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>White Manlet
I've been in three romantic relationships and all three of them, cheated on me. I just want love, but all I keep getting is my heart fucking broken. My last relationship was three long years ago, I've just given up on love and life, I'm honesty ready to just end it. but before I do, I want to donate what little money I've earned via Youtube/Ebay, do you guys have any suggestions?
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Try not dating heartless roasties retard. What did you expect from going out with women?
Hang in there, dude.
I know it can be tough.
Just find a girl that you share interests with, and hope for the best.

Love is just a chemical reaction in the brain anyway. It holds no real importance beside the importance you give it. Maybe if love never works out you could become an artist. Give art more importance than love.

If you have no artistic talents, work hard, and you will succeed. Finding the girl for you is just luck. Becoming talented is something you can actually work for.
>What did you expect from going out with women?
Love and compassion, each time it started off prefect and each time it ended the same way, I regret everything

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Remember anon to brush your teeth today!~
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But everything I'll eat will taste bad and I'll have a gross taste in my mouth.
Fuck fluoride.
Nah, I'll floss and use a natural mouthwash though

Have fun scraping off your enamel while consuming flouride to calcify your pineal gland.

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Get off your fatasses and join the army
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you guys are really shilling hard for the upcoming war huh
and be discharged homeless and with PTSD.
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carl the cuck.png
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lmao im not gonna sit in the sand for 4 years and risk my life for 20k a year. i'm actually smart enough to get a decent job. but have fun getting sunburned with sandniggers for the next half century

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>mom likes black guys
Help me please. I'm 28 years old and a NEET.
I'm afraid my Mom is going to kick me out too. We only have two bedrooms in our apartment and she wants the nigger to live here.
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look at the bright side
you may get to prep the bull

kek I hope you do get kicked out, would be funny

You could always go and live innawoods anon, and stop being a big pussy.
>it's another Miles thread

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There was a time where I found my first cousin attractive, I would jerk off only to her pictures instead of porn, and had dreams of dating her. This lasted 3 years.

Anyone else?
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yes, there was a time when I also found your first cousin attractive, and I would also jerk off only to pictures of her instead of porn, and also had dreams of dating her, and it also lasted 3 years, so anon you are not alone
original commento desu
How did you got the pics

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Have you tried showering twice a day, only to still have greasy and nasty skin and bumps and pustules on your back? Well I tried a random antifungal cream in my bathroom and have put it on my back 1-2 times a day for the past three days and the bumps are fucking gone! I put it on my face and it looks better too!

You may have fungal acne if regular acne stuff isn't working.

You're welcome.
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I've never had acne aside from the occasional breakout but you guys just need to eat healthy and wear clean clothes. Also make sure your bed is clean :)
Please shut up. My clothes and bed are clean.
So why do you have acne? I'm just trying to help. Wash your face often

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Do you ever see things that aren't really there? Sometimes I see someone following me but when I ask other people about it they can't see it.
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yeah, I look in the mirror and there's a person there

Seriously though, shouldn't you be at some slam poetry event or something?
Dude I think you might have a stalker.
Close the curtains and don't go outside,
Not once, don't show your face at all.

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>tfw one testicle
>tfw i will never be a real man
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Hitler had only one testicle.
You start with two just incase you lose one.
Just look at it this way:
At least you were prepared.
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>tfw no penis
>tfw never be a real man

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where the fuck is all this transgender/sissy shit coming from?
how can we fix today's white males?
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remember when posting traps was considered trolling? Now it's being fapped to and desired.
How far has this gone.

you're about 30 years too late
It's just a fad. Remember emo's?

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Anons, how do you build up motivation? I really need some right now.

>Moved to Germany in February
>No money for language school so learn online
>Alone here and too much of a meme to go find people to talk to outside
>Slowly come to despise the tedious websites I use to learn German
>Haven't actively learned the language for over a month now

How do I get the motivation to learn this piece of shit language? I want to die.
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>posting nazi stuff while living in germany

enjoy prison
I thought prison in Germany is bretty gud no?
bro im edgy what u gonna do

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The purpose of humanity is to evolve into gods with techno libertarianism but that is only possible if we eliminate parasites.
Parasites are people who just leech of others and contribute nothing for the improvement of mankind.Parasites are my enemies because they slow down the process for humans to become gods.My purpose in life is to make parasites change so that they can become valuable members of society.My prefered plan to change them is by establishing a minarcho georgist goverment that will give them no option other than to work or starve to death.I dont know if i will ever be able to establish that goverment but i will still try other ways to change them.I declare war on all parasites on this board im talking to you neets & betabux collectors.Neets are parasites for obvious reasons and betabux collecting females/traps are also parasites because they are taking advantage of the female sexual market value raised artificially by the banning of prostitution.
Parasites dont only harm mankind they harm themselves because not focusing on improving humanity is a nilisthic way of life that can only give you a depression.You guys are my enemies and i will ruin all of your lives through online bullying and hopefully by establishing a minarcho georgist goverment.So watch betabux collecting traps/roasties, i will ruin your lives!!
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I encourage all you parasites to commit sepuku, you guys are all worthless and dont have life goals, so why live?
You're use of resources to that goal seem like a more wasteful expenditure than people you call parasites. You know if you get a job you'd probably have money to do a realistic goal than that government thing, like moving out of your parents house.
What makes you think i dont have a job?

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what's it like having high IQ?
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pretty dank
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Pretty nice. Frustrating, at times, if you're forced to deal with people. Not worth all that much without hard work, unless you're some +200 IQ freak.
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>le hard work meme
original comment

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>tfw no qt3.14 gf
How do i get one?
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that woman has been fucked mercilessly by chad multiple times and he has spread his seed all over her face and in her pussy. the same goes about your hypothetical qt gf, at the very least she fantasizes about it frequently and will act out her fantasy sometime near in the future, regardless of how much she "loves" you
stop getting hard ons for stacy, dumb boy

worked for me :^))))
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>J U S T
>worked for me :^))))

Fuck off you piece of shit.

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Calling all wagec- career oriented professionals!

Have an interview in a few hours for a "Retail Specialist". NEET life is best life but it doesn't pay the bills.

The place is located close to my house so how do I get this job? Help out a Robot in dire need of some advice.
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I don't know, only two jobs I've had I got because my mom's friend hired me. I can't even imagine how to get through an interview.
idk but I just want a job carrying bags through a forest or something where I don't have to perform or interact in front of people
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Go clean and wear a suit. Don't smell bad. Speak well and confidently. Maintain eye contact when speaking. Have a firm (not too firm) handshake. Show up 15 minutes early for the interview. Be friendly. You are a team player, confident, and you are an adept communicator. You have a keen eye for body language and understanding the moods and feelings of customers, and how to best utilize this knowledge to provide the best possible customer experience.

Bullshit them, tell them what they want to hear. Check out the company before you go to the interview, learn about them, what makes them 'unique' (they may ask you why you want to work for specifically THEM. "It's a job" isn't a good enough reason).

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Most of them were worthless thumbnails. My life's work wasted.

Help me replenish my collection.
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here is some pepes that I have acquired
File: 1493309636865.gif (1MB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Have more please
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life is insufferable

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