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How often do you poop? Any IBS bros?
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Once a day usually.
Sometimes two times if I skipped a day which just averages to 7 times a week.
Usually once every 2-3 days. I don't know how people can poop once or twice a day, that seems impossible
Same here. Longest I've gone is a week, it's a miracle the toilet flushed at all

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ITT: Unpopular opinions. I'll start:
>You should be able to say whatever the fuck you want no matter how racist sexist or offensive in public and your employer should not be allowed to fire you on the basis that someone was offended by something you've said
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I agree, so long as you're not working or acting on their behalf at the time
Isn't that just common sense? But I mean if it happens you can still be beaten up by some guy offended by it
You're allowed to say whatever you want at work. They're also free to decide that they don't want you representing their company with your pol faggotry. That's life man.

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Have any of you bots actually done an ASMR session or a video of it?
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I thought about it but no one wants to see an average looking neckbeard doing ASMR.
Would you be willing to try it for a few seconds in vocaroo? I really wonder how do robots sound like when doing ASMR.
i sound like a nerdy nasal faggot so i avoid vocaroo at all costs

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It's time brobots, today marks the beginning of a new life free of fapping and pornography. Who will join me?

Pic very much unrelated, I just find it funny's all.
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Is it just a meme or does it actually help?
Cutting down helps. Removing it, entirely, does not.
All I know is masturbating every day makes me feel like shit and scum

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>tfw no nurturing dom gf to hold you close to their chest and tightly
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>tfw no gf to take what's hers
Also, join the /gfd/ Discord.
Are there women on it
Haven't been here in a couple years, but what happened to the gfd threads? Seems like they're coming up less than they used to.

What's her name again? I can't remember.
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Its in the file name you baiting retard.
Your post belongs on >>>/s4s/

>Hey anon, check out my new robe!
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>no sissy clitty
I noticed that since that hip dip thread everybody's been posting this similar type of female body lately. Keep it up lads, hopefully we can get the thiccposters to see the errors of their ways.
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>ywn have a cute flat chest gf tease you randomly throughout the day

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She'll do anything for Chad.
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She'll do anything for money you dumbass
sauce :C?
That's a Russian girl owned by the Russian mafia. Things work differently in Russia, they still have slavery in effect.

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>walk into your living room
>see this
What's your next move?
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obviously rape. what else?
check the premises.
This is obviously bait, could be the bloods or some crazy mothers trying to kill me.
>tfw no black gf to pillory and rape whenever I want

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crying Wojak3.jpg
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goddamnit why can't my family leave me alone?

it really rustles me when family just walks in my room, so i placed a chair against the door handle to stop them from coming in because i don't have a lock.

thing is, they REEE when they can't get in and say that i'm up to something when i'm really just playing vidya or browsing this board (i don't want them to see it)

but point is, why can't normies understand privacy and alone time? why do they need to bite everyone around them in the ass constantly?
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Cause you're underaged.
Don't worry, you'll grow up eventually and no one will care about you anymore.
why can't you understand how to grow up and not care what they think? hard life you have there browsing boards and not knowing if you will be bothered for 5 seconds.
Their house, their rules. Don't like it, move out.

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>tfw a loli will never develop a crush for you because you look scary and your conversation skills are in the toilet
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lolis are 2D images you tard
2 maybe 10-12 year old girls waved at me one time when I was walking to the bus stop. I still have no idea why on earth did they do that, I don't know anyone in the city so they definitely didn't know me.
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flush down yourself into the toilet

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I'm not a Raven, I do not have feathers, I do not have a beak, I do not fly around and caw at things. I don't collect shiny things.

I am human who does human things, and not a Raven who does Raven things.
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I bet you're just some magpie wannabe.
that's a crow, ravens have yellow beaks

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Okay robots


this is it

We are going to take a deep breath, and we will set a deadline by the 15th of july. Before this date will ask a girl out for a date from our college uni or work. That day (15th of july) I will reopen the thread and we will share our experiences what happened.

It will be fucking hard and probably we will be declined but it will help us for our self confidence.

Write down a short info about the gir (name, where do you usually meet, your chances of success) who you would like to ask out,

I will start: Her name is Beatha and she is working in the same place as me. She is so fuckiing cute. I am sure she will say no because we are working together for one year now and I was too scared to show any interest in her but I will fucking do it.
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Ok, I'm in. Haven't interacted with a female since I got laid in April.

I don't have anyone in particular but there's enough girls in the world to find someone to reject me.
No. Just leave it alone.
Nice job anon. I hope one day I will be normie enough to get laid.

Why? Come on anon you have to do something with your life.

This is apparently all that you need to get a gf.

6'3" - ideal male height
6.3" - ideal male penis

If you haven't got these it's over.
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>get a gf.
getting laid is not the same thing as entering a relationship
damn im pretty good then
still doesnt help with not being an awkward fuck
>implying your dick size holds you back at all before you're actually fucking
Find another excuse you spineless faggot

I'm here to arm robots with arguments.
If you ever hear a dumb slut saying her past 35 casual sexual relationships don't matter, the simple counter is this: the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

That's why professional job interviewers have shifted to the dominant style of interviewing called behavioral-based interviewing. It is a series of questions about your past behaviors, because they know these behaviors predict how you will work for them.

>Slut: "yes I had 29 past sexual partners. Why does it matter? Are you a misogynist slut shamer?"
You have a history of treating sexual relationships casually and I don't want to get burned by someone who fucks me twice and leaves. Simple response, total shutdown, she has no logical reply.

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Another one of these lowly, pathetic, and disgusting threads? How silly you must all be to post here. Heh. Losers.
Does hate really get us anywhere?
Are you really arming robots, or disabling them?
You can't hate women for being blank slates, just like you can't blame a dog for shitting on the floor.

These threads are like reading about a dog owner who can't get his dog to stop shitting right in front of his door, and OP is too stupid to figure out how to take his lady for a walk.
You are missing your anime picture. Did you post this in a hurry?

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