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How is your easter long weekend going, guys?

Who here has the least hope their life will get better?
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i literally cannot do this any longer

i feel terrible
I feel like this every monday morning. It continues until the weekend at which point I get by with a pleasant booze induced euphoria.

Then Monday rolls around and I wish I were dead again.

I'm only 32, how am I supposed to keep doing this shit for another 30 - 40 years?

I seriously won't make it.
A little hope right now, but
>weekend on r9k
is probably going to squeeze that foolishness right out of me.
Which is probably better.

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I have finally come to a conclusion that /b is the reason why there is so much cancer and autism on all of 4chan today. /b is like the shitty poster boy for 4chan, and also acts like the main gate in a border. I am constantly seeing usernames or gamertags with names including kek, /b, anon, chan, 4chan. And one can never be too sure but those cancerous tumors of society most likely emerge from this shitty board, so I am proposing to Moot to have this cesspool of shit to be closed down so that 4chan can be purified of most of its autism and porn threads. Help spread the word
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Wrong, that would be /pol/.
Before that it was /r9k/ then before that it was /b/.
I haven't seen/heard anyone mention /b/ outside of 4chan in a really long time.
Ok that was before this is now.

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>tfw even get social anxiety shopping online
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What? How? Explain pls.
What were you shopping for that made you nervous?
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not OP but
>about to order something
>get nervous
>don't order it

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I've accepted I'm not as attractive as I thought I was.
I've accepted I'm not as smart as I thought I was.
I've accepted that people secretly don't like me.
How many more personal redpills can I take?
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That's not taking the red pill, it's called humbling yourself and wrestling with your ego.
don't be a faggot, op. nobody cares about your opinion so why should you care about other's?
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Exactly this. Nothing to be sad about.

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>tfw a qt said the only thing that prevented her from pursing a relationship with you was you being obese
Time to get /fit/ now...
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When you are /fit/, she will make up a new excuse. She is just trying to spare your feelings.
i dont think thats the case. if she wanted to spare my feelings she wouldnt used that.
She thought i was cute, not sure if thats a good thing or not. I think it is.
pic of me.
Get /fit/
You look good to me already.

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I'm seeing many black people and whiteboi threads right now. Has this board always been like this? Race-baiting and stuff. The whole black people obsession is a bit odd. I'm a newfag :)
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yes, since 2015 when the retarded cuckold meme got popular.
thank moot for being a cuck
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Oh so that's why. What a shame, i love the idea of this board.

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>be me
>take maiden out for dinner at a nice place with my hard earned money
>she puts her elbows on the table
>feel bad
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>just want to live a comfy hikkiNEET life as the only male student at a girls school
>"Anon why are you so silent"
>"You need to be more social Anon"

>running antivirus on a virtual machine you have just for playing vns

Chiho does seem pretty rude though. Also, she is qt.
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>see childhood friend for first time in years
>calls me a traitor and slaps me

What the fuck?

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Middle Eastern robot bread, havent had this one in a while

Come talk, non MENA robots welcome as well
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>tfw no white gf

Origin post
Yo dude. Mena here as well. Wouldn't mind any kind of ethnicity girl, as long as she's cute, smart and kind.

Yeah true, its not like robots can be picky

Where from MENA are you?

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Lads, I am completely fucked and need help

I don't want to get into the reasons why in detail but recently I have become very interested in 'crisis response' ie how I would respond to various personal and large scale crisees.

GENERALLY this has meant learning to light fires, food storage and prep skills etc. But yesterday I decided to deal with a personal issue and wanted to experiment with how I would cope with someone finding out I mastuabetd to something shameful

So to experiment I photoshopped an image of myself masturbarting to my 19 year old sister. I did this for immersion so I could imagine my family seeing the image and plan my response

The issue is that they actually fucking have.I left it open on my computer and my dad saw. Now my family won't talk to me and are downstairs openly discussing how they will deal with me, the idea so far seems to be kicking me out

How the fuck do I explain this?
I don't find her attractive and haven't masturbated to her, it was just a test.
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>This is too good
They'll never believe the truth, that's a fact. But you got what you wanted, so might as well advance.
So you:
A: Planned your experiment
And are now:
B: Executing your experiment
So what comes now is:
C: Document

How are you coping, Anon?
I can't believe this thread is empty.
Pray for guidance and invite the lord into your soul. Reject the devil you've been nurturing inside you all these years that led to this happening

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that was a....

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>no replies

And it's calle not calle
>calle not calle
but those are the same
No it's not you retard

The second l cancels the silent e so its calle

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Would a gun shot wound to the head kill you even if the ambulance was there in like one minute? Or would you probably live but be retarded?
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>live but be retarded

you alredy are
if you mean that gun in particular, it wouldn't matter how long an ambulance could get there

your brain would explode, you wouldn't exist anymore. Ambulance can't do shit

I think there are some small caliber bullet wounds to the head that people can survive
Depends on the gun, where in the head, the caliber and so on and so forth.

This question is much better on /k/.

How do I achieve pic related? Are there any places in the world with aesthetics similar to this?
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More examples of what I'm looking for. Also please share any other nice photos.
What's missing in your life?
What makes you want to search for this idea of "beauty"?
Oridanello nbelimi

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Piracy is a victimless crime.

You're not stealing a product from a company.

"But it's like sneaking into a theme park without paying for tickets!"

You're not depriving someone else from enjoy a product. Most musicians are cool with people sneaking into their concerts and even give these people free VIP access (they are flattered that someone loves their music so much that they are willing to trespass to attend a showing).

video of a guy sneaking into a Mumford And Sons concert. The band finds out and decides to let the guy into their tour bus.
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I really hate that thing anzu does with the tip of her nose
if they are musicians like metallica and dr dre that regularly encourage people to rebel, and then call foul when someone has a bootleg then fuck them

thats a stupid youtube video too
Buying used CDs is just as bad as piracy. not only that, but you're getting music in poorer quality because the CD has already been ripped before and also because it's .mp3.

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Feels good to be part of the ENTP masterrace
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No INTP no masterrace
ENTP? Is that some kind of cryptographic respelling of the word douche?
anyone with a personality trait starting with "E" needs to kill themselves

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ITT: who was a villain from a story/series/book/manga that stuck with you anons and why?
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Is that...griffith pepe? Thats a first
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Akuma... why I do not know
You said it, it was griffith.

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