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Alright robot9000+1

Time for a desktop thread.
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owo desktops??
what the fuck nerds, post your desktops!
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oh i try, yes dear lord do i try

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>therapist reports me to the police because she thinks I'm going end up hurting a bunch of white people

Even therapy can't seem to help my growing hate for white folk
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why u mad though?

You deserve to be jailed, nigger. Learn your place.
Do you hate us for our freedoms or because we're beautiful?

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Any white boys in NYC looking to suck some dick this week? hmu.
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Damn you you piece of shit bot youre the unoriginal faggot not me
New York City is a beautiful city but I would never live there it's too chaotic
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A soft nigga like you just can't handle it.

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>"As you know, military service here in Israel is compulsory - 2 years for women - so, like, I'm kinda busy with that right now. What have you been doing with yourself since finishing school, anon?"

What respond you?
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>"seeing how many times I can jack off in one day"
>talking to her instead of gassing her

>shitskin sephardic jew
>not a 10/10 ashkenzi euro hyrbrid model

up0 your game son

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>tfw there are pets being treated and fed better than me
Are pet humans a thing? I'm serious.
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The following statement is not a work of fiction
>Are pet humans a thing?
That's basically what adult NEETs who are still fully supported by their parents are. I feel that way at least.

Why is it generally considered bad for a human adult to be dependent on their parents when millions of people pay for pets that do nothing other than provide their presence? I think a good percentage of pet owners spend more money on their pets than my parents do on me.
Not a real thing, but the Pet Shop Boys were quite a good band.

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It's another
>why does anything exist

I hate having these thoughts. Makes me feel so empty especially as a KHV. When the thought pops in my head my mind goes blank and all I see is black. I just don't understand how we came to be from nothing to do nothing.
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As long as these threads keep popping up I'm gonna keep coming in and telling you to look into the work of Alan Watts.
Or, you know, you could fucking Google.

I will look into his work ty

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>Be wagecuck
>Work inna drive-thru
>Irritable person to begin with, people in drive-thru aren't the best either
>Butthurt constantly
>There's always flies hovering around the corner
>Take my frustration out on one and either crush it or poison it with cleaning solution
>Feel immediate remorse when I watch it stumble around dying from toxins or wriggle from having not been crushed enough
>Tell myself I'll never do it again
>The cycle repeats

What's wrong with me?
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Wage cuck, wage cuck, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when your boss screams at you.
They don't because I don't have shitty managers.
That is a cute little shark

Is there any point to NO PORN as a near 30 year old HHKV who cannot get attention from the opposite sex due to an entire list of negative attributes?
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For fuck's sake, it doesn't matter.
Can't hurt to try. Tough as fug, tho.
yes, porn and masturbation are degenerate activities
you are literally better than the majority of other people if you don't masturbate or consume pornography

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I want milky! :)
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Fuck you I want cummies
Story? How did you get that bruise on your knee?
Can I suck mommy?

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if so why what are pros? literally the most weird substance in the world some say its antidepressant etc
I dont currently probably will never start again
dude weed lmao
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lol bump what is dis
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they ask do u smoke cigs at work application too

what is this trickery
I want this meme to go places, I really do

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What stage are you guys at?
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When he said he wasn't going to audit the federal reserve.

That's all I care about and why I voted for him...
fuck off Hillary go back innawoods

I just saw a video of an alt-right white supremacist Trumper violently attack a woman who was protesting Trump...these are the people who have come out of the woodwork since we elected Orange Mussolini...

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>Go to wikipedia
>click "random article"
>follow the links in the article until you get to the article on autism
>do it in as few clicks as possible
>post results

Micheal Zondani Katambo
Edgar Lungu
Law school
Harvard Law School
Catch Me If You Can
A Beautiful Mind (film)
Paranoid schizophrenia
Mental disorder
Autism spectrum
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Maestro Reverendo
Musical instrument
Mental disorder
Autism spectrum
>Atlantic Avenue Railroad
>Urban legend
>Mental health
I feel like I just crushed that, highlight of my day.
damn, that's pretty impressive. You're some kind of autistic savant

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The best memory I have where I was alone is a night about a year ago where i just stared out the window at the thunderstorm watching the lightning and listening to music. I haven't felt that relaxed since.
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Smoking cannabis in my backyard and looking at the stars at 1am and suddenly realising that the whole universe is like a brain, and that we are the part that can realize itself.
Recently, read "The House Was Quiet and The World Was Calm" in a summer night in the backyard of my house.

I wasn't even reading a book of poetry but something completely unrelated, a book called "The Shallows" that talks about the influence of the internet in our brains. The author added the poem in a section and it caught me by surprise.
I know (intellectually) that I've felt what you're describing, but my head is so foggy I can't even pull a single feel to reminisce about right now.
Your feels sound nice.

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Hey everybody. I'm
experiencing anot intense anxiety attack bright on by hypochondria.
Ive had a pain in my left abdomen for a couple of weeks now, and now I'm scared to death my spleen ruptured and I'm slowly dying. It just made some strange sounds too....
>mfw nobody to confide in

Any other axons experience hypochondria?
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I'm the same way anon it's a horrible curse we've been given

My best advice is to not obsess and just ignore it, but you know as well as I do that it doesn't work that easy
I am like that too. Can you go to a doctor, or are you American and have it cost an arm and a leg?
Time seems to be the cure, and what intensifies it.

Good luck my friend.

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hello i am new to discord and looking for a comfy discord server to join. I am quiet and like to listen
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discord more like gay
haha gottem
Does it need to be a discord with tons of VC activity?

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