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>best friend of over 10 years turns out to be a psychopath who just uses people as pawns and lie about every single thing

I wish yesterday didn't happen. Everything was fine before it
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Same thing happened to me, we dont talk anymore and i found new friends
You sucked his dick, didn't you.
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you dont need friends, only masturbation

God put me in this life to punish me, but I don't know why, I'm sorry for whatever I did in my past life, please just let me rest.
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Violence and anger here
>fraud is worse than murder
always makes me chuckle
Usury is worse than all the crimes of man put together.

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Tell us about yourself anon, talk to us fellow robots.Whats your MBTI type?
>put type name in username field
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Either ISTP or INTP
you seem autistic
Explain why you would even come to this conclusion based on 4 words.

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>go to this week's staff meeting
>all my coworkers stand up and start clapping and laughing when I come in
>boss smiles and asks me to sit down
>meeting goes on like normal

I don't understand???
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Do you normally attend these meetings?
You were obviously late.
Did you fuck one of the fat chicks at work or something. Original.

>Put soap in the dishwasher
>Turn it on
>It finishes
>Dishes are clean
>Soap has vanished

Atheists cannot explain this
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One time I accidentally put dish soap instead of dishwasher detergent in the dishwasher and came back to find my kitchen floor covered a foot deep in suds.
That was God punishing you for touching yourself
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>put soap in the dishwasher
>she screams at me to stop


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Hey robros! What is your favorite color?
I like black and I wear it everyday.
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I like all colours equally!
I like grey the most
Black is also my favourite colour
My second favourite colour is burgundy

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How do I stop developing feelings for every female that shows me a smallest bit of attention or companionship?
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get agf

lower your standards (fat included)

bee yourself
I want to know this also...
Have a bump
start working out.

i'm serious

>make thread to discuss interesting things
>0 replies
>make thread with bait
>100 replies, mods delete it
>make repetitive thread thats been posted 100times
>400 replies, Thread Archived

Why has this site gone to shit this past 2 years?

Why are there so many trash mods that let shit threads live and anything remotely different or interesting is 404d

When was the last time a mod even interacted and posted here like the old times? I hate this website now
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Why are you posting Pajeets?
Only threads that make it past 10 replies are tranny ERP threads and normalfag shit(hug your x, fembot general, etc.)
Those are Mexicans, not injuns.

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Is he immortal? This meme seems to be unkillable.
Has there ever been another like him? I can't think of one.
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some reason this is what i imagine pepes voice is like
Seems like pepe has gotten more popular than ever the past year with all the election themed pepe memes and mainstream media attention.

>be me 22 year old straight male
>met a qt trap you online and got an awesome BJ last weekend
>wants me to fuck her(his) boipussy this weekend

Lol, what it do robots?
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are you gay
File: s1e10_thumb[1].jpg (17KB, 464x261px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no, im totally straight, thats whats so crazy about all this
how big is your benis? I had a trap succ my 3 incher once but never called back.

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l spot a lot of females (XX) wearing these. Tell me about them. Why do they wear the chokers?
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we have this thread 5x a day every day.

go choke on cock OP
Wondering the same thing... Its probably something just seen as cool to do, nothing more, nothing less.
I too wonder what could possibly be the reason that female american women have attached themselves to wearing this clothing

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Anyone else hate their birthday? I feel like I should be out doing something amazing, and then get depressed when it's just another normal day.
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Anton did nothing wrong
Yesterday (21) was my birthday and i unironically had the worst day of my life. won't hijack your thread though
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thread theme song,

Just a reminder that you are trash and deserve the depression,sadness and woe in your life. You are only good for one thing and that is to suffer while all the normal people live good lives.
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How can you say this with a wicked heart yourself?

Very contradictory i say
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>needing this reminder

you dont come here often do you
I know.
I'm just sorry that I inconvenience people with my presence.
I try to stay out of people's way.

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Why is incest such a popular fetish?
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For weirdos like me it's because familial love is special, and because I can't really imagine having a close relationship with a girl who I'm not related to. For normies it's because they get off to it being taboo I think.
It's nature's way of reminding you not to race mix or breed to far off your own lineage.
It's only for people without siblings

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>sister was awful to me growing up
>she was a bully, manipulative, and condescending
>still pretty awful now
>just avoid her at this point
>recently diagnosed with clinical depression
>possibly gonna get bipolar II slapped on my file soon
>suddenly sister is the nicest person in the world
>always trying to help me
>trying to say good thing about me

Should I just let her pad her ego by virtue signalling with how good she is to her fucked up brother or should I call her out on it?
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chances are she feels genuine guilt

bring it up maturely with her in private first
Tell her to fuck off; remove her from your life.
Use it to fuck her and get jer pregnant

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