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It's my birthday tommorow I bet no one will give a shit. I don't even think my mother is gonna call me.

At least I have you guys. R-Right...
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no your only "friend" is a bottle of bleach
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Happy early birthday, Anon! Hope you have a great day tomorrow
Happy Early Birthday, Anon!!! Enjoy a (you) just for you!

>be the most beautiful Finnish woman
>get made fun of by traps and frogposters on an anonymous anime lifestyle imageboard
How's life fair for us fembots?
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pic unrelated?
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Sayat Demissie.jpg
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MFW there's tons of African women who are actually beautiful but the Finns picked an uggo just to virtual signal.

It's rather like the fad where high schools have been electing the retarded dude as prom king. It's a hollow gesture. The guy isn't getting laid or invited to the after-parties.
She's miss Finland, anon

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>C'mon whiteboi dis booty ain't gone eat isself
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but how can you be sure of that????
Idk you're black so it might
how do we systematically exterminate black people?

Is there any German engineer here on this board to tell us most efficient way?

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Yo white boy which PS4 game you want to play with me
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>xd rate my gaeming colection i am black
>thes ar all my gaems

>lol wut iz steam xdddd????+
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>playing games

Pick one
Your threads are comfy.

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autism hat.png
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Hello. This is my autism hat. I bought this hat because it has no company labels or advertising on it. It is a logo-less hat. It is the only hat I will wear. I also bought this hat because it reminds me of a hat my grandfather used to wear all the time. Except his hat was khaki. I originally wanted a khaki hat, but I couldn't find a khaki logo-less hat. This was the best I could do. I wear this hat because it does a good job at collecting the sweat from my brow. I also wear this hat because I can not shower and people won't notice because they won't be able to see my greasy hair. One day my brother said, "why do you wear that shitty hat? It looks disgusting and discolored with all those sweat stains. Get a new hat." Then my mother defended me and said, "Leave him alone! That is his special hat! He likes it!" Does anyone else here have autism clothing like me? By the way in case you can't tell from the pictures my hat is black, but due to sweat or maybe even grease from my hair it has become discolored to a rust iron reddish brown. There are also some visible white sweat lines on it, and sometimes I make new one depending on how much I sweat that day. I like this hat, but I wish I had a khaki logo-less hat like my grandfather did. He is dead now. He died of cancer (I don't know what kind though). My mom owns his khaki logo-less hat, but she refuses to let me have it. Partly because she still misses her dad, and partly because she has no fucking clue where it is. One day I will buy a new hat, especially since this one has become noticeable smelly. It kind of smells like soured milk haha. But for the moment I still like this hat.
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congrats. I bet you wear old blue jeans and a cotton/polyester zip-up sweater too
why r u naked?
wana post pics maybe??
I don't wear old old blue jeans. Not like 90's whitewashed dad jeans. But I do have some old pairs. But I also buy new trendy pairs. I have these cool khaki colored one, and green pair, and even a silver pair. I also own polyester zip up jackets. But it's more of a track jacket. I like to zip it all the way up so the collar is like a turtle neck and I can pretend I'm some hard British hooligan getting read to fight for my football team. It helps my confidence because I feel like I'm giving off the aura of a cool strong British guy.
Being naked is really comfortable. But I will not post pics. I wanted to edit my body out but I couldn't figure out how to do it very well in MS Paint.
Nice. You have great taste.

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drinking thread anyone?
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HELL YEAH, 12:35 in the afternoon time to pour up some vodka seltzer. Still hungover from last night, trying to get blasted and forget everything. What you sippin on
big ass bottle of cheap vodka, drinkin' this shit raw, washing it down with cream soda.
what brand, I got some popov and a steel reserve for later. Also what do you do when you drink. I usually drunk text exes and watch lobojr streams.

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I'm a girl with a fatfetish. Is this rare in women?
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>I'm a girl
thanks for telling us
>Is this rare in women?
It doesn't matter if you have a fat fetish, most women with a fat fetish still want the guy to have a big dick and most fatties have small cocks.
There's no winning fat bots.

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>mom bugging me about not having any friends again
>"How come you don't hang out with [old friend] anymore?"
>tell her that was almost 15 years ago
>"but you were such good friends, he used to come over and you'd play video games all the time!"
>tell her he was an asshole who stole my shit and talked shit about me behind my back
>tell her he's now a turbo Chad who would hate to have someone like me around him anymore
>"Oh my God Anon, you can't be too critical of your friends. Here I mentioned him because I talked to him on Facebook and told him you were gonna visit [club] and meet him there Friday night. Now I don't want any excuses, you need to get out of the house and socialize. Now you're going to that club and that's an order!"

please tell me this won't be too bad
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go out but don't actually go.
Go out. And see a movie or 2
Do other people's mom's actually do that? How embarrassing that must be.

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Do you have any experience eating ass?
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Yes I just did it a few days ago
Does it taste bad?
Does the hair get in your teeth?
this bitch needs to learn to wash her ass after shitting. real talk

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This is it robots. The end of the tracks. Im going to commit suicide. I live by some active train tracks. Should I just stick my head under a moving train?
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if you do it live stream it from your phone
Don't do it please ; - ;
It would be one of the better ways to die because it is guaranteed, but I do not condone killing yourself ever. Talk to someone.

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honest question why does this turn me on???
im a straight male.
i find only the guy part repulsive but when the black hair sucked its fucking hot
why is this??

is this gay or straight?
honest question
im tulley desperate to get some honest answer
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originale supremo
>implying traps are gay
holy shit her dick is huge

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Hey anon, do you want to sneak over to my place when my parents are gone and work on the project ;)

Wut do?
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all indian houses reek of curry
but its worth it for the curry puss
What project? Fuck off
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Brown girls are

d e l i c i o u s

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GTX 1080.jpg
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svpport yovr claim with evidance
1070 is more cost-efficient!
ok i wont then

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>be an alcohol
>every time i drink i can't legally drive the next day

This is getting pretty fucking inconvenient.

>a normal persons alcohol intake is 1-3 drinks in one day

Get the fuck out of here, who does this.

I need about 20 drinks to be drunk, basically next day can't drive and it's ruining my life.

Gonna drive tomorrow anyway, i'm fucking hungry. Why didn't i drive yesterday to get food you ask? I was apparently over the alcohol limit!
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drink less and drink less often
lower your tolerance just like any other drug
switch to benzos faggola.
>be an alcohol
Which one?

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>Take a good long shower with a lot of soap
>Spray some deodorant
>Put on fresh clean clothes
>For some reason I still smell like semen
Why is this happening?
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Clothes need to be cleaned in hotter water. Go to the gaswater system and turn the temperature up.
probably not you probably your surroundings plus if it dries up on you or your clothes don't expect to get rid of the smell immediately
did you fap in the shower?
cum might have dripped onto your legs

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