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Ciara v2.0
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Not even close fag
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cute trap. I'd inseminate.
How do you tell its twatless?

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How do i become a warehouse manager?
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apply for a warehouse manager job anon
A whole lot of originality
1. Be Latino
2. Be an illegal immigrant
3. Apply at your local Home Depot
4. ???
5. Instant manager position

This song is so fucking sad, it gives me the feels
i heard it at the grocery store at night, then googled the lyrics.

Wtf im 29 years old and this shit hits hard

>Tfw khv holdess virgin

how does this song effect me like this? it fucking brings back those teen feelings that i should have already overcome

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Neat song but not my style.
Thanks anyways OP.
Because they're unironically the best years for NEETs, even if they sucked.
Are you a nigger by any chance, OP? Because your post makes me think you might be.

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What are you thoughts on breast reduction surgery for women? Do you think it's necessary enough to warrant a surgical operation for women to reduce their breast? Should the unwanted symptoms of having large breasts be alleviated through non-invasive ways (exercise, physical therapy, proper fitted clothing)? Is the psychology of a woman interested in reduction justified (social stigma, unwanted looks and attention)? Would you persuade a woman to avoid the surgery or for?

And in one last final question I would like to ask a hypothetical scenario: If a woman, interested in the surgery, was stranded on an island with no other human beings on sight, but through a machine she was allowed to perform the surgery would she still do it? Assuming living priorities such as food, water and shelter are already fulfilled and any post-operation complications can be dealt with by the machine.

I ask this because my girlfriend is interested in getting the surgery.
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>could just do body/back exercises
>lol no let me get surgery I'll regret later
literally fucking scam, wearing a corset removes all the issues of having big tits.
Post her tits and then we can judge

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Is anyone else starting to feel that normies might be better than majority of shit-posters here?

>That guy who tries his hardest to let everyone know he's been here longer than them
>sheep-like posters who just keep regurgitating the same fucking thing every thread shitting them up

The worst is the people who brag about being a loser, and try to talk down on people better than them.
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decent baitpost after all you made me respond
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>Is anyone else starting to feel that normies might be better than majority of shit-posters here?
They were told arcanine is a hugbox board where you can write your personal blog and have everyone confirm your fears of a shitty life so you don't think about being crazy anymore.
If you feel that way you should go outside.

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you fucked up
close this thread
I'm simple here to bring in new members of course xdddd
Some one will come and race with us shortly haha
>tfw no gf to spend time with when not hotlapping

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>fantasize about fucking hot customers
What the fuck is wrong with me guys?
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At least you're not imagining full blown relationships with every qt314 that passes you on the streets.
You've ascended to normie-ism.

You must now leave this board and never return.
Sounds like you're a fully-functioning male. You're not estrogen-water-flavoured asexual.

>all these college threads

I'm leaving this website. Enjoy your board, normites
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You mean high school threads right?
They'll die down after school is in full swing. Or at least I hope they will.
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Stay strong Neetbro, we are here do not worry

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>reuse plastic bottles no more than once
>keep electronics on airplane mode
>you can buy one of those dental probes and use it to both floss and scrape away the white bacteria that forms between your teeth and gums
>fap with hand sanitizer if you are cut
>folding used clothes neatly, especially jeans, for the next day's use results in them smelling better than if you just crumpled them up and left them there
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You can use the shower to clean your ass after you shit
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>To squeeze out as much bandwidth as possible out of your router, plug one end of your Ethernet cable into one port and the other end into the adjacent port. This will effectively cycle network packets through the cable building up a charge for when you want to use the internet. It's like your own personal token bucket! A battery bank of bandwidth!
Get up and do 20 squats when you lose a game to prevent deep vein thrombosis
Put a towel on your chair so your ass can breathe or you'll get ass cysts that hurt like hell and burst open producing much blood
Wash your mouse keyboard and controllers down with rubbing alcohol, they get gross and spread disease to you.

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>in love romantically with male best friend who used to (possibly still does) want me sexually
>can't make myself want sex with him no matter how hard I try
>cuddle with him but have normal friend conversations or watch funny youtube videos during it, feels so normal
>scared he's gonna get bored and leave me even though he has less chance of getting a bf or gf than I do

W-what do I do? I love the way it's going right now but I'm scared he's gonna get bored with where it is, I'm scared he only hangs with me because we give each other human contact as there are much more funny and sociable people than me.. How can I keep him without offering myself up for seks?
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sprawl yourself on the bed, feel him pull your pants down, pushes your face into the hot mattress with every thrust while he relieves himself into your ass
punpun monkaS
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>having friends
>Having gay friends
>Having gay friends who you cuddle with
>Having gay friends who you cuddle with and have sex with
Fucking disgusting

How many times have you masterbated in one day? Personally I have done it 9 times
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None at all because have self control unlike you.
>i've literally never masturbated in my life
Calling bullshit kiddo.
Mate, he never said he never did. Not that he doesn't anymore.

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Just lost the v-card.

Literally all it takes is dieting down and a bit of work. No one needs to be a virgin.

>Go from skinny fat to thin
>Look up all sorts of makeup and hair videos to improve looks
> Get on Tinder
> 20 messages a day.

Guy I lost it too brought adderal cause I said I liked it and drinks (cool because I can't buy for 4 months). Got another lined up who also is offering free shit.

Not quite like jerking off, just kinda hurt, but at least I'm not going to be a 21 year old virgin like some people. Now I have people lining up for me.

I could get one right now, but with it being the first time I guess my puss is kinda sore right.

>literally no excuse for being a virgin when it's this fucking easy
>already found out I can make $50 an hour easy on cams too.

Just diet and learn makeup.
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Go masturbait somewhere else
nice bait(original commento)
what the fuck is this shit originally

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jack lemmon.jpg
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Why do girls in porn call men "daddy" so much?
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To program the viewers into subversive thinking about familial roles.
Because it implies a submissive, completely dependent role
Wow it's the neet Machiavellian genius who understands everything about psychology!

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What's the best way to become a trap as well as earn money for clothes and things
Just some quick details about me
>Wide hips
>Slim but not Skelly
>5" penis
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Step 1: tie a millstone to your neck
Step 2: jump in a lake
you're now at to the end point of all traps and trannies
>Diet and Exercise, shave and otherwise take care of your body
>Get a job

Good luck anon.
Seriously is there an actual guide to taking care of your skin and hair? That's the thing I need the most help with. Well besides make up.

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Never been to a shrink, can someone tell me what this is:

> sitting face to face with someone having a nice conversation
> about 10 to 15 minutes in suddenly I start getting nervous for no reason, have trouble focusing on what they are saying, lose control of facial expression, have trouble keeping eye contact
> it passes after about 5 minutes

This has happened many, many times. It only started in my mid 20s, just a couple years ago, and only happens in the middle of conversations.
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assburgers, m8
Shite, no cure for that.
That's just called being shy , don't listen to those fucking idiots telling you you're autistic

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