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you are given a magic spell that changes the appearance of a person however you want (you can also use it on yourself)
only you can see the change and you can only use it once

wot do?
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>Only you can see the change

Sounds like schizophrenia, man.
make myself not exist
What's the point in changing if only you could see it? Let's pretend you weren't a fucking retard and thought this question out a little more.
>HOWEVER you can't see it
I'm not sure I'd make the change because I like looking at myself in the mirror. If I couldn't see the change then I don't think I'd feel any different. Although it'd be nice to get attention for something I can't even see.

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My conversation with my dad minutes ago

>anon we spoke to your grandparents and they said they want you to come to Guangzhou (a city in China) to live with them so they can make your normal again, what do you think?
>I'm not sure, I'll think about it
>well it doesn't seem like you're getting better, if you're going to be at home most of the time, you might as well try living in china. You can go with your grands to buy a computer once you're.
>okay I'll think about it and let you know

Looks like my family can't take it anymore.
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and what if am still not normal once am over there and they die?
blame the system and take your rage out on it, not me. am just living how the system tells me too.
Avoid that at all costs.
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How's the discord going, m8?

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This girl is hitting on me, but she's some gender fluid bisexual sjw. Wat do?
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fuck her obviously

is this bait?
>gender fluid bisexual sjw.
Run like hell.
Toward or away from is really your call, it would be away for me.
It's such a turn off but she's pretty

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i'm obsessed with teenage girls
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me too
it's normal in secondary school and hs
at what point should it stop
>tfw it's not normal anymore as you get closer to 25+
is it becasue i missed out back then?
the only thing that stops it is fatherhood
if you never become a father it just never stops
Me too.

Women my age are bitter and angry all the time.

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I'm a white male. I'm 6'2" and 154 lbs. And not only do I have a circumcised cock. But I plan to get my future sons circumcised as well.

Bother you?
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The only people bothered by this are ant-eater dicks
You're doing the right thing OP

I wouldn't say "Bother", I just think you're a shit human
Good I'm getting my kids done once I find a damn GF.

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Daily reminder that all of your favorite musicians and actors are chads. How does it make you feel?
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You tell me because I don't have favorite actors or musicians.
How does it make you feel?
File: kurt-cobain-1024.jpg (310KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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l beg to differ
Stop referring to one-time-only reminders as "daily reminders."

>tfw just fapped to this
Should I kill myself?
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Why is that appealing?
im really confused by the anatomy here
is there two people or one?
mind explaining?
It's a severely obese man fucking a little piggie
Needless to say, OP relates strongly to this image for reasons that do not require explanation

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>tfw the apathy is transforming into true loneliness
It physically hurts. I felt like there was a weight on my chest yesterday night and ended up hugging a fucking pillow.
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This will continue for the rest of your life. Enjoy the ride.
Welcome to the party, pal
How do you deal with it?
I thought that shit only came when you were in your late twenties. I hope it doesn't get worse.

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Only post in this thread if you're useless piece of shit
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useless piece of shit posting in useless thread
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When does one become ''useless''?
aho girls are best anime girls

>tfw I spent my entire spring break obsessing over Christian Weston chandler
>tfw I didn't leave the house once and instead spend countless hours researching his life

How was your break?
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At least you realized that Liquid Chris is the best Chris.
>tfw was obsessed with cwc
>then got obsessed with liquid chris
>tfw found his facebook and cyber stalked him
>for months
it was a dark period
Who is liquid?! I never knew anyone found out his real identity!?

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Ok. Something weird is going on. You guys probably won't believe me, but all my posts this morning have been dubs or trips! Is today my lucky day? Has kek blessed me? What's going to happen?
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Yep i don't believe you fggt
File: carl the cuck.png (196KB, 1211x1259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
carl the cuck.png
196KB, 1211x1259px
I know it seems weird. But every post but my OP has been dubs or trips. Let me link some.
These are just a few.

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I can't move out my bed and i'm not fat

Wut do ?
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just let go brother

pass away
You've gotta be shitting me, Private Pyle! You mean to tell me you can't even get out of bed?
Don't push yourself so much next time you lift. Bet it feel gud thou.

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except Chads and PoC
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Nah, kill poc especially.
>All non-Chads are killed
>The 'least' Chad Chads are killed next
>Goes on until one Chad stands victorious
>"Is this the best we can do?" says all females
>Kills last Chad for not being Chad enough
>Humanity is wiped out and nature can flourish once again
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Cuck tv.jpg
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That is the future

Why do people complain about young men opting out of western society?

If we're such virgin loser fat guys or whatever you want to call us, shouldn't it be a good thing we are opting out?
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It threatens their worldview. If not everyone has the same goals and values as them, they feel like that somehow delegitimizes it.
loser men are the backbone of the workforce
Women are very suggestible, so normies are terrified we'll establish a different hierarchy and they'll lose the sexual value they wageslaved their whole lives to get.

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Think about this: If you are going to kill yourself, you are probably doing it because no one cares about you. If it is so, you have literaly endless possibilities: You could swimm of to a remote uninhabited Island, change your identity and go to another country, try to steal a famous painting

You literaly have endless possibilities
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It's actually because I don't care about anyone or anything else
I used to think like that, OP. Why do they kill themselves? They can literally abandon everything and do whatever!

Then one day I realized: I don't want to do any of that. Those "endless possibilities" do not interest me, the world bores me. So now I understand why people kill themselves.
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>too bored and fatigued to get out of bed
>dude just jump out of a plane and fuck models lmao

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