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>it's yet another day of playing mind games with myself to try to snap myself out of being me so my life can begin but it's no use episode

It never gets better.

You never change.

It's always too late.
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I gave up in highschool when I realized I'd never live out the exciting adventures I always dreamed of.
27. Just don't care anymore. It's over.
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dog thats a long episode title ur gonna need to reevaluate that and have it on my desk monday morning or its detention for you, buckaroo!

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>tfw your bully pushes you up against the wall and tells you to look up into his eyes
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>tfw your bully forces you to suck his dick behind the school building
>tfw that's exactly what you wanted
I do that to my wife occasionally. Gets her giddy and weirdly turned on.
>>tfw your bully pushes you up against the wall and tells you to look up into his eyes
>>tfw your bully forces you to suck his dick behind the school building
>>tfw that's exactly what you wanted
Dumb sissy anime bois.

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Is it even worth trying if you have uncut micro dick
Im a 19yr old virgin and ive been messing with this girl from my uni from 2 weeks we make out every now and then. just kissing and groping but shes leaving hints that she want to get fucked by placing her hand on my crouch and asking me to invite her to my room but im shit scared about my tiny dick. Ive never been naked with a girl or boy since i was like 10. Even in toilets ill hide my dick when pissing. I dont what to do. Should i tell her about it before or i should just surprise her.how would she react. Any other micro dick fags had a similar experience?
Ps. Im 5cm when flaccid including 2cm of foreskin. 12 cm when erect.
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Waifu pillows dont judge anyone OP, ya dont got nothin to worry about!
are you fucking dumb? thats not a micropenis, thats pretty good for your age actually

dont be a pussy about it, youl probably get a compliment about your size

source: also 19 with same size dick, slutty exgf appreciated the cocc
Weeboos can ignore this. I want serious answers

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Why do Asian women have such cardboard personalities?
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Because they have a higher intelligence then non asian girls probably.
Their personalities are as flat as their chests
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Is "personality" code for nigger dick in roastbeef vaginas?

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Random greentext thread
I'll start
>Be me
>7th grade
>Have to piss badly
>Teacher does that whole "I don't know, can you?" bullshit
>"May I use the restroom Mr. Anonderson?"
>Book it to bathroom while holding my peener hole closed
>Urinals are taken
>See unlocked stall
>Kick the door open like they do in the movies
>See kid squatting on the toilet, shitting frog style
>See turd retreat back into his anus like a scared turtle
>Piss myself
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Undeniably a homosexual story, yet one that is 4chan-worthy. Stuff like this (just... better) is what can make the board great again!
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>See turd retreat into his anus like a scared turtle

My sides
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>Teacher does that whole "I don't know, can you?"

What do they mean by that?

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images (76).jpg
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What song are you listening to /r9k/?
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the singer played pink floyd in the wall

Seems I'm not the first one to post it

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>jacking off
>find pornstar who looks like my girlfriend
>jack off harder
>realize I feel like having sex with my girlfriend for the first time in 3 months

is porn magic? should I hang out with my girlfriend tomorrow or should I jack off another 4 times tonight and ruin it?
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>watches porn
>has premarital sex
Get out, normalfag.
Jack off and fuck her. I just recently experienced this when I realized carter cruise is and how much she looks like my girl. Good times
>Jack off and fuck her.
Not him, but I'm at the stage in life where if I jack off I can't come for a good 12-24 hours. Shit is actual suffering lad.

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How many of you have come to terms with the fact that you will never find love? Share your pain here.
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Robots vs Dogs.png
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>live in commiefornia
>like asians and latinas
>wouldn't openly date a fat chick even though I fap to BBWs
>couldn't even get a fat bitch if I wanted too famalam
>Only reply in the thread
>faggot ass OP won't even respond.
I go back in forth between being content on my own and dying for any sort of human contact. For the most part, I've accepted that I am ugly and unlovable, so I try to not let it bother me. But sometimes I'll see a beautiful girl or a cute couple and it'll just destroy me.

My wifi got turned off today, is there any way I can get around my isp shutting it off? Idk how to steal wifi or wtf i can do with this router.
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Bumping because wifi isn't all I got, I don't have cable ;-;
Will continue to bump cuz I get little service where I am rn and without vids in the background I can't sleep ;-;
if you want, ill call you (you can make a textnow or something) and play whatever you want

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DaiIy reminder that you're not in prison and have the freedom and potentiaI to do whatever you want!
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Not true, I'm too mentally ill for that.
Oh wow fascinating. I had no idea that I was a millionaire. Thanks, OP! I'm going to fly to the Caribbean and buy an island now!
Not that you could buy a Caribbean island for that amount, but why would you want this?

this is 4chan in a nutshell
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>this is 4chan
>posts a twitter screenshot of a tumblr user
no, this is 4chan
That only really got cringeworthy when he used fursona to describe it. If he was just using a drawn animal picture on Facebook and that's all there was to it, it wouldn't be anything special.
Look around you, son

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wtf is daca and why should i care

can someone pls present the non pol version?

why are all my normie fb friends changing their profile pic to support daca?
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you can offer a desperate college girl a room in exchange for her temporary rights to her womb
basically it's commie bullshit that allows border jumping beaners and other stinky nogs to come in with a nog in the oven and have it on US soil so they can get US citizenship.
>so they can get US citizenship.
Americans should come with a warning when they're about to vomit some stupid shit

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funny meme.png
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Has /r9k/ every tried the meme compass?
Post results.
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I literally had nothing better to do with my time.
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The test didn't include any good memes though
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Seems like you get a higher dankness score if you don't like their memes.

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Why do people like this show so much?
I've watched 3 episodes and haven't laughed, smirked or changed my pace of breathing yet but people herald it as the new King of the Hill?
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Season 1 and 2 were decent. Not great like King of the Hill, but good as in better than Family Guy or Bojak Horseman.

Season 3 is fucking terrible, and pickle rick is the worst episode.
Don't hurt yourself, OP (faggot). You have to really pace yourself when making 40 trillion "I hate Rick & Morty because I'm a jesusnigger and got triggered by le ebin atheism" threads a day.
I'm an athetist and I don't find the show funny.

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What's with everyone wearing one of these chokers lately? What does it mean?
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It means they want you to choke them
>What does it mean?
Just means you suck dick.
More current year faggotry.

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