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haven't took a shit in 5 days. what is happening?
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Coffee helps. If it doesn't then more coffee will do the trick. Poo poo pee pee
See a docter
i'm drinking coffee, beer and smoking cigs, but i feel no sensation to shit? why am i not Poo poo pee pee??

ITT: Recent purchases
>Hard mode: Over $100
>Dante Must Die mode: Over $1000
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This is going to be a fail thread.
what the fugg is that?
Megan Racing strut bar

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Why do girls dress like this?
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Self-awareness, boys do it too, if you have something to show, you do it.
All women are whores and want attention.
There's a boy dressed like her literally in the same photo.

The answer for both genders: attention and sex.

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school of life.jpg
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do these guys give some geniune good advice or are they just a beta factory?
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They used to make good videos. Now they make clickbait for teenage girls to share on facebook
They're pretty beta and usually give out advice that is either obvious or retarded. Its a channel for insecure 15 year olds basically.
Their animations are nice though

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mmm yummy orange
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please delete this i'm allergic
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please get the off the fucking orange
are you allergic to cherries?


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The true heroes of /r9k/. Those who are actually behind enemy lines, dealing with REAL LIFE situations.

>having to constantly act and pretend you're happy with the same rehearsed responses
>unavoidable responsibility you have to struggle through
>social situations you simply can't comprehend but somehow survive
>the expectation of 'doing alright' when you're so far from it it's almost laughable

I know I'm not the only one. Who /failed normality/ here?
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yea life is so hard for you normies
wow are you okay man??
sage this thread pls.fake normies are the most disgusting thing ever.just get cancer and die in a ditch somewhere.
I tried thinking of something extremely trivial to post it ironically as if it was a tragedy but I can't think of anything more trivial than your problems.

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qt pixie2.jpg
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>"uhh anon this party is LIT, but Sammi and I can hardly manage to stand up we're so drunk!! you wanna just go back to my place and chill out and watch a movie?"
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kick the faggot in the face leaving him unconcious on the ground and carry m'lady in my arms to get some fuccccccccccccccccc
Sounds like a trap.

Youre gonna be robbed, raped, and have your car and kidney stolen.
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Uhhh no that's alright I think I'm gonna go home now. It's been nice talking to you

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Ever had a life crisis?
Was it bad?
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My whole life was like this art quality
Yes. It started with my birth. It's still ongoing and it's getting worse no matter what I do.
What a fucking stupid image. Am i supposed to be aroused by an asshole with a 4" diameter?

What is r9k's opinion on antinatalism?
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i want kids
but i also want a woman to pamper me with cuddles and head pats
both are impossible goals
your point being
I want children but I recognize that creating life is evil
I suppose my beliefs could be catagorized as antinatalist, in a way. Trivial things such as sexual intercourse or having a child means little to me. Unlike most people on this board I do not desire either.

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Is there something as good as benzos, but less addictive and/or maybe with better withdrawals

I just want to feel like in heaven all the time
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There's nothing which will put you on clouds without addiction potential. You can alt between opiates / benzos, but legal opiates are hard to find (ODSMT) or hard to prepare without risk of OD (Poppy Tea).

Psychedelic analogues (1P, 4-ACO-DMT) can make you the happiest you've ever felt, but they lose efficacy in heavy use. They're best used with 1-2 weeks in between a dose. They're also very stressful on the body. Ketamine analogues can fuck you up for a day if you want that too.

You should really just deal with your IRL problems instead of resorting to heavy drug use though. You're meant to felt neutral most of the days.
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I don't have any problems to deal with
or I just don't care about them
I just want to feel comfy and and you know, goood

Wanted to try poppy tea for a long time, just need to find where to get quality seeds. It sounds really great! And I'm not really into psychedelics. I mean they're good, but not that good
Good ol' marijuana.

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I feel my brain physically shrinking. Hours spent staring at a screen causing me to feel a pulsating pain in my skull. Words I could spell with ease in the past require me to go back and respell, just to make sure I got it right. I need to reread sentences twice to be able to fully grasp them. Anyone else deteriorating here?
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if you are reading this you are doing it wrong
go outside and stare in the sun
>Hours spent staring at a screen causing me to feel a pulsating pain in my skull
That's called a headache. Try taking breaks from screen time once in a while.
I know that feel, bro.
My brain has atrophied throughout the years. A combination of being a NEET for 10 years, never learning anything, not reading and not many social interactions. Then also from severe malnourishment and heavy self-induced stress.
It makes me sad,

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All I see are fembot threads on page 1 anymore.

I don't know if you faggots are baited that easily or thirsty as hell, but as a reminder:

Fembot is an oxymoron. Women cannot be or ever understand what it's like to be a robot. He'll, all of these threads have women complaining about not getting enough attention, or the kind of attention they want.

Robots, are you merely picking and choosing like they are? No, you get zero attention and no white knights to orbit you up about it.

No. More. Fembots, aka dumpstercunts.
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Men can't be robots. If a fembot likes a man but he doesn't want her, she can do nothing. If a man is rejected, he can just rape her. Unless you're too physically weak to rape a woman, you cannot be a true robot.
Not true my cousin is a super chad green eyes blond.
his gf is a fat white latina who told him if he didn't date her she would kill herself.
She is pregnant now guess she tied him.
women are scary he is a 8/10 she is a 3/10
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>le retarded rape argument

Fuck off back to your hippie dyke emotional support group.

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please post originally in this thread
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I would never consider doing such a thing.
I hate how you ask please, you seem desperate with that duck
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Hmmm, what to post? Like I don't even know.

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im leaving.png
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>tfw feeling slutty and subby but can't find anyone to dom me

i really really wanna be hurt and used...
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>tfw just want to beat and kick someone to near death and then rape them but can't find any willing
File: sweating-pepe.jpg (8KB, 218x218px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i really really wanna be hurt
My streak of avoiding sadist porn is going really well and I don't fucking need this
You also forgot the part where, despite your best efforts, you remain a gross unfeminine male.

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>tfw nobody likes disabled girls
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fuck off m8 people from 4chan litteraly made a vn about them
Please don't say that darling, I am sure there are many people that would love you if you just opened up a little, yes your phsyical form may be less attractive then the average girl but you must show your value by your personality.
Please don't taint your beautifull light like this but cherish it and shine brighter then the sun with your warm embrace.

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