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P-p-p-please bump aswell if no one has replied in a while to prevent page 10
The fuck is this gender faggot shit
girl (male) is a male to female trap
boy (female) is a female to male trap

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I'm what many would consider "Chad": smart, rational, well off, athletic, and several steps ahead of my peers (I'm finishing a STEM degree a year early summa cum laude on a full tuition schoarship and already have three professional credentials).

I'm here to give advice to you robots. Why? Because I see too many of you NEET pathetic fucks wasting potential that you could use to either advance yourselves and others.

So ask away. If this goes well I'll return.
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Sure I'll bite. What can I do to help motivate myself to study more?

And what can I do when I don't get job replies despite me applying for everywhere and changing my objective to fit the job/aim?

How I get out of making only 30k a year with only an associate's?
What are you more ashamed of? Owning a fedora or being a frequent reddit user?
What does a girls hand feel like

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How do you meet women, anons?

And dont say single events because thats serial killer tier shit that nobody does
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bars, parks, libraries, internet
literally anywhere the girls are
it's about how you handle the situation not as much where it happens
Im not talking location im talking scenarios or events. Are you telling me you just approach strangers on the sidewalk?
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Online, school, work, friends. Pretty muvh the easiest ways.

>Not using the military to move up in life
What are you,stupid and/or disabled?
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I don't feel like dying for Israel.
1. i'm too smart to die for nothing
2. my country is civilized and in 21st century so military does not give a lot of advantages
military is a fine place to get discipline.

but you can also join retail and discipline yourself to mgmt or a service administrator job.

there's no way to fuck up in america. you just literally have to do something.

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Write a letter to someone who may or may not read it thread.
Post initials.
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Dear Normalfags of /r9k/ that are about to bombard this thread with gf faggotry,

Kill yourselves.
Thanks for the tip, saved me from a long text of self embarrassment
It's gonna start soon. I hope we become friends.

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>Walk into public bathroom to take a piss
>See this

What do?
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Report him to security for having his dick out with an erection.
Suck on that delicious bbc
I'm a femanon btw
That's not his fault. It's happened to me many times too at the urinal.

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What's the easiest way to lose weight that doesn't involve starving yourself
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amputation desu
Counting calories senpai
eating healthier and smaller portions

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>be literally successful in every facet of your life
>have support -- friends, family, gf
>also be a depressed faggot that self-harms

These people make my stomach churn.
Funny. Most of these type of people actually populate this board. Fucking why are you unhappy? I'll never figure you idiots out. You think you really know what it's like to suffer? You'll never know until you have none of those thing in your life.

You have absolutely no reason to be unhappy and you diminish the meaning of "depression".
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>highschool dropout
>work shitty job
>small dick
>no gf
>only parents care
still do n't self-harm though
enjoy the summer holidays kiddo. don't leave your homework till the last day!
It's not my blog, you idiot. It's an article I found.

It is flat
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Yes the earth is flat and Math, Science, and Visual evidence prove it. Not bogus theories freemasons feed the masses. In fact it is the easiest conspiracy to prove. Go ahead take 5 minutes and attempt to prove to yourself that the Earth curves at 8 inches per mile squared, bet you won't :)
8 inches per mile squared of curvature is unmeasurable.
The spin of earth is also unmeasurable.
The Theory of gravity is also unmeasureable.

Countless laser tests have been done over 8+ miles with zero curve detected.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwCRej0BoA4 The speech he gives at the end really hit home.

Countless high altitude rockets/balloons have been shot into low earth orbit and every picture/video they take shows nothing but a FLAT PLANE with sun spots under the sun. (if you don't get why that's a big deal go back to school)

You can zoom 50+ miles away and see the shoreline and buildings of things you shouldn't otherwise see if we were on a curve. (anywhere in the world under any and all weather conditions, its not refractions you dopes)

You can see Polaris (the north star) from the (((southern hemisphere)))

There are endless proofs just google 200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball and enjoy that you have been lied to.
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Then you have NASA and other space agencies clearly using CGI or fake studio sets under water.

China has my fav one, of course NASA congratulated them for this great space walk
When this was live streamed I laughed so god damn hard. If you believe this then you are forever blue pilled and lost

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBL98p0wZ7g [Embed]

Then you got NASA with bubbles come out of their equipment and space suits.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6IZUq6v92I [Embed]

Then there is video of Russians also faking it.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVSx9fC6CXk [Embed]

THEN the moon landing hoax a simple look at how there is more than one light source in the moon landing official pictures means they were not lite by the sun but by more than one source as the shadows go off at different angles

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xciCJfbTvE4 [Embed]

THEN the fact that the (((moon rocks))) brought by america after the landing turned out to be nothing more than petrified wood


Also the fact that thrust doesn't work in a vacuum nor does combustion
Endless endless endless proofs

Bottom line is as follows. Spend five minutes for your self to attempt to measure the (((curve))) of the Earth. When you find out there is way to measure such a thing and all scientific evidence points to the fact that there is no curve life becomes easier. As an ex fedora tipping atheist for 25+ years finding out there is a creator (not saying its some cosmic jewish zombie or anything) really put a new light in my life.

Or you know, just keep sucking that kike dick and giving your taxes away (20 billion a year) for CGI and fake space walks
No, No, No! This mathematical things shows only one thing.. EARTH IS TREX!

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>tfw feel like my brain has been fucked up from doing a bunch of tabs of LSD over a year ago
This is just a myth, right?
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Having trip flashback?
Maybe, not really sure how to put it into words.
Yeah wouldn't worry about it, I got really retarded after doing acid too often but it goes away and just doesn't come back without further use, the symptons of hppd goes down very very slowly until it either disappears completely or you just stop noticing. Maybe you are just having other troubles, need more information.

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>live with parents
>work at burger king, so staying up all night to start shift at 2 am
>playing vidya downstairs in living room
>parents dog starts throwing up in sleep/coughing sounds
>throwing up continues and dog is still unconscious, so I put on headphones
>after a couple of hours, get up to get another monster from fridge
>dog is dead, moderately sized pool of vomit by its head
>take laptop upstairs to keep playing games so I can avoid smell
>on walk to work now

Is there really anything I could have done? The dog was old (12), so it's not like he would have lived much longer anyway.
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Do the world a favor and kill yourself p l e a s e
What did I originally do wrong?

You're a piece of shit.


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>your age
>your nationality
>your relationship status

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>Been getting relatively close with this German girl at work, but nothing too interesting atm
>inb4 +200 replies of people in relationships
>had been relatively close with a girl on the internet but she started ghosting on me

She's the closest I had to a girlfriend

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>tfw I ruined my dick with death grip
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>tfw op is actually this retarded

Have you tried staying noided?

But srsly, what do you mean "ruined"? If you're a young fella' with a softy you're probably just stressed.
You gotta stop jerking off. Original

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who here still thinks homosexuality is wrong?
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me desu senpai baka origami
I don't give a shit about who people fuck. Even it was objectively wrong for whatever reason there's no stopping people who want to do it.
pretty sure being conscious at any given moment is wrong, but look where that leaves us..

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>you are not the same person you were 1 week ago, 2 weeks ago, or 10 years ago, only a rough copy
>your rough copy saves all the important things like defining memories, language, and technical skills
>any time you lose consciousness or go to sleep, "you" die and everything is copied when you reboot
>you're still scared to die even though the "you" of yesterday died and the "you" of right now will die
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there is no self
but the self is still afraid
>sleeping kills you
>implying dreams aren't an incredibly important part of life
Dying metaphysically is not the same as dying biologically. Dumbnut.

Also 9S did nothing wrong.

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