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DAMN! Now I see why White Women can't get enough of the B.B.C.

They are so dominant and assertive.

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Boogie is a shit
I like this guy. Boogie & his cesspit of fans are such a negative fucking reinforcement.

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>Mexicans start speaking Spanish in front of me
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>people start speaking Russian close to me
>they don't know that I understand 90% of what they are saying

It's always fun to eavesdrop on unsuspecting people.
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>basketball-americans start speaking obama in front of me
This. There's these french shitters at my job who don't think I understand them perfectly and they're constantly plotting amongst themselves to get me fired. I'm always a step ahead of them and I've made fools of them so many times the boss thinks they're retarded.

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Fuck your life.png
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>be 19
>lost virginity at 16
>healthy and built up body
>easy job but high paying
>chad af
>come on r9k just to make fun of poor and miserable lossers

So are yo just like me or hopeless losser?
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I was pretty repulsive for most of my teens but ended up making a change at 18, started working out more and paying extra for a good cut and maintaining a style.

Lost my virginity at 19, graduated college. Now im 21, have a good job, and go on lots and lots of tinder dates
I think you're terrible bait
You fucking wish you aspie shut-in fuck.

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>"Soooooo... you gonna eat my ass or what anon?"

What do you say?
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>talking to brown people
yeah sure why not originalolsos

not worshipping black women is degeneracy desu

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I don't like fat women but this picture It makes me jealous...
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Blacks are actually attracted to obesity. That's where the THICC meme came from, and why the fattest ethnic/gender combination in the US by is black female, with mexican female a close second (for the same reasons) and everyone else far behind.

It's also why you see so many black men with fat white women or women who have surgically altered their asses to be fat despite the rest of their body being skinny.
Holy shit I went to high school with them.
I don't think blacks are more attracted to obesity, I think some who loves fat women have the balls don't give a shit about the socially acceptable.

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>Three more days before I go to basic training to learn how to fight for muh freedoms
>Flew under the radar as a total over-emotional aspie during the recruitment and MEPs process
At least I lift. How long do you think I'll last until I spill tactical spaghetti out of my fatigues during drills?
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I know it's not aw cuck or trap thread but at least give it a chance
You'll either toughen up or wash out after the first week. All you need to do is keep your mouth shut unless spoken to, do what you're told as soon as you're told to and try to find a buddy there. If you get past the first month then nothing can really phase you from that point onward. Why are you enlisting anyway?
>Why are you enlisting?
I have no marketable skills and I'm inept at most things. Also, GI Bill.

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>be me
>be 19
>get overwatch
>meet randoms, have some fun games
>get on better with the girls, don't sperg out like i do IRL
>keep grouping up with one girl
>talk, game enjoy time.
>when ever I'm online, she will be on as well
>this goes on for about two months
>in that time we have added each other on steam and Facebook
>look at her profile
>shes like 16
>"eh we are just gaming buddies right?"
>forget about it, keep on playing
>bout a week ago i get hospitalised for a chest condition
>friend asks if she wants to play, tell her im in hospital
>shes super concerned, asks me how i am every 3 hours or so
>tells me that she wished she could visit me
>think "I guess she's concerned for me"
>get out of hospital 4 days later
>she's messaging me on when im getting home
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>>get overwatch
is it?I havn't played video games in 5 years, wonder if should get into overwatch
Yeah it's fun. Especially if you have people to play with.
>Especially if you have people to play with.

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I don't believe in manlets
I don't believe in traps
I don't believe in anime
I don't believe in race mixing
I don't believe in roasties
I don't believe in robots
I don't believe in normies
I don't believe in wageslaves
I don't believe in waifus
I just believe in me.
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>I just believe in me.

What are you on anon? I believe that some magical elf is gonna save me from my misery, but myself? Na uh
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whoops forgive me, didn't look at you, Tom
James, please stop calling me by my real name

This. So. F*ckin. Much.
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you know a man is pathetic when he makes fun of people the way only a woman does
And normies wonder why people go on shooting sprees.
this. poor constitution, he was probably raised by a single mother

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Why... why did my kitteh bite me last night.. I only want to be loved
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Stop jamming your fingers in it's mouth then lad.
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they loves you so much they just wanna eat you up!!
I've let poop fuck me in the butt pretty much every day since I was a kid. Poop dick is spooky

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Taking My Coffee Without Cream Or Sugar For A Week And I Want To Tell Everybody About It
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I have found coffee to be unappealingly bitter every time I sampled it. People tell me it's an acquired taste, but I don't see the reason to force myself to drink something I don't need until I like it.
Satans posting in an /s4s/ thread
I like black coffee but I fucking hate coffeefags have throw an autistic meltdown someone puts milk or cream in it.

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How do I deal with that 1 person who picks up on the fact I am not normal and mutters something like "twat" or imitates me in a funny voice, after which everyone is put off by me?

For example someone asked me what my taste in music is and I said "I don't know, I like the best of every genre" and this set him off, he was all "genre? what the fuck", making a big deal out of it. That was the last time him and his circle of friends talked to me.

I didn't curse, I shower, there are people of all different cultures and subcultures at community college, even so I try to wear normy clothes and haircut so as not to be too different, yet I still manage to attract socios and I am singled out for this treatment.

How am I supposed to make friends and learn social skills if I am instantly isolated by everyone?

No normy answers please. Your idea of a bully is like the movies where a jock acts like a massive douche for no reason and the target has friends to fall back on, you seem oblivious to how this actually works, where someone lays into someone else, being overcritical of every quirk or human error and using it as an excuse to outcast them, with all the other normies just gawping and going along with it, totally isolating the target. Watch nature videos about how chimpanzees treat outsiders and beta males for more info.
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if it's about a detail like voice or something just own up to it and laugh at yourself, but if it starts to be a common thing start ripping into him equally. but honestly if you just responded with 'every genre' and gave no examples you asked for it
>someone couldn't comprehend "genre"
Maybe stop hanging out with people with an average IQ of 50
Fly off the handle back at him.
>You don't know what a genre is, are you retarded?
People get away with this stuff because you don't react, start being confrontational.

Sum up /r9k/ with one image.
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this is one o em
File: 1489872516476.png (81KB, 400x397px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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an obvious one
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this too with oregano on top

As an aspie I admire elliot rodger. there really is no room for us aspies to thrive is society and there is really nowhere to go except insanity
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Was Elliot an aspie?
I don't get how he couldn't even bang a chubby 5/10. He had money, not bad looking (he's no Chad but he isn't ugly), and girls like that psycho Patrick Bateman type.
I don't think he was diagnosed, but it's possible

I think he was a hero

What do you all think of this movie?

I think it was wrong how his "friends" forced him to change, he seemed happy in the beginning of the movie.
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>only 13 more years until 40yo virgin
His friends did it for the benefit of the white race

also to make their friend's penis feel good idiots
He wasn't happy. He had gone so long without any kind of human affection that he had convinced himself he didn't need it. He was a manchild living a delusion, just like you.

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