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I'm not sure which phone cover I should get
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me neither, they're both really cute
Watermelon one is better imo
The smug Asuka watermelon one on is better.

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Why are men so pushy?

>be female
>have male coworker who started the same day as me
>we get along and work pretty well together
>but anytime I even slightly struggle with something he asks if I need help
>say I'm going to go get something we need, he asks if I know where it is
>boss is talking to both of us but I'm kind of a step behind coworker, he shifts his stance and pretty much cuts me out of the conversation so that I have to walk around him
>he always has to be the one to present an idea/finding to the boss, even if it was my idea
>always wants to put his hands on what I'm working on
>expects me to hand him things when I'm getting them to use myself

I don't do any of this stuff to him (that I'm aware of) because it's pushy and rude. Other than that he's cool and I have no problems with him, but man that shit is annoying. I'm in the same position as him and I'm not fucking incompetent.

And then men will tell you that this is female """privilege"""
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Tbh sounds like one guy only. You don't notice the wizard in the cubicle with his headphones.
>Why are men so pushy?
He's not pushy.
He's trying to flirt with you and has no idea how to do it.
Well I don't have a lot of basis for comparison because we're both still pretty new and when I work with more experienced people I'm not on a level playing field with them so it's not the same. I've noticed that kind of stuff here and there in the past with other guys, but I work with this guy a lot and it's become really obvious.

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Just think how much cum has been spilt by normies having sex. How much cum has turned into people.

Lets assume that there's a 3.5ml of ejaculate per time. And that each person has sex 1000 times. It's probably more, but there. Times that by 7 billion and you have about 24,500,000,000 litres of cum.

And lets just assume that those 7 billion are men in the past, too. It's probably lots more cum in total. But just think about it.

24,500,000,000 litres of cum.

Am I wrong?
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>tfw you'll never drown in an ocean of semen
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>And that each person has sex 1000 times

the fuck?
some of it would be nigger semen

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Who /secondwave/ and /radfem/ here?

TERFs only.

Here's something I wrote last night about the male fascination with female clothing and autogynephilia:

>Men see women who wear dressy clothing as distinctly feminine, and they're usually more attracted to them (for a number of reasons, some as simple as how women who are in dressy clothes are more likely to be putting a lot of effort into their appearance). In men there's a tendency to first want to worship the female body and second own it, and this extends to a fascination with things the 'ideal' female body, in their minds, is associated with. For them dressy clothing is a symbol of sexual power----due largely to the fact that they themselves are familiar with their own attraction to these dressy women----and they enjoy indulging themselves with these symbols in mind; dreaming up the sexual conquests they could make if only they were as alluring as they find these women. I think some men also view this kind of woman as inherently more sympathetic than themselves or other women, so there's a social element to the fascination too. For a man who's feeling vulnerable, lazy, frustrated or unsure, he's attracted to the escapism offered by imagining being a pretty girl who everyone protects and fawns over, and who gets exactly what she wants all the time.
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I cringed hard.

Women need men. You have rape fantasies lol.
Nobody cares, cunt. Radfems don't know anything about being transgender. They are all obsessed with chicks with dicks

>women need men, so it doesn't matter how many injustices are carried out against women

>men need women so it's fine when women accuse them of false rape

Nice nuanced sociological theory.

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Post some Robot-core music

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Best Pink album t b h f a m


Here's a secret... Most of them are gud

I like pre-Wall albums best tho.


Is the Aphex Twin one ambient? Like me some ambient

>little sister keeps stealing my underwear

I dont know what to do anymore
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do you think she sniffs them? that would make me quite horny
She is a tranny and wants to be a dude.
Steal her clothes and wear them.
I read a doujin once where the older sister became a dude and the younger brother transitioned to be a girl then they became a couple.
Give her a bap

Gonna need the sauce if you've got it

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>billions of humans had sex
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> 51% of the population are women
> still no gf

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>Someone creampied your mom
Your mom is a lewd slut
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download (21).jpg
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>this guy had sex
>you didn't

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>tfw kids born in the year 2000 are going to start camwhoring next year
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That also means you can start dating them.

t. guy that only fucks girls 17 to 19
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>t. guy that only fucks girls 17 to 19
Why do you delude yourself?
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>tfw people born after 9/11 already know how to drive

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>wake up

>look down

>See this

What do you do?
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Mushroom for her pleasure
Put it down the wood. It is a mushroom
Call a doctor

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hey guys i posted here a few days ago about a girl that was coming over to my apartment.
sorry it took so long to tell how it went, i have been busy that's not true, i just forgot...

>so i got showered and tossed my piss bottles out in the dumpster,
>i cooked up some chicken and yellow rice before she showed up
>you know it's going to be an interesting night when the girl shows up with a case of beer and a mohawk.
>we ate the food while watching return of the living dead (good movie)
>talked about music and recommended music to each other
>we both drank some beer
>realized she was a chain smoker (she was here for about 3 and half hours and must have smoked like 5-6 cigs in that time)
>at some point we started makeing out, feeling each other up
>she said we cant have sex right now because she was on her period.
>but that didn't stop her from pulling my pants down and sucking my dick.
>shit was so cash
>once she was done her friend showed up to pick her up
>we kissed goodbye and she left

overall i like this chick and had a good night. still a virgin but im on my way.
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I'm happy for you Anon.
Hopefully you'll be free of this place soon, come by and shitpost every once in a while though wontcha.
God speed
5-6 Cigs in 3.5h is far from being a chain smoker.

Great evening though, happy for you pal!
Congrats anon! oringino comment

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>girl cheats on me with her ex
>this has happened with every girl I've dated
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>trusting roasties
you deserve it
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I know anon, I'm an idiot. I can never trust them...
>stay single
>never experience cheating
Really gets the neurons flaring

What does it mean to be a real man to you?
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to be the opposite of everything that defines me
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Ideally this image.
Realistically, just have one thing you'd die for.

Still not bad.

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hey i love you all <3

hope everyone here had a nice day

expect the evil pedophiles and psychopaths :3
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Hey there Anon, it's a shame your thread has no replies! I love you too, and I hope you have a great evening!
i love you MORE what now?
and the furries. Fucking furries freak me out

Guess what: I'm a ''Stacy''

I've been using 4chan for 8 years now. I'm an MIS and Marketing major, top of my class. I have an IQ of 146. I'm only a sophomore and have had 7 internships. I'm a member of the MENSA society. I voted for Trump. I'm not a feminist, however, I'm probably more intelligent than most of you in this thread.

Wether you like it or not, females are comperable. I'm not here to steal your money. I'll probably make more than you. I'm not going to make you a sandwhich, I'll have my personal chef do it. The ironic thing is my father married for looks and I'm actually attractive as well. Cocky? Yes. Ashamed? No.


Also I'll be your CEO one day
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She wrote all that out in a rage, that much is obvious.
No one's buying your LARPing bullshit, roastie.
this is some pasta that has been circulating for some months now. saw it on /pol/

>"You want to join, don't you anon?"
What would you do?
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I delete /a/ for having shit taste and being the worst board.
Whose feet would you lick first? I think I'd start with Mio's.
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Only Mio. The rest can go fuck themselves.

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