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have a great weekend friends
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eat my ass out you fucking faggot
Down. Oregano massage
dont patronize me faggot

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Where's a site where I could find very violent or hardcore pr0n?
(Harder than the gif obviously)
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Heavy r and motherless
your gif is not moving
why is real rape videos so hard to find on the internet? It's easier to find CP and beastiality but rape is near impossible.

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>You are given the opportunity to travel back in time and meet you infant self.
>You are allowed to give him 1 (one) and only one piece of advice that he will, with absolute certainty, follow.
What do you say to drastically change your life the most? Preferably for the better, but not necessarily...
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I really wish i were short. I'm 5'10 and people at work make fun of me for being so freakishly tall.
Thats not how this works... Are demented? Have you even read my op?
No i'm not reading that shit. I just saw the picture and decided to be the one person who replied to your empty lifeless shit thread.

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>This fat bastard is on a date with a qt
>Meanwhile I, a fellow fat bastard, can't even make eye contact with girls

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It's OK OP, neither of them seem to be having fun. They probably are just as unhappy as you.
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Was just about to inb4 this.
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When did you realized youre fucking pathetic?
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when i frantically added multiple fembots and messaged them all daily trying to form bonds
When I looked in a mirror and saw you, dorko.

Did any of them answered at least?

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Are people who say they aren't attracted to teenage girls 14-17 lying?
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16 year old girls are legal for all ages in my state in the USA anon
Yes they are. Their normie senses tell them it's wrong so they act like they find that disgusting
Yes, but also no.
They want to fuck them but they don't like their personalities because they timing themselves how immature they are themselves.

>54 year old man with a 19 inch penis
>Doctors said that from a young age he would hang weights from his penis, stretching it out
>because of small tears in his penis, the body would repair itself, leaving him with more length and girth

So basically Jelqing is legit? Who dares to try this? Tbh I'm 6.5x 5.2 but ideally id like to be 7x5.5-6
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No jelqing is fucking retarded, please dont fall for the jelqing meme
isn't that just the guy from 3OH 3's my dick
He can't get it up though

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Feeling kind of happy only the days when I smoke weed. It's not just the part of smoking, but the whole day, like when I wake up and know that I'll smoke weed that day, meet up with my dealer etc. The whole "procedure" sort of satisfies me.

Feels bad realizing that the main reason for the times I ain't feeling like shit is weed...
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if it makes you happy then smoke up
i personally know exactly what you're talking about, its the same for me. I don't do it very often though because I'm too scared to exit perfect consciousness for too long. I hope i can change that though
>I'm too scared to exit perfect consciousness for too long.

This. I smoke about 2 times a week, 3 at max.
lolwut happy about weed. Normie shit right here.

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How does /r9k/ make money? The most obvious way to make money is by getting a job (exchanging your time for service as a resource in exchange for currency). What is your job and how is your general impression of it, the pay, etc? What skills do you need and how easy is it to get hired.

I'm currently unemployed and need help finding work. I have no experience. Please help and talk about your jobs and careers with each other.
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software dev

i have degree in cs

easy to get in, just showed them my degree and did a lil test

but anything that requires soft skills takes a lot more effort (good CV, evidence of ability etc.)
>but anything that requires soft skills takes a lot more effort (good CV, evidence of ability etc.)

Right. As of now I'm finish up a bio degree so it's too late to change majors or get another degree. And with no work experience it's going to be hard to have a good resume. I'd like to think I'm a smart guy and I'm willing to learn.
Don't die on me yet oreganoli

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can you get arrested for committing suicide?
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Not arrested, but you may well be institutionalized (if you survive obviously)
Depends on where you live. It's legal in the US and basically all of Europe (except Cyprus but they can go fuck themselves). You may get forcibly institutionalised though, and if I recall correctly US hospitals actually make you pay for the privilege of being a prisoner, at least in some states.
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If you get caught you'll be put in a mental hospital and fed pills all day. Not any pills though, they'll turn your precious grey matter into absolute dogshit. You're property of the state, you're supposed to stay alive regardless.

So if you're gonna do it make sure you die, or become some sort of walking pile of meat

> tfw no bf who likes all the pretty songs
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b-be my nirvana gf and l-l-let's start a v-vaselines cover group together!
he wouldn't know what they mean anyway
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you do realize most of the kids here are under 20? doubt they can appreciate nirvana or kurt cobain. nice thread though

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Have orgasm, immediately stop masturbating and smell my fingers. Smells amazing. Is this just a lesbian thing?
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I do that too. Sometimes I'll even lick my fingers.
Im a guy and I do something similar. Smells fucking awesome. Might just be a gay thing though.
Once my vagina smelled like oreos. I don't eat oreos, or any junk food really, but ya. It didn't taste like oreos tho

What would you do with 5 million US dollars, /r9k/?
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probably kms since i'll no longer have any reason to get up in the morning
Buy 10 trucks and hire a dispatcher. That leaves $4M for them to burn through in stupidity.
Kill myself with hookers and cocaine

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Hey, robots.
I would like to get a gf, but I've been told by people on other boards that there aren't many women interested in guys who look and sound the way I do.
What do you think about all this?
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i think you should get an actual haircut
>look and sound the way I do.
>Look and sound the way I do

You mean whiny?

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When i cum, i lose all muscle control over my body, i cannot bust standing up, i will fall over. Is this normal? wtf is wrong with me?
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this isnt normal
Its not. It's really weird. What the fuck.
all i want to do is jizz all over a bitches face and i cant.

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