and realize how sad and lonely I am
>was trying to quit r9k/4chan but end up coming on here anyways
>how was your day anons?
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nobody responded T_T damn I thought lots of people went on this board. time to an hero
I'm lucky to not have to wageslave, but I still have plenty of sadness and loneliness.

I had this thread open for a while but I couldn't really think of what to write as a reply.

My brain is messed up and I don't feel very well.
Reality is shit. The inside of my head is shit, but at least I have more direct control over it.

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Do fat fetishists without mommy issues or submissive personalities even exist on this board?
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I was just thinking about trying to watch xxxholic again because I was listening to buck tick. I only got about 6 episodes through before
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It's a pretty good anime and manga. I reccommend. Also great music. 19 sai is the sound of nostalgia.
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I try to find other shows with music by bands or whatever I liked, and since I had shiki on the mind for some reason I was downloading the buck tick discography, and then I checked what else they did and xxxholic was in there too. I really liked it when I tried watching it, I don't know why I stopped

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What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you /r9k/?
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"why are you talking to me inbreed faggot" mom
hahah. I had a chuckle
A girl told me I was cute. I'm pretty sure it was just out of pity.

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I'm a 23 year old virgin and I haven't kissed a girl in seven years.

Does any fembot on /r9k/ want to take my virginity. I'm white and have good hygiene. Don't care what you look like. Maybe we can get dinner beforehand, I'll pay.
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>he kissed a girl
>he kissed a girl when he was 16
Fuck you
You truly are pathetic aren't you?
Yes, I don't care. We're all pathetic here.
Also did other stuff just never went the whole way and I regret it.

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how do you deal with accidental meetings with females from highschool times?
just met one today and played the forgetful card and i acted weirded out when she said my name ("h-how do u know my name?"), it was uncomfortable (her bf, now ex most likely, since they fought while i was there), she was the one starting the conversations and i kept shutting them down and saying shit like
>oh anon my ex school mate is now close to being employed
>you were/are so intelligent :)
and that shit makes me delude myself into thinking she is hitting me
how the fuck does one handle these situations /r9k/? i can't be the only one here.
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I try to forget all of highschool. I act uninterested through anything surrounding that time even to the people who went to school with me. I don't want anything to do with them I don't want to talk to them I don't want to see them.

They didn't want anything to do with me back then now I share the same feeling in the present
I don't go outside, ever.

This comment is original, fuck the bot
i was at my uncles home, she was there too and so was her bf, it wasnt a situation one could avoid her if she started to talk to you.

Why can't I get these lewd thoughts about BOYS out of my head? I know it's not right, boys shouldn't do lewd stuff with boys
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Idk but if you are into sub/dom you are straight.
>Idk but if you are into sub/dom you are straight.
What if I just want to kiss a boy
>Idk but if you are into sub/dom you are straight.

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fem-bots post pics in this safe space please

>keep bumping this bois
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original pringles
bump for face pictures bump for qt 3.14
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What kind of pics are we posting? :D

from here

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>why am I attracted to a drawing?
i ask the same question all the time
is there any hope? I'm new here
there is no hope. just try not to think about her much, that's all you can really do. it's a lot worse when it's someone that has a lot more to care about.

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