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what are some comfy jobs for a robot?

absolutely no retail or food service, fuck that shit.
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I don't think there are any comfy jobs for a robot.

If there are any, it's got to be jobs where you sit on your ass, with very few responsibilities and no pressure though, also preferably with few working hours
Library, cafe, gym?

You might have to put up with some retail or food service anon.
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really makes you think, huh?

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Anyone else feel like something "off" is happening on 4chan? I don't really have any solid evidence,but 4chan feels like it's changing very suddenly. Everyone seems to be a lot lot more argumentative than before and a lot of shills here...

I can't quite explain it,but something just doesn't feel right. I reckon something is happening with the moderation staff. Hiroyuki's presence on this website is non-existent and the mods pretty much have the run of the place. Could they be getting paid off by marketers and journalists?
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Jews. Jews are happening.
it's obviously (((them)))
>a lot of shills here...
Proofs of that ?

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>go to therapist office with dad
>lady asks for 75 for the session
>dad says "are you really worth it, anon?"
>people give him dirty looks
Who else here has based dads
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you must be really fucked up to have a cool dad and still need therapy.

like what did you even do to yourself to land there?
Well, what was your answer? ARE you worth it?
you like getting shit on in public?

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Start by stopping browsing r9k. I've gone a whole month without browsing r9k and i already feel happier, less depressed and more optimist.

4chan itself is cancerous, but r9k is on a whole another level of cancerousness. If you spend enough time in there it will poison your mind and change your way of thinking. Not only that, it's also a big fucking waste of time. Literally any hobby in the world that doesn't involve the harm of other people is better than sitting in front of your computer and being autistic.

Almost each one of you guys is a good person and deserves a lot better than rotting in this filthy, horrible place. Stop browsing r9k and count the days on a piece of paper. Find new hobbies to occupy your time and improve yourself. Don't tell me you aren't interested in anything and have no qualities at all. You are just a lazy pathetic liar. Start making music, drawing, going to the gym, anything is better than browsing r9k. It's never too late to change your life. Stay motivated fellow robots, you can do it.
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Thanks anon but browsing is a habit, little releases of dopamine that social media sites and even 4chan capitalize on.

How did you break out of it?
Stopped coming here for 3 years, made no difference.

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>tfw masturbate with your left hand even though you are right handed
what does this mean?
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>tfw I'm a switchie
You subconsciously feel shameful about masturbation, so you use your non-dominant hand in an effort to "hide" the act
You like a challenge

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>That one year you wish you could go back to

What is it robots?
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When I was with my first and original bestie bestie.

She called me "Quacky" and I called her "Sporky".
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The one before I was born.
i just wish i could go back to being like 10 years old while retaining my current knowledge

that way i wouldn't become the ugly manlet i am today

What's the minimum and maximum that you would go?
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0 and only zero desu senpie
0 to 2.
5 obviously.


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>read on /r9k/ that you have to be assertive and show the correct body language when interacting with women, touch their arm erc
>talking to a grill yesterday, try to follow this advice
>end up grabbing her arm mid-conversation
>she gives me a weird look and asks me not to touch her at all ever again

fuck you r9k, i followed your advice and almost got labelled a rapist
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you missed the crucial steps about being attractive and not being unattractive
better luck next time
>end up grabbing her arm mid-conversation

don't do that
HAHAHAHA omg that's hilarious. Poor you though. You don't grab, you slightly brush their arm with yours.

>excuse me sir, do you work here? I can't seem to find the cucumbers, can you show me where they are?
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no sorry i dont work here but i imagine they are with the other produce
Well they're not going to be in the same aisle as the candles, love.
They are in aisle 69 if you know what i mean

Tfw better looking than 98% of this board. Haha.
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Stop posting pictures of other people. Sage.
he looks like the villain in a high school/ college movie
supreme fuckin gentleman

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Anyone know any good documentaries about how evil women are?
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Sorry for begging
None that I know of. Things that present women in a bad light are universally reviled because of gynocentrism. The closest I can think of is the Red Pill, but that's only tangentially related because it shows rabid feminazis.
It's time to get mummy to hold the camera while you make your own

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>when youve finally become so lonely you consider having a trap/tranny gf even though you're not gay
>fap to the thought of giving them a reach around while fucking their feminine butts and cuddling afterwards

Is it time to kill myself?
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Just wait until you find out they don't need you, they need Chad
Yes, but you wont and you'll probably delve deeper into the """prison gay""" meme

Nice knowing you, faggot
> so lonely you consider having a trap/tranny gf even though you're not gay

nah, dude. you turned gay. this board is full of retarded homosexuals. you need to get out of here. I'm totally against homosexuality (which doesn't matter, I just stated this in case some keyboard warrior wants to be funny) and I suggest to kill yourself.

Does the need to masturbate ever enrage you guys?
Do you feel rage as well whenever you feel horny, knowing that you will never even come close to living out your sexual fantasies?
Maybe occasionally lose your erection a couple of times during it because the anger clouds your thoughts too much?
This has started to happen to me quite often, I don't know what to do.
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No one?
It can't be just me.
You're thinking too much about it.
No. I'm pretty pissed about needing to sleep though desu. You should try being mad about that instead, it's even more unfair when you think about it.

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Why did Chad pull out? I wanted to have his baby...
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wait you fucked him raw?
He told me the condom wouldn't fit. I pretended to believe him.
This shit literally happened to me with an insane girl from my town.

God, she is crazy.She used to calla and text my gfs

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> be me
> today have interview for IT call center
> get there early and just walk around the area
> go in for interview
> wait in lobby of giant building for a few minutes
> interviewer comes out : "are you anon"
> tell them yest
> go into interview
> get asked a bunch of technical questions
> what is a CMOS what are user groups ex.
> what is the BIOS
> things like that i answered almost every question correctly
> interviewer is impressed with my knowledge
> might get a call at end of day letting me know if i got the job
> feels fucking good man
all my hard work might finally be paying of robots it feels good to be an entry level IT guy no more bagging groceries
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Well done anon, we are proud of you. Hope you get the job
>IT call center
What kind of robot would enjoy talking to normies 9-5 every day of the week?
IT is horrible and you are going to be replaced by pajeet.

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