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>"just grab a pair of clippers and try to replicate a style you like, you'll be fine!"

I'm wearing a fucking hat tomorrow.
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bad picture to judge on but you look fine dude...

maybe go to the barber and be like "my friend said he'd cut my hair for cheap and that he was good but could you clean it up a bit?"

but honestly u dont need to in a week it'll grow out a bit and be fine
I'll see what happens. Was going for an HJ look, but in hindsight the hair left on top needs to be about two inches longer to pull it off perfectly.
Stupid as fuck. Just put it on your second or third shortest guide and shave it even all the way around. In your case, just finish off the top with one size bigger than what you did on the sides.

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bottle fuck.jpg
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Fembots, do you use household things as a dildo?
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I'm a male anon, I once lubed up a hairbrush handle and shoved the whole thing up my ass.
Yes, sometimes I put my masculine LARPing penis in my ass. It takes a little bit of effort to get it all the way back there but it isn't impossible.
No, but I grind the edge of my desk like in my Chinese cartoon porn

hey /r9k/ i'm drunk and lonely ask me anything

why is drinking so much fun i'm gonna get fat if i keep doing this

i wish i had a gf or bf
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fast please.gif
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okay but you have to answer really quickly
ok what
go find me a gif of a dinosaur and it must be a good one

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ITT: really cozy games
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Stardew Valley is my #1 probs
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HiRoads is something special.
File: aurora-6788456.jpg (438KB, 1575x1003px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Really stimulates my autism

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>start lifting and eating a fuckton
>don't feel so depressed anymore
why don't you guys start lifting and raise your testosterone levels/ cure your meme depression?
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I am anon, it's a long road but it's working.

Weird to think 4chan would have a positive impact on my life
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I am a nightwalker/runner, it honestly does help with depression. I'm going to get a gym membership soon and start lifting along with scaling back my cardio down to only 1-2 nights a week.

Doesn't change the fact I'm a virgin neet though.
/fit/ is actually a decent board save for the e-celeb threads; much more optimistic than r9k.
>walking through the caffeinated jew aisle of grocery store and muttering 'sips' to myself

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Let's watch the Intuitive betas try to figure out why people take these tests while the Sensory chads bask in their virgin rage, not giving a fuck if the MBTI should be taken seriously (protip: it shouldn't).

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ISTP OP here.
File: MBTI Functions.jpg (2MB, 3643x4328px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
MBTI Functions.jpg
2MB, 3643x4328px
Oh, I forgot a link.

ENTP here

ENTP girls are the only ones i get along with, but there's a huge rift of curiosity between us.

maybe i'll find love one day

i feel betrayed right now
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Don't worry anon, you can tell us everything.
I know, right? You give them a home and they just HAVE to go and steal your blood anyways.
Not like I needed that or anything, dicks.
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>try to pull them off and the little blood sucking faggot would rather tear it's head off than let go
>head is stuck now and might get infected

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It's simple: post your fave Touhou and explain why you like them.

I'll go first.

>Kogasa Tatara
She's cute and has those juicy abandonment issues to exploit.
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rally fal.jpg
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I like Miss Suzuki Subaru because she's pretty and shoots guns really well
File: marisa.png (427KB, 576x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like marisa because I like witches
I like this one because it wags it's tail

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>meet first girl in my life who is attracted to me
>wasn't hot but she was cute
>we really click and we start dating
>fall pretty hard in love with each other >finally get physical after about 8 months
>lose my v card to her
>it's all good. feels great and we're both really fucking happy
>fugg again a few days later (this actually happened a few weeks ago)
>she starts crying really hard in the middle of sex
>panic, pull out and ask her what's wrong
>she says "w-why..."
>confused as fuck ask her "why what?"
>I'm freaking the fuck out at this point because she's bawling her eyes out hysterically
>"w-why did you rape me!? WHY!?"
>my heart sinks
>feel a knot in my stomach
>really feel like I'm starting to pass out
>try to hug her and tell her I didn't do anything
>she pushes me off and buries her face in a pillow still crying hysterically
>won't talk to me
>loses her shit every time I try to touch her
>put my clothes on and fuck off home as fast as I can
>she hasn't answered my texts or calls begging her to talk to me since that day
This fucking sucks. I'm so fucking stressed and scared. Been shitting bricks over here since that day. Am I going to jail or something? Why would she even say that? FUCK I'm scared
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Holy fucking shit man. What the fuck did I just read. Women are insane.
Just because you are dating doesn't mean she wanted to fuck, I hope you enjoy your jail ;)
How did you stick your penis in with her not saying anything?

i cant sleep
i keep crying and my cuts hurt
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Then don't cut yourself dude, also put some ice or some shit on them idk, it'll be alright bud
>booohoo im the source of my own pain.
Im sorry anon. I know it hurts to do that but you need to try to get help

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Gas the Preps.jpg
222KB, 800x1100px
Why don't we all become goths?

>act depressed and miserable
>wear dark clothing
>listen to edgy music no one has ever heard of
>claim that no one can understand them
>rarely go outside (except to meet with other goths)
>are white

We'd literally all be top tier goths, and could probably find ourselves cute "mistresses of the dark."
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>act depressed and miserable


you are aware that most goths are 15 year old edgy fucks who are always going outside to hang out with other emos and to go to concerts.

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imagine being in japan
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why would you at all want to live here are you retarded
I want to breed cute japanese girls
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>why would you at all want to live here are you retarded
I like it there

What music is /r9k/ into?
>fav bands
>fav songs
>fav genres
Also post links to some music.
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>OP is gay
>OP is a faggit, OP sucks kawk, OP visits the homosex dungeon
>genre: Gay
My favorite band is probably death, especially their last album the sound of perseverance and the control denied's fragile art of existence (with is from the same guy).
but I'm starting to listen to yes a lot lately.
I also like vektor




here it is my favorite song


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Hey robots, have you ever tried nofap? Does it really works? Tell us your experience
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It doesn't really count, but after two days of not fapping I had a prostate orgasm
I just got hornier and more bored
works for what? what result are you expecting?
for me it just make me have lewd dreams and cum sleeping

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Do you have any sources of human interaction other than exchanging (You)s on 4chan?
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>implying i ever get (you)s

i feel like i'm talking to myself on here most of the time
Here's a (you) since I know your pain. Sometimes I wonder if my posts even show up
File: 1480393209928.jpg (157KB, 959x777px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 959x777px
i appreciate it, anon. have a (you) as well.

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