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>I clicked a woman hate thread again

Holy shit how does reading those threads not make you want to suicide? please stop posting them.
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fuck off thanks
>top left of a post. the box with a minus sign
4chan is now tolerable
They keep me grounded when I start feeling lonely.

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>be average robot
>able to hide powerlevel
>everytime I meet someone I become really sociable
>all lies obviously
>almost everybody said Im a great guy
>after 3 days of being almost normie I become a total asshole in the fourth day
>not like annoying deppresive edgelord or autistic meme master
>literally start to become a jerk with my friends or potential girlfriend to a point they have to stay away from me
>normie bullying tier apparently
>sad and alone again
>new person appear and good guy mode start again
>repeat the cycle
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>average robot
>can socialize

Fuck off normie scum
Yeah, it sounds like your just an asshole not a robot. No one talks to robots and if they do robots either sperg out or hide their power level by staying mysterious and aloof. Maybe try not being a dick?
I am a failed normie and I act the same way. I think you and I are narcissistic and we can't stand normies around us or keeping up the guise of a normie for long. It disgusts us.

Yet we keep repeating the process because we can't live without socializing with others.

Maybe we just do it to see if we can. As a sort of crutch for our subconsciousness. We reason to ourselves that our way of living is justified because "We COULD be normal if we really tried," but once the chase is over, the act disgusts us. I don't really see the solution, as you and I probably would hate being near each other once we got past the facade.

Forever alone.

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Fembots, tell us about your first crush in great detail.
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From way back? The earliest I can remember was maybe kindergarten or first grade, some boy I don't know why I liked, I probably just can't remember
Nothing ever came of it, I remember his name was Johnathan though
stop making threads about "fembots" you thirsty fucking loser

tfw you were never any fembots crush

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Damn lads. feeling too tired to do anything today.
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>had wavy THICC hair during my teenage years
>now at 25 it's so thin i actually think that i'm going bald

i-i don't have a nice skull shape for the bald look, also i have dumbo ears.
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>25 years old
>feel like I'm way, way older than that
Just joined the club. What do I get?
>trying not to cry as your loving family sings, oblivious to how sad you are inside

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An all-female elite cadre of bodyguards officially known as "The Revolutionary Nuns" was tasked with protecting the late, former leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi.
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Candidates underwent extensive firearms and martial arts training at a special academy, were required to take an oath of chastity, and had to have been hand-picked by Gaddafi himself. Members of this bodyguard were allowed privileges such as dressing in Western-style fatigues and wearing makeup, or displaying Western hair styles and high heels.
So what you're saying is, women suck as bodyguards? That's what I'm getting from your post.
Maybe but I bet it was awesome while it lasted.

what kind of alcohol do you robots drink?
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Mike's Harder strawberry lemonade, or just straight vodka.
Colt 45 because I hate myself
i switch around cause i get bored but lately:

vodka + apple juice, vodka in coffee, whiskey, rum and ginger beer
whatevers strong cheap, alright tasting and isnt too bad on the heartburn

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To males, do you guys like it when girls cook stuff for you? reeee all I want is a bf to bake and cook for I have so many things I want to make but no one to give them to with the love in my heart reeeeeee please let me be your gf who will fatten you up
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I'd like it if a gril cooked for me

I eat too much fast food because I'm too lazy/tired from work to bother cooking.
Roleplaying isn't healthy.
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Bill cosbonaught.jpg
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The fuck outta here roastie, we all know you're gonna end up with some Chad. Stop pretending to be a good person I see through your bullshit,

That is if you're even a woman and not a LARPing faggot.

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its fine.jpg
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>tfw mom chooses her chad bf over you
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>tfw mom chooses sister's bf over you
what do you mean by this?
like she went out with him, or she kicked you out because he suggested it?
that was almost my entire childhood lol

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>father stumbled upon the stress anhilation folder again
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>pupil regretted the pubic regressor
>niece found the ejaculation decontamination station
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idolatry figure discovered the cum basilisk

File: mohamed-noor.jpg (260KB, 1189x2000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Mohamed "White Ho Down" Noor
Mohamed "See a becky spray the teky" Noor
Mohamed "John Wayne Gacey on a Stacy" Noor
Mohamed "Put a dundee six feet undee" Noor
Mohamed "Somali Stingray" Noor
Mohamed "Skinnies on the roof, becky in the ground" Noor

Is he dare i say.....our guy?
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Who is this man? Can I get a brief breakdown
I really hope they don't fire this guy
He did nothing wrong
>White woman calls cops because she hears people having sex and she thinks the sex might be rape
>cops answer the call
>for some unknown reason, this cop shoots and kills the woman
>calmy radios back to HQ that he shot her
>the end

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I'm no longer a khv. Held hands with a qt 3.14 during one of the freshman orientation games where your group stands in a circle and holds hands with someone across and you have to get free without letting go. She kept reclasping her hand into mind when it started getting loose, it was incredible.
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Congratulations, you held hands with a girl. But you're still kissless and a virgin, so enjoy being a robot for the time being.
So this means you're not a virgin now? Setting that bar pretty low, man.
>tfw chicks always gravitate away from me when these games happen
>end up in a clump of gross weirdos
>end up having to give a lanklet a piggyback ride while Chad gets Stacy


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Post your rooms guys
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I would like one timestamp please
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Boasting agin :DDDDD
File: 638.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it was messier until I filled up several bins due to an about-to-get-kicked-out scare

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why are men expected to lower their standards but women are not
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Because women act like genetic selectors, is not that hard. They are are designed to always wanting the best genetic material for their eggs.
Because of feminazis anon
Because society is geared toward protecting female ego. That's why a fat bitch is told she shouldn't settle for less than a 10/10 because she's "perfect as she is", but a fat dude is told to get the fuck in shape or take what he can get.

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>shave my asshole with an old rusty razor yesterday
>immediately feel pain and see bumps covering my buttskin
>have trouble sitting all day today
>underwear feels damp
>feel like my ass is going to be covered in blood but don't want to check
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wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and then some peroxide
prepare for the sting
File: 1462857964940.jpg (73KB, 500x335px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wipe it with rubbing alcohol
Its probably sweat. I think crotch hair is meant to absorb the excess sweat and stop your skin rubbing together so much.

When you shave it off it gets really damp and easily irritated. Put some baby powder down there.

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How many of you robots live alone? How has it impacted your life?
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me, ive always lived alone. its better. i grow pot so i dont have to worry about a fucking normie telling their friends. masturabting freely too. if you can afford it why not. other people are disgusting
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sad pepe.jpg
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> Be mid-20s.
> Always lived with parents, never left.
> Move to my own house a few weeks ago.

I am more lonely, stressed, and depressed then I ever was before.

I'm seriously considering hanging myself in my hot water closet.

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