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>stay in my room for a week
>feel lonely
>go out in public
>see other guys my age with qt wives and kids
>feel even worse

The ride never ends, does it?
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It never does when looking at people reminds you what you're missing.
Nope. I'm going to work through the winter and make money while work is slow, then when it gets to suck again next spring I'm going to stare into the hopeless nothing and puy a bullet in my brain or hang myself. I just simply don't have a reason to suffer anymore.
It never gets different.
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Wow, what a weird story. You mean you didn't meet any qts or even normal girls while staying in your room for a whole week? Bizarre. It must be the evil machinations of those roasties!

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Who here twerks in shower?
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>tiny dick
>still a bull

Its not tiny, but on the low side of average
I just learned my cock is huge. thank you anon.

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>pass sissy white boi at Gamestop while he's buying his faggy Zelda game
>wait in line behind him and he wiggles his hips and ass purposely flaunting them at me
>BBC expands
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I need me a whiteboi to keep me sedated nigguh
>muh dik when I see a whiteboi creepin up on me at the nigger safari
I can relate to these except replace "white boy" with black woman.

Shame only a minority of them are attractive, why do negroes want the BWC?
I know the opposite of that feeling to be quiet honest man

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Daddy? Is it true you were mad that I wasn't a boy?
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No sweety. Now bite the pillow.
>even my own daughter goes "U MAD?"
I'll be mad if you become a slut baby not that you're a girl

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>signing up for college courses
>make sure that every single professor I get is male
Anyone else know this feel?
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any time I have to take a class with a female professor I always leave terrible reviews at the end

fuck women
>going back to college in my mid 20s
>been out of the classroom for like 10 years
>take it easy and pick a community college
>at least i can coast on the easy classes

>took up to pre-calc in high school maths
>placement tested into intermediate algebra
>literally 9th grade algebra, basic operations
>professor is a mean, bitter old man
>sick of dumbasses in his math classes
>aggressively states that 3/4 of us will fail
>rushes through 5 pages of notes first day
>assigns everyone 100 homework questions
>must complete every homework assignment
>OR you automatically get a 0 on the exam
>says every single class will be like this
>tfw i didn't even get my math book yet

it's community college whatafuck
my classmates are all retards and niggers
how is this remotely acceptable

even if you understand everything
it'll take 2 hours a day just for the homework
and this is for an ALGEBRA class
>take web development class from female professor
>she makes us write an essay about a topic of her choice every week
>every topic is about a way to improve ourselves
It's completely out of place in a class that should be about web development.

who here downloading destiny 2? its free right now for the next 2 days, the open beta just started 45 minutes ago, so if any of u mongs are bored and want to try it, now is the chance!
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can't download right now cause I'm in uni, hope to play it all night today cause i have nothing better to do with my fucking shit boring life
it's going to be the same as Destiny 1, with the addition of a mediocre campaign
I'll wait for the inevitable edition that includes all the DLC
I played the closed beta (bought expensive version on amazon for the code then cancelled my order), it's not good. It feels like it came like 5 years ago. It's fucking 30 fps lmao, might as well be a turn based strategy game.

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anyone here still get like a kid despite being an adult?
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Treated like a kid? sometimes by strangers
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Praise our new lord of gets

*still get treated like a kid despite being an adult

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>be me
>hanging out with a buddy of mine at a local pub
>he tells me he's got a stupid problem
>basically he spent a lot of money on this custom hot tub. Calls it the Hand because it's got five pillars around the rim to help people get out and hold drinks or whatever
>wants to show it off, but feels weird throwing a party just to get people in a hot tub or getting in himself during a normal party
>this qt British girl slides up and winks at us, says she might be able to help
>I have to take a piss, so I leave. When I come back, friend is beaming. Apparently worked out an arrangement, I have to come to his party that weekend to help but I'll like it
>skeptical but eh, fuck it
>weekend rolls around, go to party. Tons of people
>sure enough, after about an hour the British girl from the bar strips to her underwear and gets into the hot tub
>others follow. Friend gets tons of compliments on the Hand, great time had by all
>other guests start leaving. Friend grabs me by shoulder, reminds me about the favor
>drags me to his bedroom. British qt is naked on the bed, smiling seductively
>"Threesome, bro!"
>wish I knew beforehand, but she's my type and I trust he won't make it weird so I'm down
>"Just remember," she says as we're undressing, "nothing funny with me arse. You're both going in the axe wound."
And that's how I learned a bird in the Hand is worth two in the bush
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And then OP woke up
Did you read the last line?
even if he had, this is one of the worst versions of these types of threads I've ever seen

anyone want to play league on OCE (1-2 games) before i go to bed, i'm not very good and i play norms
my main is adc so would be nice to have a support and we can voice chat
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i-i promise i'm not that autistic
I only play tf2 and paladins so no
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thanks anyways i hope you have fun!

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>tfw 18 years old, have never had a gf, have never held a girl's hand, haven't been hugged by one in 4 years, and needless to say, have never kissed a girl

Do any other anons know this crushing feeling?
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how new r u fagget
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me too desu, its a sad life
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Very common. Stay positive friendo.

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>the door of the roof is blocked
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i can give you a hand if you need a push in the right direction
what about the window?
Just jump off the building faggot

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Is anyone else seriously nervous about eating out or having drinks at a bar?

I don't know how it works when I go to a place for the first time. I don't know if I'm supposed to order at the counter or if the waiter will come to me. I don't know how to order food in a restaurant. I don't know how you're supposed to pay.
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I feel the exact same way you do.
If it's a sit down restaurant they will have a person walk you to a table after you tell them how many. (Don't go to a sitdown restaurant alone.)

Why not go to one alone? How are you able to tell from outside?
My biggest fear with restaurants is regarding whether or not you can just sit down or if you're supposed to wait at the entrance for someone to give you a seat.

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>work fifty hours a week
>literally can't afford to move out of my parents' house
What the fuck is this bullshit? The only way I could escape the hell of my shitty parents is if I take on debt to move to another city and hope that I can find a job that pays better, or take on an even more ridiculous amount of debt and gamble at getting a degree from a college. Why is our system so flawed for young adults? How am I supposed to make it on my own?
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Post your face when I don't work and I can afford my own place
u live in Scandinavia?
A bit more to the south

File: nxsnrme[1].png (211KB, 570x580px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what the fuck, white bois?
get your shit together
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what am i even looking at? Explain your posts next time dumb fuk.
are you illiterate per chance?
key excerpt: "my wife's boyfriend"
He's talking about himself in a not really funny way, breh.

>parents left me alone in home
>food stopped appearing in fridge
What's happening? back then there was always something in fridge. But now there is none. I keep closing it and opening but it doesn't change anything. Is my fridge broke?
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Just stay calm and analytical
the food might be divided into various components
what do you mean orregooo gego
Riot anon. Pee in jugs and throw them at the wall. Lob your shit.

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