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is there some dumb site you guys use where everyone takes turn playing music that i can listen to?
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This is the ultimate, final, true redpill
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Now THAT is a hilarious joke, anonymous. How could you come up with something as wacky as that?
it only seems like that because it got memed so hard it might have actually entered the dna of people
realistically, it's just a bunch of goofy fucking words trying to seem enlightened and holy with mysterious vagueness, highfalutin pronouncements, and bizarre imagery
the final redpill conveyable through language is the necessity of murdering language and ridding ourselves of this horseshit which is 99% lies on a good day
Now that I sit back and think about it, it's been a real long time since I've heard anybody talking about Jesus Christ or God in general. And I'm a very outgoing person, I feel like the religion phase of humanity is really starting to slowly die out, unless you live in Saudi Arabia than yeah that's a different story, but here in America it's basically as if God is just absent.

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What do you guys do on your birthdays?
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realize it's my birthday

then my age goes up by 1
Buy a number of beers equal to my age and drink as many as I can before I pass out.
Debate whether I should let people know or not.

Sadly true.

Who /Iago/ here?

>tfw made brother kill himself
>tfw made mummy think it was her fault
>tfw made parents get divorced, making both their lives significantly worse
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Remember, you're anonymous.

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Only bump I'll do
Not going to even click on it if you aren't going to tell me what it's about. That site loads too slow.
Are you a crossposting redditor?

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Have any of you robots ever had an ex?

Did you ever try to get back with her? Ever message her again? How long did it take you to do it? How did it turn out?
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>Did you ever try to get back with her?
I don't know if I want to but I definitely want to fuck her again
>Ever message her again?
She broke it off so I waited until she messaged me
>How long did it take you to do it?
Took her eight months
>How did it turn out?
Haven't talked to her since. Although I still care about her I also feel like there's too many girls out there to go back to her

Creole Feel- Half the country doesn't even know where we are until something bad happens edition
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>When your state good be decent but people are in love with their own retarded, trashy, over-dramatic way of doing everything.
> When your girl wants to do northern shit like go to Starbucks yet you want to go to the gun show
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I was just in Nola want to see pics? French quartered and haunted history tour. Sort of a waste of money

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Alright wite boi, give me the directions to Trader Joe's
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At the intersection of meacham and golf road. Can't miss it.

Have a nice day! :^)))
What the f... we're standing in it's parking lot! Like, right now.

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If you post and ideal gf you drew I'm fucking ignoring it

make your waifu or perfect gf/bf in the candybar maker and post results. will rate on attractiveness.
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Lol you got some shit taste famalam
I'm not clicking that shit,nigga
you stupid nigga
Haven't seen this particular avatar maker before, bamp

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>at party, people getting normie drunk
>party ends eventually
>party thrower drunkenly gives people. Permission to crash on couches
>i take him up on it and crash on one of his couches
>one girl passed out already and was placed on couch near me
>lights out later, decide to molest passed out roasty
>lightly caress her ass, then sniff her butthole
>start lightly fingering her butthole when...
>she lets out a quick loud fart, then starts immediatly shitting herself
>i back away in amazement at the sight of a soft log snaking its way out of her asshole
>TFW scat and fart fetishist
>Fap right then and there, best fap in a long long time
>I pull her panties up over the mess, and then follow up with her shorts
>piss in the bathroom, wash my hands, go back to sleep on couch

The next morning was hilarious. I got up just before the host and his gf, and let them know drunk girl shit herself. We had a good laugh about it.

She woke up a bit later and freaked the fuck out when she realized she shit herself.

She tried to hide it as she asked for the bathroom, but the smell made it obvious what happened.

I still fap to that happening, and sometimes wonder if she would have shit herself anyway if I hadn't fingered her butthole.
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Hmm what's going on in here hmm
I'd say roleplay
That's hot as fuck, I'd try to fuck her ass using her shit as lube.

>you were just transported back in time exactly 10 years
>you are in the body of your younger self but have your current mind

What do?
>hardmode: no playing the stock market or making bets you know the outcome of
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I will hit the gym and invest on bitcoin
Spoil animes from future in /a/
I don't even want to think about it. Thinking about my life and all the missed opportunities and wasted time makes me depressed

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Omegle time anons.

Tags are r9k and 4chan
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>start chat
>have no idea what to talk about
im black anon normie here to help

Any financially independent NEETs here? Please tell me how you did it. I can't stand the boredom of working and I can't stand the shame of leeching off my family
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Literally the only way is inheritance. If you're earning money in anyway your not a neet
it's not working if you actually like to do it and you get to do it whenever you want without a specific schedule. Find something you can do that you like that doesn't feel like work but also can make money.
>wat 2b neet?
>just dont b but pretend u r
>pretty much da same xdd

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What would your 10 year old self say if he saw what you are today?
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he'd be jealous as fuck that i just surf the internet and play videogames all day.
I think he'd actually be pretty down with it. I'm normie enough that I actually have something going for me at school; which is a step up from 10-year-old me. Plus, he'd see that I have emulators, that I still like Pokemon, and that I can watch whatever cartoons I want via streaming now. I think he'd like that.
he might be smart enough to ask for tips on how to suicide without much trouble

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>tfw normies are out partying

>tfw you have to go wagecuck at 6am tomorrow
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>tfw final got a job
>used to waking up at 2
Fucking hell it's like my whole day. A-at least I'll get to make a lot of money.
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>tfw just became a wagecuck
>tfw got lost for an hour and a half despite it only being a 11 minute drive
>tfw had to cry in my car for 20 minutes before going in
>start my actual first day tomorrow at 11am and have to work until 8pm
>tfw I'm going have to do this every day until I either get fired or get a new job
God I really don't want to work in front of a hot grill all day with three layers of clothing. My manager told me to bring a gallon of water with me otherwise I'll probably die of heat stroke... I just wanted a retail job /r9k/ It's not hard to fuck up in retail!
TFW my job is from Wednesday-Monday, starting at 4am

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