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Kek are there really people who are into this shit?

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Yes, it's called every man who has ever paid for a drink, dinner, a taxi, a hotel, a plane flight, an engagement ring, a marriage, a divorce or child support.
the world is very sick,
it's ridiculous. it's quite present in fetish communities now which is disappointing because monetization makes everything insincere.

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I love this guy. Dedicated and professional.
Haters gonna hate.
little kids like to watch fat people make annoying noises
>those channels of nigger college students who upload videos of themselves watching pick up basketball games acting like they're watching Finals games
this guy had almost 2 million views on a LaMelo Ball exhibition game commentary video.

basically that's just 1 and a half million nigs watching his videos, he's not actually good, he just captured the black demographic, kinda like Mcdonalds.

that's all Youtube is, it's fucking sickening that they get paid for that.

ITT: Give advice or suggest ways on escaping poverty.

Download the Wall Street Journal App (its free). You will receive alerts whenever important financial news breaks. Their website is a great resource as well.

Subscribe to http://www.investopedia.com/ My Investopedia emails. Learn the basics about investing and receive emails about the latest news in finance.
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You could enter the family business of prostitution OP.
There is a website called swagbucks where you can generate small increments of money (about 3-4 dollars a day) by letting an automatically generated video play in the background. If you want instructions on how to go about this I'll give you instructions. Just ask. I just started doing this a week ago and already got a 25 dollar gift card for Wal-Mart (you can also receive payments to your Paypal, Amazon, etc. if that's what you prefer). Please keep negative comments out of my thread. Thanks /r9k/.

> $3-4 dollars a day

Now your lying.
If you do tons of searching, surveys and other stuff you'll net a maximum of $1 a day.

I used to do it years ago when the rewards were much better, they've long since dried up.

Also, this belongs in biz you twat.

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What hobbies or entertainment hasn't been poisoned by normies yet?
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Paranormal research
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dong and rabbit.jpg
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Excessive masturbation.
Of course this isn't original

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>tfw live in Southern America
>tfw have gigantic fetish for upper class British girl talking down to me
>tfw I can never hear it in person

Why fucking live?
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Is this the real purpose of the actual migration waves ?
What do you mean?

Origiannananananalalala. Original.
sorry, I read Southern African

Where would r9k travel to? And why?
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Argentina or Scandinavia. I like change of scenery.
Japan. Provided that I could sustain myself without having to get a job from a Japanese employer, it would be pretty comfy.

Failing that, I would like to visit Estonia or Finland.
Japan, because comfy

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I just got a blowjob from a machine that sucks dick.
>Pic related
It was the most amazing 2 minutes of my life. Especially when it kept sucking while I was cumming. I didnt know a sensation so immaculate existed in this world.

Roasties, The future is now. Your free ride is over. The way I see it, you have 2 options:

1) Submit to the fact that all you are, all you ever have been, and all you ever will be are cumdumsters for us men to use as we see fit.


2) Become Obsolete

Whats it gonna be roastie? Whats it gonna be?
Stay Toastie Roastie. The end is nye.
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Until that blowjob machine can cuddle with you, clean your house and make you a sandwich women will still be mildly useful.
>the end is nye
You mean nigh. But nice plastic companion, anon.
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Tell me more about this machine. It's usb powered?

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S. White 02.jpg
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I now have been to my psychologist about 12 times more or less in the last 2 monts+. I think this shit won't give me anything.
For the last 11 times, it looked pretty much like this: She would ask me questions, about my past, about what I feel, my problems, and it kinda looked like she wanted my to talk about it thinking this alone will help me.
Sometimes she would draw conclusions, but in my mind I was always like "nooo really? I would have never guessed /sarcasm".
So yesterday I asked her, where are we going with all of this... she asked me what I want in the end, well I said to get better at least a little bit to have just any slight of energy to live and get off my ass.
So she started to push the "don't look at the bad sides of your life, look at the positives" type of shit.
I kept telling her that it's too hard for me, because there was waaaaay more bad shit in my life than the good stuff (no joking, it's about 95 bad : 5 good), but still her mindset was "well, but at least there was something good".
So what the hell is it? Is this the best psychologists can do? If so, then I don't need her, I can tell myself how shitty my life was and talk about it alone, I have drawn the same conclusions myself, the "look at the bright side of life" BS doesn't work for me...
I tried taking antidepressants (2 types of them) and they only made me feel worse, and I am ATM too weak physically to take the side effects, that may or may not disappear, and the drug may or may not help me.
I think psychologists only work for people with slight problems, when the depressions kicks in, when there is still hope, when their lifes were not as miserable as my was.

What do?

tl;dr - My psychologists doesn't help me at all, she only wants me to speak about my problem, makes conclusions that I already made and pushes "look at the good side of life" while most of my life (95%) was shit and it doesn't work. Are psychologists just a meme?
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tl;dr but yes they are dumbasses. just look at the people studying to be psychologists in college, it's all the dumb roasties
Talk to me instead. I'm probably way cheaper than that bimbo.
OP. Lol can't disagree. I dated a woman that happened to be studying psychology yesterday as well. She is a roastie.
Drinks, parties, all this roastie stuff. When she approached me she was talking on her phone for 10 more minutes.
2 minutes later she started talking to some random friend-guy she saw then and it felt so long that I was like "fuck it" and went home.

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>fall for trap meme
>homo lust gets uncontrollable
>even download grindr
>fully prepared to suck dick and take it up the ass
>suddenly meet trap online
>he's also khv
>we live very close
>talk every day
>watch anime and play vidya together constantly
>suddenly happy and have fulfilling relationship
>after a while he wants to meet up
>gets more and more persistent
>homo lust completely gone
>afraid of being gay all of a sudden
>still like him and want to be his bf
>don't want to ruin relationship
What's wrong with me /r9k/? Should I just fuck him and see where it goes?
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If it makes you happy,go for it. No one can judge what they can't see
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You already crossed the point of no return.
Just keep going and everything will be fine.

BTW do you really mind if he is a boy? You love someone's personality, not genitals.
But I don't know what makes me happy anon, I'm a useless kvh who's never had a meaningful relationship. This is the first thing that's felt like a real relationship to me and I'm afraid I've just been lying to myself sexually. Also there's the fact I'm afraid of my family disowning me (I'm from the deep south gays are 100% unwelcome here) and that I want to someday have a family of my own, I guess I could find a donor or adopt but I'm afraid I would hate myself for it eventually.

>stick your dick into glory hole
>someone shoves one of these through your dick

What do?
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That'll teach you not to be a desperate abnormal person next time.
Probably collapse in agony.
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no nigga.png
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now why would i do a thing like that? i'm gay but atleast i keep my shit to myself

Any other fembots here who only have a decent life because of their gender?
>Be me
>Deal with clinical depression
>Socially retarded, never went to parties
>Scare almost everyone away because of mental issues
>Father wants to kick me out of home since I had been a NEET for too long
>Start dating online
>A 47 year old guy really close starts messeging me
>Suprisingly he actually looks decent
>After chatting for a while he asks if I want to have dinner with him
Fast forward about 1.5 years
>22 birthday
>Pregnant with his child
>Live with him as his housewife
>Spend almost all my time on 4chan while he is at work
>He has no other children
>It's going to be named after him
>I am the sole heir of his house and savings
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Well, no, because my mother is such a hardcore femnazi shit that the thought of marrying a guy and living off his work makes my skin crawl.
But good on you.
Good, you shouldn't be a leech if possible.
you're not a "fembot" you stupid fucking bitch. holy shit you cunts are so fucking brain dead, aren't you? GO FUCK YOURSELF.

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>mom died 2 months ago
>I dropped out of uni due unrelated reasons and moved back to live with dad
>dad died today
>no friends, no job, no money, nowhere to go
Is this it, lads?
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Take mushrooms in the woods and hope a tribe of indians takes you in
sadly I don't do drugs or alcohol
I like to believe I'm waiting for my parents to die so I can finally kill myself. But I know that's just a shitty excuse I give myself because I'm too much of a pussy to kill myself.

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> 2009, the smell of Obama was still fresh
> Have extra cash
> Be robot, 20 years old
> no sexy time for me #loser
> find out about online whores
> goto craigslist
> $100 for sexy time?
> get to whores house
> shes all like "give me money and get naked."
> "ok"
> pay her $120, tip her cause I'm nice
> get naked
> "eww anon, your dick smells you gotta leave"
> leave
> cry on my way home smoking cigs

...and that was my first sexual experience.
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Did you get your money back at least?
NO but I stopped at McDonalds and got a fudge sundae on the way back, it cheered me up.

Vivid memories. I should learn to shower.
>learn to shower
Explain yourself

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>women and minorities: "we want a safe space"
>me, a white man: "ok I would also like a safe space"

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If you want a safe space, make one. Just remember to not base it on hating others.
>If you want a safe space, make one.
we're in it
Lol no you aren't. This board is open to everyone.

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In her movie trainwreck one of the lines repeated over and over in advertised trailers was "monogamy is unrealistic". Are there any other reasons to legitimately hate the gem
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Literally within first 15 seconds
Unoriginal shameless bump like her career
This woman is completely funded by kikes, isn't she?

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