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why don't anybody hate chad on /r9k/, ever bot want to be his bro or suck his dick.is chad power on bots is the same power he use on women?
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What reaspn e we have to hate Chad? He is actually a real bro!.We are the evil ones.
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>I recognize both of those gay porn stars, the movie they're in and the studio that filmed this
why am I like this
Chad is a Chad because hes an awesome guy
Also hating someone only because they're better than you is a feminine trait

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Fellas, let's roll out our applications and hopefully get a female robot to respond.

>Dick Size
>How much did you make last month?
>Where's your ancestry from?
>Are you looking for a long term or short term relationship?
>Political Beliefs/Ideology
>Are you a dominant person or a submissive person?
>How important is sex to you? Are you willing to wait?
>What are you looking for in a relationship?
>Mention a fundamental characteristic a woman needs to be a possibility for you (like patience, humor)
>Are you up to online dating or only face to face date?
>Do you want to get married in the future? Do you want children in the future?
>Do you have any past experience dating?
>Are you a virgin? How many partners have you had?
>Favorite Anime
>Favorite YouTube Channel
>Favorite Sport
>Favorite Vidya
>Favorite /co/ cartoon
>Favorite TV show
>Self-Diagnosed Mental Illness
>What did you do this summer?
>What country do you live in?
>What country would you like to have a gf from?
>If you could pick any country to move to, what country would it be?
>If you could drop a couple nukes or large asteroid on any nation, which one would it be?
>If applicable, what's the worst breakup you've ever had?
>Do you drink? How often? Favorite alcoholic beverage?
>Do you smoke? Vape?
>If you had a gf and she said she'd let you do any sexual act to her, what would it be?
>What do you think a relationship is?
>Can you cook?
>Why should a girl choose you over other guys in this thread?
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>5'8", apologies
>Yeah, I think so
>Italian as hell
>Domination, impregnation, cock worship
>Very dominant
>Important, I would wait if the woman was a virgin
>Marriage, love, support, a human connection, etc.
>Expresses her love in a meaningful way
>I can do an online thing for a while, but I'd like a real one
>Yes to both, children in a few years, marriage within a few years
>Yes, i have had a few girlfriends
>Not a virgin, have had sex with 11 women
>I never got into anime, I did like DBZ as a kid though
>Have watched a lot of lindybeige lately
>I don't know what that is
>It's Always Sunny
>Paranoia, depression
>Worked. F
>United States
>Eastern Europe, like Croatia or Poland
>Either stay in the US or somewhere remote in Europe, like Ostel
>I don't think I would drop one anywhere. Seems rather pointless
>I'll tell you another time
>I've gone sober for the most part, but I like beer
>Impregnate her
>An opportunity to give to someone else everything you are, and for them to give you everything they are
>Yes, I like to grill most of all
>I can sustain a conversation, so if you add me I can give you a few reasons
But I'm very, very, very lonely.

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hug thread.png
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Tell your sister/mother she's beautiful, post results. If she's not near, call or text her.
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>tfw my mom will never dominate me with her juicy tits and round ass
Anon please talk about that somewhere else. This is a pure thread.
You forgot your trip, Story

>this will soon exist
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>this will soon exist

But OP, don't forget that a candy crush game show exists already.
kid's gonna bag an emmy
you'll see
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>tfw bf doesn't want to introduce me to his parents because he doesn't want them to know he is fag
>tfw it becomes clear to me we have zero future together
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introduce yourself
look through his phone for his parents number, invite them out, what do you have to lose if he intends to break up with you either way
maybe his parents will like you
or, even better, cum so hard in him he becomes a girl

you will be straight by default
>or, even better, cum so hard in him he becomes a girl
life doesn't work like this

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Do any of your parents show concern with the fact that you still don't have a girlfriend?
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No they don't say anything. They know I'm a failure at so many things.
they're just glad Im alive and well at this point I think.
This desu.
They're more concerned about me moving out and getting a job at 27.. I'm sure getting finding a gf and getting a married will come afterwards.

My mom really wants grandchildren, though unfortunately I doubt I'll ever be able to satisfy her wish

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We want robots not soc filth

> Her age

> Her height, build,general looks

> Her ethnicity and location

> Her hobbies/interests

> Why do you want a gf

> What could you offer

> What's the most important thing/trait for your potential gf to have

> Deal breakers

> Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.
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I dont care really I just want to not be afraid to love and be loved.
>white europe
>movies, anime, manga, music, games, art
>not love
> Her age
> Her height, build,general looks
below 5.5, skinny, pale, autistically expressionless face, no dress sense, bad self-done haircut
> Her ethnicity and location
white, straya
> Her hobbies/interests
anything besides vidya
> Why do you want a gf
what a foolish question
> What could you offer
a lot for a robot. money, support, guidance, dominance, strength, and care
> What's the most important thing/trait for your potential gf to have
do as I say and I'll buy you shit
> Deal breakers
anything to do with being far left or sjw
> Quick rundown on yourself. Your age, ethnicity, location, interests.
Just here to shitpost. No female is going to read this in the hopes of finding a male partner.

met a girl like this once
fucked it all up
never had that chance again

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25+ pepe.png
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>when you fail the class A exam for the 5th time
welp, what am i gonna do now? 27 years old
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anyone here almost content with their situation? like to the point it's scary?
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Join the millitary mate
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yikes sound really depressing. Good thing i went to college.

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What makes my sister think it's ok to walk around like this?? My family had a little get together for the McGregor fight and she was wearing this
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Not this shit again.
If she's not in public, you have no say over what she wears. End of story.
more pics of sister
she wants to brap in your face
but is shy, she wants you to make the first official move

This is not a troll thread, I'm going to suicide by hanging and need help on how to do it perfectly, please don't try to stop me just help me thank you all
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google it fucker
They can help
do you think its weird how some people say they itch a scratch instead of scratch an itch

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I drove her and her mom to the airport this morning, kissed and hugged her one last time and watched her disappear into the crowd. I got back home and went to sleep. When I woke up I just sat in bed for a few hours.

I saw her at least 5 days a week since we met. I had a great relationship with her family, her younger sisters loved me. her and her family are the only people I care about on this planet and now it's all gone.

So how's your Thursday going?
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That's shit man I pretty much feel the same every day but I don't have to worry about a girl thousands of miles away

I'm just snorting my medicine while playing runescape lonely and studying id chat with you if I could

Why aren't you moving there with her again? Unless it's NYC or la or something you could rent something cheap as fuck
It was going fine you until you posted this normie trash sob story.
>Why aren't you moving there with her again?
it's 3000 miles away(Boston), she's living in a dorm, I'm currently working part time and going to community college full time so it's not exactly that easy to just uproot my life.

When have you just woke-up and said I don't give a fuck about anything, and lost the programing and the filter society expects people to have.

What was that piece of straw that broke your back.

>be me
>get a high school diploma
>get a few jobs struggle to keep them
>keep on getting fired Or laid off
>can't drive failed the test 3 times
>ask parents for help they tell me ''We didn't need any help so you shouldn't get any''
>I know what college I want to go to
>Tell my parents they shoot me down instantly because I can't drive
>4 months later Biological father dies they want to see if I qualify for survivor benefits and ssi
>I protest this because I don't believe in welfare and I want to have a Courier In the Future
>Mom tells me that I'm basically incompet because I'm autistic And it's impossible for me to be a functioning member of society
>I was in special Ed classes and had a one on one
>Tell her how horrible my lifes gonna be disability
>She refuses to listen and also cites my struggling job activity and the fact I cant get my license

My biological father died over a year ago and I'm almost 20 I don't have the strength to fight for my own destiny. anymore
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lmao rip

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.
>use welfare money to pay your way through driving school
>Get license
>Go to college
>Become successful autist
>Wave it in the face of your mother until she dies
My friend Mario told me to do that but I don't know how legal it is

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I guarantee I'm more autistic than any of you and I've fucked more than a dozen girls and am currently dating a qt gentle dom who loved to cuddle. ama
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What department do you work for?

So I can drive down there with my lawyer
>more autistic than any of you
that's not true, is it?
I make dwarf fortress mods, I've listened to thousands of noise and experimental recordings, I personally know Sam Hyde, I've written 6 books, and I have imaginary friends.

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>threads about pedophilia get deleted
Thanks mods for protecting us from such problematic opinions. We wouldn't want anyone to question the taboos that were so thoroughly implanted in them. /r9k/ may be a board for social outcasts, but we don't want to tolerate any creepy weirdos.
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Mods are faggots. What's new? Anyways, that's a cute loli. Nice taste OP.
loli threads get deleted on /a/, welcome to nu4chan
That's because most of the threads are image dumps that belong on /c/, /e/, or /b/.

Also there's like 5 loli-related threads on /a/ right now, with one almost at the bump limit. It's just the mods finally doing their job and moving the image dump threads.

>Why do they need to be real people? They represent children, they are drawn like children, and they act like children.
>Just face it, your interests fall under the definition of pedophilia, making you a pedophile.
They don't represent children, they are not drawn like children, they don't act like children. I have no interest in real children.

YOU are a pedophile and you are doing what I just said you are doing: using lolicon as a red herring to draw attention away from yourselves.
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What is sincerely wrong with being a pedophile? Its not like its a serious physical condition.
A person's only a pedophile if they fantasize about actual pre-pubescent children. Or if they molest underage girls in general. Loli stuff is distasteful, but it doesn't necessarily mark an actual pedophile.
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>They don't represent children
>They are not drawn like children
>They don't act like children

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