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>Men are more trustworthy than women meme

You do realize that the moment you obtain a wife/gf, the closet of guys you know will try to fuck her?
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Jokes on you, we only have each other and no friends

Get yourself manic stalker friends like me and I promise I won't go after your gf. My desires are set in stone, I'm still chasing the girl I loved 3 years ago, and I don't even have a cease and desist yet
Men can be untrustworthy, but women are not trustworthy. They won't get anywhere unless the wife/gf consents, but there's an instinctive lack of faith in her ability to remain steadfast. Men would rather take out their fury on the guy his wife/gf cheated with than on the cheating wife/gf herself.

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Are those compliments for you or insults? Why?
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an insult. No one wants to be a robot.
Compliment. Literally the perfect human specimen. Women want to be with him and men want to be him.
Insult. Only used by jaded cumdumps to make unsuccessful men feel alone. Women allow men into them, they aren't the ones hunting. Virgin women are rare to find in real life., so if used against a woman, it could be either an insult or compliment... women really do value having sex, even on easy mode.
An insult for use by robots for robots. any normal person wouldn't be here. Something had to go wrong in your life for you to end up here.
Originally accuratee
>No one wants to be a robot
Blatantly false. Being a robot is a choice.

Ayas right im useless
afraid to do any change
I cant change so he is right
should I really die? I dont have any goals just simple long terms. ..im mentally ill and immature
even I cant properly kill myself without Aya making fun of me for having a blunt knife
I fail in everything
even trying to get someone to be my friend who hates me
I dont deserve other people and one person is attached to me
dont know what im gonna do. hes been brought down by me I think
theres no way to help myself as petty as that sounds. just want to use a gun on myself already
im sorry, too scared to use something around me. Shows my attitude of death and how selfish I am
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Honestly I'm getting real fucking sick of Aya saying this shit to you
Aya needs to be stopped
i dont know anymore
..what to think
my bodys been getting number
hands are starting to feel like needles moving around inside
im annoying to Aya
and made a bad reputation for him.
i dont really know what to think about anymore
im too scared to wake up the next day and cry all morning
i hate this

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>girls do this with chad
>girls wouldn't even want to hug you
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>girls do this for thousands of dollars
>dozens of dollars

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i love short and fat girls so much. this is my oneitis, robots. she blocked me but i used to fap to her on cam over skype, she is an 8/10 honestly
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it's been almost a year

nobody cares
Get over it man. Why did she block you? Either way, she doesn't like you so you should give it up and like other girls.

And honestly she seems like a super normie/stacy type anyway. I'd be she's not really your type if you got to know her. I can tell these type of girls from a mile away, she's not really the qt asian gf type you're probably looking for.

What's with people's obsession with asians anyway
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you must care if you followed my posts, anon

and i care because she was the most beautiful girl for me

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>7/10, White, lean and muscular and still can't get laid
>Don't even fear rejection anymore just cant get laid
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you spend too much time with your face behind a screen. your best bet is to get some mmo gf and hope it's actually a female.
Get cooler hobies, get a new haircut, dress with some style, and finally get of this site.
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>Just get a haircut and a new style bro!

Fuck that if I were 8/10 and not 7/10 I'd be several orders of magnitude more attractive to women

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would you?

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what the heck is that, some Slavic Eastern European woman?
Would I what?
That's a man. It is against God's will to lay with a man.
no it looks like my uncle

Why wont showers calm me down from anxiety anymore?
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Rem I don't listen to you for free. Bend over and show me the goods.
Please use a name or a tripfag so I can filter your threads.
Make peace with Aya already.

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mya nichole3.jpg
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Is it wrong to only get off on crying girls getting hit? It almost transcends porn, the more innocent and confused the better
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Hit a girl and see if you get a boner

Absolutely. Everyone is turned on by violence, normies just repress it in themselves.
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I get one just thinking about it but not off normie tier attraction like yoga pants anymore

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>still awake

who /sleeplet/ here? fucking insomnia
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10:43 am here barely slept 5 hours because my tooth hurts
I'm a nocturnal animal

It sucks so hard, anon.

I stay up til like 6 AM without sleep on 4chan or youtube or playing music and then it takes me another 2 hours to sleep usually. It's always taken me forever to get to sleep. And even if I don't go online I still can't sleep until I'm literally exhausted. I was on sleeping pills before but they made my heart beat faster and were addictive so I stopped 'em.

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Is anyone else here a virgin because theyre too anxious about women and sex?
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>don't want STDs
>realize how many partners most women have had
>look up how common STDs are
>women lie all the time about being clean

Well, looks like I'm going to remain forever virgin.

I don't want my dick to have rashes or sores or warts, I don't wanna have it sting when I pee. I like not having to apply ointments on my junk everyday, don't wanna have to take meds just because I decided to band once.
>they say i have the rabe face
>i have the rade eyes
>everything about him screams raqe
>he has the rabe walk

nah, just incredibly ugly and untrusting of people in general

Originalli ravioli

>cuddling with my qt3.14 girlfriend
>wake up

Out of all the feels I'm feeling, why must this one be the worst?
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I mostly have nightmares about going back to middle school at 23 and being bullied by kids
That's pretty awful, anon. Now that you mention it, I guess I'd rather have dreams about having friends than nightmares about the opposite.
I have atleast one every week
It kills me on the inside

I feel like a vegetarian cat

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Is there any reason at all to live as a brainlet?
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Society needs brainlets

Do you think garbagemen are bright intellectuals?
And if I'm also narcissitic and don't care about society?

feels bad to be a logical brainlet

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My life

>Consists of laying in bed in my tiny room that can barely fit a table in it.
I use my trusty glaxy s3 with a cracked screen to shitpost. Soon i will turn 23 and i still haven't finished highschool. I dropped out many years ago but decided to take evening classes recently. Naturally i am a virgin but that does not bother me. What bothers me that i was never close to anyone in my life. I had to lie and pretend to have friends as a child and i have been friendless since my teenage years. Because of my situation i think about death a lot. It scares me because i have not really lived my life but on the other hand i do not have much to lose. Lately i do not even have the energy to hate others or to be angry. It feels like i am just waiting to die.
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Well, at least you don't have malaria.
I might have a lung related disease.

B-but thanks fampai
same situation here op

poor af shitty laptop

no gf no friends permavirgin

and i have 2 diseases i recently developed

offing myself seems good, but suicide is too brutal unless u knew a 100% painless easy method which i dont really understand

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Pic a slayer /r9k/
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BBC bruh
I guess emofag
dont pick. they end up like you.

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