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Welcome to the rest of your miserable life after high school.
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This isnt that bad of a thought once you embrace the fact that pain is unavoidable in life. Even if you werent to give in to a wagecuck lifestyle, the only alternative would be a neet lifestyle and thats pretty painful in its own way too.
I remember being in high school and seeing people I knew a few years older than me doing apprenticeships for like construction and shit and it knocked the wind out of me.

Now that high school is over and I'm a NEET it would actually be a great success to be doing that. NEETs aren't qualified to clean toilets.
Besides the fact that they have to shit in dirty port-o-pottys and that a lot of them are delusional failed normie retards, people who work construction are actually quite happy.

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How can white brainlets even compete?
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a repost of a repost of a repost of a repost of a repost
Get this nigglet working on FTL space travel asap
What standard deviation test did he use?

How much does he want to kill himself?

These questions my dude

I fucking hate how in this day and age women get to wear booty shorts and show off their sexuality whenever they please

but i cant be masculine or acknowledge their sexuality without being called a pervert, even though im acting on natural instinct too

Are men going to become so submissive that we turn into women?
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>are men going to turn into women
this is the tranny apocalypse, soon we will all be consumed
women are dressing this way more and more because they need to up their game to catch men. men are less likely to chase women these days so if they turn more guys on with skimpy clothes they have better odds. women dont want guys to actually treat them like whores just because they dress like whores (ironically). women just want to get in your head and fuck with you so that youre interested in them. obviously if you are a 10/10 chad they are going to let you get away with more shady behavior.
your just not the person there flaunting there sexuality for

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Guiding question: why does everyone hate us?
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People see your disdain for being in groups as a personal offense. Like as if you are too good for them. They don't see it as an expression of your individuality, and a lack of desire to conform to something that breaks your principles.
because you are a hyperemotional faggot
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The crybaby meme is completely true. I'm INFP and take any comment, even jokingly in an extremely personal way. Probably why i'm a complete social loser.

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how bad of an idea would it be for me to wear a gopro on my forehead everywhere when I go to college? Would it crush my chances of getting to know people. Would I stand out too much?
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why in the everliving fuck would you want to do that?
to record obviously
nigga why tho

origigigigignnnanalallallllll commmennnttt

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>never message matches
>matches never message me

oh well
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hurr you are a male thus you have to make the first move durr
Message matches
>never respond back

Sometimes i get fatties that tricked me and i do the same oh well such is life
I get a good amount of matches but I would say one in every five I message would actually respond back

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>one by one, people that used to like me stopped giving a shit
>absolutely friendless, even the few online friends that used to talk to me don't even initiate chatting anymore, when I do they barely reply or don't at all
>can't enjoy videogames or TV anymore, so I have almost nothing to keep myself entertained
>only person that I can talk to is my mom, but more often than not she is passive-aggressive towards me for literally no reason
>pic related is more true than ever
I don't understand, I try to be nice with everyone, I can't be THIS unlikeable, something is off. One of those days I will lose it and neck myself.
>implying this thread won't die with 0 replies too
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You can have my reply if it will make you feel better then.
Isn't this whole board for lonely robots though?
Why do we need a thread for it?
Get a fucking job faggot, will make you feel better.

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A woman 14 years older than me that I met online wants me to impregnate her, but I would be seen only as a donor and not the father as she wants to be the only caregiver. Should I do it? She's hot.
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children deserve better than being raised by a single mother
yes, thats a win win win. you get sex, get to spread your seed, and don't have to pay to raise a brat

get it in writing
Your life will be shitty
The kids life will be shitty
But u get that pucci

Choose urself

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>want to work in construction no matter how difficult it is
>working out and exercising for past year to prepare for it
>parents still going to make me go to college
>only have $8k so cant just move out at 18

any construction workers here?
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>only have eight thousand

what's with this retarded millenial generation(people born after the year 2000)?

When I turned eighteen, they kicked me out and I had no dollars. That's probably why you guys are all such failures. You stay in the nest and never have to learn to fly. I mean, there are tons of reasons you guys are failures, not just that one, but that might be a big one.
$8k is like 4-5 months in or near a city
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zero dollars is like zero months in a city

say more retarded things why don't you, dumbass?

Who else here has anhedonia? Probably going to start killing people and eating them here soon because nothing satisfies me anymore.
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are you a woman? cuz this is actually a funny post.
yes I am a woman give me your address and we can have secks ;)))
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tip of the cap doll. thanks a checkmate.

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What depression and anxiety meds you on?

>tfw wanted xanex but got ativan
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600mg a day
Lyrica 300mg
Valium 5mg take if necessary (I usually take 15mg)
Ambien 10mg, take 20mg
How is the ambiance?
My uncle had it and said it gave him nightmares

Beards are your solution.
It's that simple.
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What about us baldlets?
What's our solution?


want a beard but dont want to hide my glorious germanic chin
How do I spur beard growth? After I shave my pathetic excuse for a beard grows back in a day but it peaks at that, I've let it go for three months and it doesn't grow any more than neck beard.

>be 25 year old black virgin
>impossible to get friends
>move south
>almost 100% of the women I walk past stare at me and at least half are smiling
>women out of nowhere start conversations with me
>everytime I go to a restaurant the female cashiers/cooks slip me extra food, and give me free drinks
>go on lunch break and sit down in lobby
>woman walks up to me and talks about how she saw me earlier
>mfw people are watching me and remembering all the details of what I do

Holy shit I think if I were to ask a woman out she'd say yes. Am I suddenly attractive?
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Go for it. They obviously want that bbc.
If you have a small cock, don't ever have sex with any of the women. Once one finds out, everyone will know and all the girls will stop giving you attention.
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feels smoke.png
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this is the highest quality bait i've seen in a while

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Studio Gibbayyyyy.png
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Anybody else excited about this? I bought my tickets for Howl's Moving Castle and this one. I've heard all the soundtracks on Pandora and loved it but haven't seen any of the movies yet.
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Sheeeit, that's a 3 hour drive, but I'll go. If you see an ugly robot, that's me.
Yes, I am all of them
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Talentless hacks
Ghibli is normieme, not anime. Ghibli/Miyazaki began the westernization (necrosis) of anime.

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Why do people go out of their way to blame one's problems on a general whole like blaming women and saying they're all shit and the reason why you don't have a girlfriend is the reason your life sucks, yet those people fail to realize that even if you had a girl friend something else in life would probably make it just as shitty. This is the kind of failure of human society and individualism that baffles me is the reliance on sources outside of your own mind that make people think their life is shit when in reality everything they've done is just a product of their own mindset and thinking ability.

Primal instinctual ability of the mind should be something of an evolutionary biproduct at this point especially when you live in an entirely logistical and linear society where the main goal is to serve and prolong the constant flow of meaningless life that will not matter in a few thousand years. The simple underlining of daily life and thought process is too far ingrained in every day society that no one thinks out side of the normality or beyond something and no one comprehends things as themselves per a gradient and limits themselves to only the things they know and are of familiarity.

That is the problem with the modern world since the early 1900's and the human race since forever.
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>shits on people for blaming general groups for their specific problems
>proceeds to shit on general groups as being the cause of specific problems
Circular logic is a hell of a drug
This would only make sense if I was someone offended by the human race and saw it as a cause of my suffering and then proclaimed to blame the entire race for my one individual faults in life. I'm purely analyzing the design faults of a human race mind set.
You sound either very high or very 17, my dude. You doin' ok?

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