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How do I fuck polish girls?

And are they any good?
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>how do I fuck?
>is it good?
Polish girls know their worth, and won't go for anything less than BBC.
Polish girls are redpilled and are bro-tier but won't settle for losers like us

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Why there is people here who thinks Trump is part of the "good guys"?
He is just a another shill like Hillary , just a servant of the archons.
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So who the fuck should americans have voted for then? Offer an alternative or fuck off
I thought R9K collectively took the black pill.
uhhh... archons?

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>be on period
>but also horny and want to be penetrated

I hate my bloody roast
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post bloody tampons
I hate when I get my boiperiod too anon
Get an IUD and your period will go away.

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They always depress the absolute shit out of me, making me irritable and grumpy and just generally miserable. I can only tolerate rain and dark dark overcast days. Anyone else here like this? What's the reason for it? Is it just the ol 'tism acting up or what?
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no i go to the beach quite often
Shutting the blinds 24/7.
Fuck sunlight, I just take the vitamins.

I prefer it when it's raining really badly, the sound of rain hitting against my windows is soothing making everything 2x more comfy.

Also it's great knowing normies are most likely complaining and having a bad time.

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twin peaks maddy.jpg
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What are you guys reading?

Campbell Biology - 10th Edition (2013)
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Naturalized spirit: Preanalitic seasons of american naturalism.

Is an historical book about the american naturalist movement as you can guess by the title.
Sounds pretty boring, glad I'm not reading that!
Heheheh i remember that book

Pretty gud from what i remember. My prof recommended that u keep it in case u go to med school since it will be a gud review

Dear fembots:

How does it feel knowing you will be completely worthless in the eyes of all men as soon as you hit 40? At best you can get some 70 year old guy by then. How does it feel looking at younger girls who obviously are more attractive than you? At what age did you notice how you can't keep up with the younger girls anymore?
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>How does it feel looking at younger girls who obviously are more attractive than you
i usually masturbate to them
I'm just going to kms before I get that old hah.

Wow being real generous there huh? Guys will always go after the 20 year olds rather than the 25-30 year olds. Women's worth fades fast.

Born pretty, young, and fertile and then they become broken, brittle, and shitty soon.

Men are born broken, brittle, and shitty and end up strong, rich, and powerful.

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So do you guys ever buy private vids or stuff for girls in general online?

I just started last month and I'm up to $300 bucks so far and I'm not even rich. I fucking hate myself for doing it but I get this impulse to do it. I mean I do get something out of it and I'm not buying them stuff like clothes or anything but I still feel like a loser doing it. I could've got me a hooker with that money.

Just curious if anyone else does it and if so how much you have racked up.
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"Stuff for girls" as in like women's clothing? Nah man lol
My bad I meant to say stuff from girls. Like I know some people buy used panties and shit. I just buy private nude vids and stuff like that.
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If you can deal with just audio, you can save some cash by having a girl on /d/ record what you want her to say. It's pretty great and it's not that big of a deal that you can't see them. There's only so much you can do with a list pussy/ass/tits and I've already seen it all. So now it's nice to have some new audio, other than just that stupid moaning shit girls normally do in porn.

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Post where you live and how many friends you talk to on at least a weekly basis. You have to specify where those friends are from
Real Life-3
Online-1 discord friendo and a TS of people that know me but don't talk to me much other than playing vidya
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Meant to say South Carolina btw.
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It's okay anon. You're not much worse than me. Are these friends people who would look for you if you went missing?

We all live in the same house Now.
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>have to dodge a trap orgy just to get into the kitchen every day
>proceed to live in the attic, hoarding military gear and bibles
>get ostracized by everyone despite us all being robots

Ill always get BTFO in groups no matter what. Feels bad

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>2000 years ago some schitzophrenic desert man cut his baby's penis and tried to stab him to death to satisfy the voices in his head. That's why we had you circumcised and sold it to the jews to make cosmetic cream!

We live in a stark raving-mad world.
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isaac wasn't a baby when he circumcised him, he was 8 years old. and the stabby thing didn't happen until isaac was in his 30s
Is that image child porn?
of course not goy, it's a normal and beautiful practice! want to watch the rabbi suck the blood off?

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>Anon, I have tah say, you gots a nice lil' booty on yo. Don be shy, son. Dat was compliment. Don look at me like dat. I've half a mind to come over dere and smack dat look off yo face. Now git yo pale ass o'er here. Imma bend yo over, wrap in mah ahms, and give you a rough and hardcore cuddling.
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Kindly fuck off to London Zoo you fucking monkey.
>Implying I'd turn that down
Christ, do you even lift? Look at giganigga, that's what you're supposed to look like if you want to pull this shit off.

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>this hot grill would rather get fucked by her dog than you
how does this make you feel?
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where's the hot girl?
Extremely turned on. I want to eat out the cummies from her pussy.
It makes me feel like there is no reason to try to go on anymore.

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Serious question to guys who are into 3DPD: how can you be attracted to something that spends a quarter of its adult life bleeding out of its genitals and excreting dead, rotting uterine tissue? Do you just have to pretend it doesn't exist and put yourself in a state of denial? How can you insert your penis in a hole that has had more gore come out of it than a horror movie?
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How can you be fulfilled as a person by a nonexistent figment of your imagination that you can't interact with? 3DPD love isn't perfect, but it's far and away more of a real sensation than the bullshit you're trying to peddle.
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By not being such a massive pussy that I'm bothered by it. Are you autistic or something?
the same way I eat the french fries that fall on my nasty car floor

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aleppo hospital.png
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tfw nice girls don't exist :(
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They exist, "nice guys" (and every other guy) don't want them.
Define "nice girl". What do you mean by that?

I consider myself rather nice. Am I not allowed to have any selfish motivations to make your standards?
Only men are capable of being selfless. History has proven that over and over. True selflessness is a completely foreign concept to the human female.

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who here /shit DNA/

>almost 27
>still can't grow a proper beard
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i'm 34 and suffer the same fate. it doesn't get better
I suffer from the worst physical ailment known to man - manletism
>still can't grow a proper beard
Good. Beards are disgusting. Why the fuck would you want pubes in your face?

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