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who else gets obsesses with something for a few months then completely loses all interest
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fuck I spelled obsessed wrong and I can't delete this
No one, kys faggot.
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Felt that way about Nerf guns for a while. Bought a Zombie Strike Hammershot, fired it a couple times, then threw it into the attic never to touch again.

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If you were given the opportunity to have a sex change, would you do it? Not only would you get a vagina, but you would also look and talk like a girl.
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I would be retarded not to
No. I just wish I was born as a fucking girl.
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depends. is it an actual vagina or just a gross cold meat hole

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>talking to girl
>making jokes and going good
>go to the park because ive been sitting around all day
>after 10 minutes realize im thirsty as fuck with no water and and sweating from playing basketball
>i tell her this sucks im at the park with no water and thirsty af
>she says oh? and then stops texting me back after just saying "yeah" and "oh" for a few messages

okay i know im fucking autistic and women are retarded but wtf is this? how is saying im thirsty creepy? women are creeped out by bodily functions now?
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thirsty means you wanna fuck
Thirsty means you're in need of hydration

Stupid normies
well i literally said "i'm at the park and didn't bring water"

>quit job due to horrible work conditions
>am now technically a neet living with my dad
>3 days in and i'm virtually dead inside
>slept in till noon
>played STALKER for two hours
>havent worked on my car or mown the lawn like im supposed to
what is this fucking hell
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Get out while you still can
t. NEET of 4 years
i plan on it, i'm not on gubbamunt gibs (politically opposed to such) and if I cant find a job I like i'll be getting a warehouse or dishwasher job to make ends meet (aka fund my /k/ hobbies)
You sound like a top wagecuck anon!

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Do you feel sorry for this generation of teens, who spent their childhood in 2007 or later?
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I'm 18 and remember everything on the left
WOW, I am really getting too old for this site.
Almost everything on that list is utter shit
>That's so raven
>Drake and Josh
>Ned's Guide

Wtf is wrong with you?
The only good things that are crossed out are
3 eds, Grim adventures, and possibly the teen titans. Toonami became obsolete once you could by anime vids subbed or torrent them straight from the source the day after they air.
ahhhh, the best show on that list is RECESS! i remember i was like 11 or 12 watching that show. i remember my anxiety and pain and suffering associated with school, and it accurately portrays a lot of issues kids dealt with

most of the other shows were fake and bullshit and i didnt like them. EVERY single show on the right is fucking garbage and i pity children these days for not knowing good cartoons, such as dexters lab, pinky and the brain, animaniacs, etc

king of the hill is more of an adult philosophical show than anything really

holy shit are the new generation shows stars such massive FAGGOTS. christ

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Today at work I felt insanely down, I can't even describe it. Eventually I thought about suicide again, just being gone and it felt awfully comfortable, sedating even, I felt a lot better after I imagined just being gone from this existence, it helped me through the day, even put a smile on my face and erased the bad feelings inside me.

Is there even a word for it?
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suicidal ideation

it's when one idealises suicide as a means of escape, giving one a temporary release/distraction from their current feels
>co-worker jovially asks me "what's up?"
>just put a finger gun into my temple and make a bang noise
>"That's what's up"
>customers smile nervously
I bet your "work" is sitting somewhere. Probably on a PC. Go work manual labor and see if you can be sad.

if you've ever had a gf, kissed a girl, held a girl's hand, or are a female or are mtf you must leave this board immediately and return to reddit. thanks!
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Never been to reddit faggot.
i dont care! you have to leave!
>"im a stinky normie poo face!! i ruin every piece of culture that i dont identify with just because its trendy!!! i ruined the only place outcasts have to themselves because republic of kekistan posted /r9k/ screencaps and i think everyone here is being ironic lamo xD!!!!!'

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/UNI/ general

>When do you start back if you haven't already?
>How are you feeling about the year ahead?
>First year anxieties welcome

I'm heading into my second year in September. I guess it depends on the course, but did anyone else notice anything different going into their second year? They let more people in last year than normal, so I'm hoping a good number of stragglers have been kicked out.
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Going back in september for my masters degree. (Plymouth University, UK)

I'll be living in a tiny studio apartment with no human interaction. Pretty much exactly what my time in halls was like after my flatmates turned on me.
Second year of second degree starts in a couple of weeks

My schedule is piss easy so I'll probably have a lot more free time than I had last year. The problem is I have no drive to pick up a hobby or anything during my downtime
Going next year to University of Queensland.
Hopefully bachelor of advanced science major in biomedical science.

How much is a woman like this worth in dollars?
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It's a human being shithead, her value can't be translated into money asshole
Most you could get is like $40k if you sell her to a trafficker. Maybe $50k if they have the hookup to rich Jews or Saudis
Maybe he means per hour. So I would guess $10 per hour.. unless if her cakes are awesome.

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Okay so normies say if you want a girlfriend you have to "ask them out", so I did just that about a year ago and got predictably rejected.

However it was a classmate, and university is the only environment right now where I even meet new people, so if I wanted to make another attempt it would have to be the same environment. This guarantees that I have a very limited number of attempts, as if I go overboard I would soon become a social pariah (essentially, "that guy").

Rebuttals to common counter arguments:
>lol bro just go to night clubs
Night clubs are for going with friends and fucking around with your friends while every other isolated group of friends does the same, and meeting someone new is rare and difficult.
To make it effective I would have to waste tons of money and time on it that I simply don't have.

>lol bro just go out
This is memeadvice that doesn't mean anything.

>lol bro just lift
I lift, but it takes time to achieve an aesthetic physique to the point where it becomes an asset. Taking my grade as a consideration, which is obviously a priority over fitness, it would take at least two years from where I'm at now. I would prefer not having to postpone contact with the opposite sex until I look like a bodybuilder.
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Just wait until you aren't in school, then have fun trying to "just meet people".
>Chimps with no social status in the hierarchy never get attention of the females

In a close environment with little space for grow like the college, your reputation as a person counts heavily.
I commit the mistake of constructed a very damaged reputation. The only girls which I have some chance are Tinder whores with no friends in common now.

I am fucked in this place
Asking random girls out in any setting is a meme to begin with.

Most people meet girlfriends through existing friends or social circles.

Socialization can be very exponential. If you make a friend and that friend has two friends, you have the potential to have three friends total, and if those new friends each have a couple friends, you have the potential to have seven friends, etc.

Obviously this only works if you befriend someone who knows other people, and you might not get along with everybody your friends are friends with, but the potential is there.

This is all very difficult if you're shy, awkward, have unusual interests, etc. which might be why you're here. The hardest part is getting started if you get to a point of having zero friends, because even to just make another friend you have to meet people somehow without having an "in" of any kind. Still, I think it's easier to do this with friendship in mind than it is to just ask random girls on dates.

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>Got 2 girls numbers last night
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OP means he watched them enter their PIN in the ATM
How that makes you feel, my African American friend?
How you got OP?
Tinder or personally?

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>be me, emotional trainwreck trap
>get up out of bed and look around at super fancy room that all my beta orbiters paid for me
>jerk my smol benis and make squirmy hentai moans nyaaa xdxdxdx
>eat cummies and imagine its chad's warm seed
>walk into kitchen and open medicine cabinet
>swallow entire bottle of estrogen pills
>scream at mom audibly crying in the bedroom
>walk back into bedroom and shove dragon dildo up my tight boipucci
>go on /r9k/ and post trap thread
>suddenly feel bowels needing to evacuate
>pull out dragon dildo
>stream of hot, steamy, messy trap discharge spurts all over floor like a fountain
>can't stop ovulating
>collapse onto the puddle of discharge
>begin fingering boipucci and jerking benis
>shake and squirm like a cute trap and roll around in my mess
>shove handfuls of hot brown discharge into my mouth and swallow like a good boi
>shove dragon dildo back in sputtering boipucci
>N-n-n-now time to go get more orbiters
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>all that shit
Holy fuck, kill yourself you fucking loser

t-t-thats not nice senpai!
Gross. Trans people are gross af

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Frogs and Feels Irish Bar!
Drink those feelz away!
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What is up my niggers
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good morning let's pick up the bottle and stuff like that. fuck, my pizza is cold and where am I anyway?

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Let's say that 4chan somehow had some magical method of auto-banning anyone who tried to make a shitpost, trolling post, spurious question, or mean spirited post.

What would 4chan look like, then?
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4chan would look a lot like reddit.
a lot of boards would become slower and more boring and random boards like this one would be just a bunch of pseudo intellectual circle jerking, family friendly memes and political (((discussion))). It would be a new breed of cancer like quora, 9gag, etc.
>using cancer as an adjective
neck yourself underage

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>work as cashier
>day goes by fine, not too busy
>every transaction goes through smoothly
>100% confident I evened out
>at the end of my shift, supervisor comes over checks me out
>turns out I somehow I'm missing a ten dollar bill
>tells me not to worry but now they're going to review the security cam footage of me to see or as he put it an "investigation" so see if I simply gave an extra ten out by accident
>"Have a great day anon"
Now I'm anxiously anticipating a call from HR or a manager, I don't like this at all, they're probably going to accuse me of stealing it or some shit, am I completely fucked or am I overthinking shit?
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Did you steal it? If not, then you've got nothing to worry about
I most likely gave out a ten for change but must have had another one stuck under it when I pulled it out
if you didnt jack it,you're good dummy

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