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What comes across your mind after reading this, r9k?
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I wonder if this Aimee Knight is cute.
amateur blogpost shit probably written by a woman

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> try an hour straight to think of a new color
> notice how autistic it is
> rethink life decisions
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Sounds high to me
>an hour straight
I have news for you, anon
I experience colors other people don't. They exist. AMA

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How do I get (you)s? No one ever responds to me
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Pretend you are a girl. Say something really feminist and you will get tons of (You)s.
just subtly imply that you are a super chad, or underage, or a woman, or say something incredibly retarded, and (you)s will be guaranteed.

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how do I stop missing him
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Get yourself some drugs
If parents ded: understand that this is natural, they die before you do as a general rule.
If boyfriend and you are girl: time heals all wounds.
if boyfriend and you are boy: therapy to deal with mental illness
if brother: that sucks, no advice
if friend: no experience, can't help
come stay with me honey bunny I'll fug you somethin real good

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Just had sex with my best friend of five years and it ruined our relationship and I lost the best thing I had in life.

Why do you feel like killing yourself, robots?
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Can you describe how it ruined your relationship?
hes friend fucked him in the ass now hes butthurt about it
She doesn't see me the same way now, sees it as a mistake, is afraid I'm in love with her and hates herself for feeling this way.

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>rejected by another tranny
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They don't want guys who want them they want guys who are willing to role-play that they are identical to a female in every way without ever breaking character
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>rejected by another Prostitute
Mcfucking kill me already
to go off of what this anon said, they don't want guys that want them because they are trannies. they can sense that a mile away. pretend they're normal girls and treat them that way and they will fall for you

Seems like the normies have a 50 day challenge where they ultimately kys, it's called the "Blue Whale Game".

Any russianons got a copy of the 50 tasks to share with us?

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I have to admit that I watch horrortheater.

His videos aren't bad if you just take his topics as interesting spectacles and not "spoooky shit ur pants" scary horror videos

The blue whale game is a meme though, right? Nobody's actually THAT retarded.

Sounds a lot like the plot of "nerve"
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Checking the Wikipedia article it seems like 150 or so russians offed themselves playing the blue meme game.

Then a large number of cases in South America with kids carving blue whales into their arms before jumping to death.

Those are not 'normies' mostly they are just kids who are being abused online and blackmailed what leads to their suicides.
t. Russian

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can I get all the protein I need from this? it says 11g essential amino acids

sorry I'm new to nutrition please educate me
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i mean.... you COULD..... but you shouldn't. go to /fit/ and ask them
I'm recovering from a serious b12 deficiency and feel rotten if I don't get enough protein. also I do cardio daily
But it can replace a meal so you could manage off that and a few eggs or some spinach chicken salad plus plenty complex aminos to break it down because you're poor like me.

we might not ever get a meme as good as pepe & wojak
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That's where you're wrong, Kiddo

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Good, if frogger and fagface are what you call good I hope you never do
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at least we were around to witness its birth

we're a part of autist history

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Could you date a blind girl? How about a deaf girl? It'd be quite the responsibility.
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I would. I've seen some really cute deaf girls, but approaching them is hard.
Mainly because you have to write down everything
It's my dream to date a blind person. Where do I meet one?
>It's my dream to date a blind person.
Why's that?

And sadly, I've never met one. At least, one that wasn't old.

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>l love my dog more than i'll love you
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And you'll be fucking it more than anyone else ever OP
I recently told a girl I loved her and withdrew the claim quickly because I thought I weirded her out.

At a certain point the idea of living anyone seems completely bizarre.
I love any dog more than I'll love you

>eat 400 calories a day while swimming in the pool to try and lose weight
>drive past a wendy's
>cave in to my desires and buy a triple stacked limited time bacon queso burger with baconator fries
>stomach is fucking killing me, i won't survive the bathroom

it was worth it. best limited edition fast food burger of 2017
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You'll still lose weight. That thing ain't 1600 calories.
400 calories a day is considered anorexic. Why aren't you trying to lose weight the safe way? If you eat more it will keep you from bingeing on junk food.
Why are fatties so fucking retarded when it comes to losing weight? Just count calories and eat 300 below your TDEE

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Hey everyone. I have trouble making friends, so my mom thought it would be a good idea if I stared a discord server. Pic is of me, what do you think? I'm interested if there are any single ladies on 2nite. I AM NOT GAY. I go by the gamertag condemned but my name is Zack. I like to roller skate, and do cross stitching with my nana.

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Sounds really cool, bro. I'll be sure to check it out.
My name is John, not Zack. That was a typo.
Cool banana pick John! :)

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How a literal fucking cat saved me from being a beta faggot for the rest of my life
>be 19
>Just got fired from my shitty job for not showing up
>didn't really care
>spend weeks browsing 4chan and playing vidjya
>still no job

Let me also clarify this by saying I HAVE some friends and also social media. But I often never hang out or talk to any of them and I never posted anything on social media ever. Also, no girlfriend/virgin. I'm pretty average looking, not ugly autismo levels of betafaggotry, but that combined with social awkwardness kept me from dating anybody.


>one day after a month of not working (managed to get by having saved up a good $3000 in my savings
>i see a cat
>a rando fucking cat just hanging out in my yard
>I loved cats so I grabbed a few crackers and crushed them up to bring out to it.
>cat comes RIGHT up to me and lets me pet it/feed it whatever
>doesn't have a collar
>not sure if it has owner but it was really friendly.
>follows me onto porch where i give it a bowl of water
>laps that shit UP (must've been parched)

I also owned a cat before back when I was 7. But I never really took care of it. Was mostly my mom who did. I wasn't any good of an owner.

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:-)continue anon I just got off a 10 hours shift
>he writes greentexts by the post and doesn't write it all out in wordpad to paste into the thread
>get old collar and leash and put it on it
>walk around neighborhoood to see if cat'll walk home itself
>literally just chills outside next to my house
>waks around a little bit but mostly stays in same general area
>open back up door and it darts in
>it was getting dark out, so figured i'd let it stay the night and check about ownership tomorrow
>next day
>walk around neighborhood looking for lost cat posters and asking around
>still nothing
>last cat's name was Zelda so in keeping up with a LoZ tradition i name this one Midna for now. at least until i find owner
>take cat home and realize it has nothing to do
>thinking i might need to keep this thing for a while i go to the store
>get some food, catnip, and kitty litter
>get home give it some catnip (Midna loves that good kush) and set up a cardboard box for her to shit in
>feed it regularly for a couple weeks
>periodically check neighborhood for missing cat posters and shit
>fucking nothing
>a month passes and i've basically declared Midna to be mine at this point

God damn I wish I were Japanese

fucking why
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>God damn I wish I were Japanese

even being an average japanese boy is better than my shit life
I wish I were literally anyone else and the me I currently am didn't exist.
No you fucking don't. Especially if you're male.

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