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Who /femdom/ here?
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Yeah, maybe if I had a GF.
Fucking sexhaving Normalfags, I swear.
I like it if it's a cute girl in an h-manga or h-anime.
I need this, desu.

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The queen is back and has returned.

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What video is that from again anon??.
she used to be so cute. i wouldnt take a second glance at the current her
maybe its the bangs and the eye makeup

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Is being a robot a choice?

would lifting save us?
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I get told I must be taking steroids at work after starting lifting 4 years ago. Still alone, shy, and empty.
i'm almost 22.. i think i wasted too much time and making gains will be hard. if you're reading this and are 17 or younger, just fucking lift
22 is still young as hell you idiot

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>get high
>lay in bed all day
>consume media
ahh, another day down boys
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Trying to decide whether to acknowledge your freckles or cleavage
>am i in the right place?
>tfw no keer-ah gf
is this an orbiter thread or getting high all day in bed consuming media?
the second is my jam, the first is metastasized redditbook

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>Meet girl on POF.
>Talk to her for months.
>We both develop feels for each other, plan to meet up on Wednesday.
>Tonight she opened up and told me how she had depression blah blah blah.
>Tell her I get depressed a lot too.
>"Haha! Cool, anon, we can be depressed together!"
>Tell her I also have autism.
>Her tone immediately changes to a cold and unfriendly one.
>Goes into a long rant about how she avoids most people, and can't handle "special needs individuals." Tells me that she can tolerate me so far, but real life could be different.

Wew. So I should never tell normies about my Asperger's under any circumstances, I gather? It was just amazing how quickly her tone changed. She was so enthusiastic and warm, and then suddenly everything died in her. Feels bad, man, especially when she didn't suspect anything before I told her.
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dont tell anyone
>have feelings for a girl
>"hey btw I have autism."
>surprised she now looks down on him

Lol classic kekness
Yeah don't tell Normies shit about your Asperges until at least very close to them, as in years long Friendship/Relationship. Also she sounds a bit like a cunt anyway buy that could just be my natural dislike of people.

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>tfw in an apartment building with a bunch of muslims and north Africans
>tfw scared every time I leave or come home
It's only a matter of time before they attack me. They already leer at me all the time and follow me menacingly, say awful things etc.
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get out of there and rent elsewhere you dumb bitch
>Be Australian
>a terrorist attack just occurred in a apartment
You're fucked
Fuck you woman. I hate you and your kind. This is all your fault. You deserve rape and death for doing this to the US and Europe with your liberal ways.

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What meds are you taking?
I'll start. Trazodone, and risperidone
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I wanna fucking stop taking it but I can't or I'll fall back into my OCD
Twin!!! I have been on that shit for four years now
Everything is just so shit so often I want to go on meds but I cant even get myself together to go see a doctor and I know Ill just make my parents hate me even more than they already do. Is it worth getting on meds or do they just fuck you more?

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>at work first night as janitor
>changing toilet paper in wonans room
>there's a small trash can beside the toilet
>Curious, look inside
>Find THIS


What the HELL is women's PROBLEM???


why would you JUST LEAVE THIS HERE

Women, you're fucking gross if your body does this.
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To be fair all washroom stalls in the woman's room should have trashcans. You're not supposed to flush tampons or pads. Be happy that she didn't flush it or just left on floor.

Why are you upset she used a trashcan as a trashcan?
You're not going to last i this bothers you, op. Just wait until you walk into your first bathroom that has shit and toilet paper stacked up to the seat
Yeah doesn't seem like this new jobs gonna work out all that will for ya.

Do you ever look at pictures of yourself from your childhood, see how happy you used to be and wonder what the fuck went wrong with your life?

pic related
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Yes, every time go to my dad's house, he has a ton of old pictures on the walls of my brother and I. I just look at them and wonder where the fuck did it all go wrong.
Yes, but I know where it went wrong. Around 8th grade when everyone else started maturing emotionally and socially and I didn't. A picture of 10 year old me is smiling at me from across the room, forever oblivious to the hell that awaits him
Put your ugly nigger face away you heathen.

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>tfw passable tranny with bf, car, job and family likes me
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pics or didn't happen
hard to post pics when youre stealth
Post cute butt.

originalo sandwich originalo

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My dick is fairly average size (6.5 inches long and about 7 inches in circumference) but I'm considering saving up to get an extra boost to have a nice pornstar cock. The only downside is most of the urologists the preform these types of surgeries also require you be circumcised. I love having a foreskin and I'm curious as to whether or not it would be worth it. So have any of you robots been circumcised as men and was it worth it?
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Just for your information, I'd never have sex with a man who got this kind of surgery.
that's a well above average size. I hope you die in a fire
Why would you want to do that to your wonderful little uncircumsized cock?

Been on this page for a day and i can feel my self loathing kicking in. I honestly feel bad for you guys with social disorders, I know how that feels, but hating yourself is just going to make you believe even more that you cant accomplish anything, and you can!
dont lose hope.
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I'm going through a serious episode right now and I find r9k to be somewhat therapeutic.

Just knowing that others are suffering is nice?

I dunno, I also chime in with positive advice which reinforces my beliefs that it is possible to pull through.
What are you talking about? The board is full of life loving normalfags
That sounds like normie babble to me. Self hatred is good for the mentally ill. It will help keep the gene pool clean.

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>cute girl is sitting across from me on the bus
>she gets off at her stop
>quickly walk across the aisle and sit where she was sitting
>can still feel the warmth from her butt
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jesus fuckin crist OP
If you don't realize that people who aren't mentally deficient notice when you do stuff like that you're definitely under 25 years old.
If i can i usually sit behind a cute girl on the bus,but jesus op you are doing this shit to a whole new level of autism kek

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TFW 5'6", ugly, twig-skinny, and my penis doesn't even reach 5 inches fully erect...

I literally have no idea what has stopped from killing myself desu. It's like I was created just to be an example of someone who was never meant to reproduce.

> Get fit.
Still going to be short and limp-dicked. I saw a buff 5'5" guy yesterday and he looked absolutely ridiculous.

I swear to God if there isn't something better in the afterlife I'll find a way to come back as a spirit and blow up the entire world.
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At least no one will pay any attention to you.

Jesus Christ, I fucking wish. Everywhere I go people stare me down. I can't even eat a meal in peace at a restaurant without lifting my head to see tables dead-on staring at me.
You don't have to get as buff as that 5'5 guy.

You can develop a body that is muscular and well proportioned.

You only have one life. Don't permit yourself to quit without trying first.

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I was reading about some girl who got stabbed and anyway, the guy who stabbed her was on trial and all that stuff but then the girl went and managed to go get herself murdered in a seperate incident by some other guy.

Kinda seems unfair to keep pursuing the charge against the first guy. What good does that do now?

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He still stabbed her.
but if you look at it on a cosmic scale, she was doomed no matter what, as it turns out. You can't actually be charged with murder if the person you attack is already doomed. You can only be charged with attempted murder because no matter your best efforts, you can't actually murder them, but you can try all you want.

That's real you can look it up.
The first guy should still be charged.

Why is this a thread?

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