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why is it that (for the most part) only stupid people breed
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tfw two entilegtnt too fuck
It wasn't always this way, but our culture has made it so wealthy people can do all sorts of things to avoid raising/making children.
Plus the welfare system basically encourages poor people to have more children to get more money.
Ask your parents why.

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>literally feel nothing when i cum
thanks dad
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sounds like you have more problems than being circumcised
70% of the time the only thing i feel when i cum is my dick contracting
oh, i dont have any problems with my dad dont worry anon

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whats the biggest redpill that life taught you about women?
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they're selfish people like everyone else
>those dead soulless eyes

My type of women
That they care about your face above all else and are willing to put up with autistic shit if they think the guy is hot

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This world is nothing but suffering; prepare yourself for the one to come after this life. Faith in our lord Jesus Christ assures you eternal life, which means eternal happiness. So read your bible, your life depends on it!
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I've been reading the bible recently. I don't understand it.
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>life is shit
>somehow eternal life is amazing
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Then join a church, anon. I would recommend Lutheran, but any community is good as it gives youa chance to discuss the scriptures

Someone out there loves you, anon. Your mother, your friend, I love you, there's always someone. Don't give up hope. You have a reason for being here.
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if you loved me you wouldn't lie to me anon
But i want someone who isnt obligated to love me to feel that way
The only person that loved me, beside my parents who are in a way obliged to love their son, hates me.
I didn't liked her and I've hurted her.
I did that to me. I didn't give up hope. I've just accepted that people don't like me for a good reason.

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Someone give me a rundown of this video :https://youtu.be/Tn46t8NksX0
Is he actually quitting YouTube or is he being a greedy Jew and clickbaiting
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hes looking for alt avenues of income to keep funding their videos. what hes saying about youtube is true, they are changing who get monetized and how. Youtube is changing big time. Legitimately.
lamo classic jew complaining about money video epic
>Is he actually quitting YouTube
Would it kill you to just watch it?

What should I say? Don't really care for this match.
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If there is nothing on the line then tell her the total truth. Dont BS her at all. Let her know every ugly detail about yourself

I bet you dont have the balls to do it
Looks like a skank. Say hello.
Ask her if she wants some dick

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>mom yells at me that I need to go outside, threatens to shut off Internet if I don't
>have no choice, have to go out
>bored out of my mind with nothing to do, eventually wind up in a park
>remember in cartoons old ladies are always feeding pigeons, decide to give it a try
>get some bread and sit at a park bech, start throwing crumbs around
>no pigeons around here, just crows
>fuck it, I'll feed them anyway, what could go wrong?
>was actually kind of relaxing, made it a daily routine
>more and more crows showed up every day, eventually a HUGE murder of crows showed up waiting for me at the park daily to feed them multiple loaves of bread
>became the crow guy
>some roastie got mad because the crows shit everywhere and scared her snotty kids
>one day sent Chad to stop me
>Chad starts yelling at me, tells me I need to leave and not come back
>tell him it's a public park and I have the right to be here
>he gets even more belligerent, shoves me over and steals my bread
>big mistake
>the crows are mad now
>start pecking the shit out of him, one or two even start dive bombing him
>Chad freaks out, drops the bread and runs away like a little bitch
>caw caw motherfucker
>roastie is toasty and they both leave while she yells at him
>bring a box of donuts to my crow-bros the next day to thank them

Go and feed some birds, robots. They are truly bro-tier.
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I dont believe this is real but i want ot believe.
Holy shit I want this to be real
I smells like bullshit.
But who am I to judge.

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chibi and his gf.jpg
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Get a gf now.
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1. that's a man

2. she dumped him
no, i have a bf
women are for cucks
that's a tranny, isn't it

of course that wasn't original

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I'm feeling even crummier than usual. My apathy and depression levels are at an all time high. Someone pls tell me it's ok. Also post comfy pics it helps me cheer myself up
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post the whole sticky u faggot
Anon's Additional Installment of Comfy General.
>/Comfy Thead Theme/
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CbpnNNMGgA [Embed]
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJKOqM2bDuc [Embed]

Post Comfy Media/Pictures/Links
Tell me what you're doing/drinking/eating/reading

COMFY GENERAL WHO THE FUCK IS UP GET COZY GET COMFY FUCKERS. Minimal politicking, racebaiting, and boipussi please. We try to encourage everybody to have good feels even if they're feeling bad.

comfy is a forlorn feeling of wanting to exist in the moments of absolute bliss you find from experience or in pictures you like. comfy is subjective but there's a few trends you can whittle it down to.
>urban japan
>warm colors
>tight spaces
>rural japan
>eastern Europe sometimes, (mostly russia and the like)
>pink skylines
>VHS filters over just about anything.
you have the right idea. compositon is very important when it comes to creating an aesthetic picture (obviously)

Hey I have nothing to contribute but I was wondering where comfy aesthetic images like these originated from? Where they once an r9k meme? I follow countless Facebook pages that upload images like these along with anime trash but I'm not sure why I like them so much. Is this a millenial feel?
Please respond bump bump

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>call blacks thieves and criminals
>pirates software and media
Fucking hypocrites
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im an anti consumerist tho
Not an excuse, Winston. You're not better than Jamal stealing something.
>don't mind me, just pirating this wallet

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i need a fembot to be my mommy gf, pls respond im not meming
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Wrong board new fag
But I don't get that picture she was always light weight in sm4sh

pic refers to her place as a heavy in mario kart
That's where you are wrong.

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>that kid that is 1 year older then you (23) and already has a child and is geting married soon
and im playing WoW
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His life is now over, your book still hasn't been written.
That kid that is one year younger and has a child

>27 years old and still coming to /r9k/

five years a NEET will do this to you lads don't repeat my mistakes

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WTF kind of ads are these?
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Targeted adds.
I'm no doctor, but I don't think that's how the human body works.
i dunno, pretty sure it depends on your history. how about you reveal your secret searches and tell us why you have an ad of a horse penetrating all the way to a girl's respiratory system

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gollum you suck.png
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Why would you use a trip when you are the worst poster on this board?

pic related, it's you gollum you are the worst poster
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>2nd day in using a trip
>Someone has already made a thread about me
Shut up worst poster
i'm thinking you need to post "gollum" in spoilers at the end of every post
it will be your calling card and is a decent hedge against the originality nazi for any post

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