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>tfw no qt braphog bf
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>tfw can't gain enough fat to become BHM
I wonder how the fat anons on this board do it.
tfw this picture is me except not cute
tfw bigger than this boy with a full beard and hairy chest and tummy

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Normal fags and robots how did you make your friends? I want to understand this phenomenon
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attraction (finding interesting about someone)

trust (spend time together.)
I only have one friend and thats because he is from my childhood.
I once had a devotee though, which was pretty cool. Basically this really dumb, incompetent guy thought I was his ultimate friend and teacher and would give me gifts and buy me as much weed as I wanted in exchange for free psychological counselling and sharing of my transcendental knowledge.
Awww that's so flicking cute! >____<

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Any robots plan on an heroing?

What's holding you back from doing it now? Why do you want to end your life? What method will you use?
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I don't know why I haven't done it yet. I remember 8 years ago I attempted 3 times within a year.

I figured I could buy two guns and shoot them at the same time. One at my heart and one in my brainstem
its like this, like half the time if there was an instant death button id press it and even though i think about shootibg myself everyday i doubt i ever will. i have 00 buck and a 12 gauge but the shells are from the 1980s. id be afraid id fail or not fie instantly and honestly even though id press the button, actually killing yourself is easier said than done

my mom has told me "if you ever kill yourself id be so damned mad, id find you in heaven and beat you" even though i know heaven isnt real this tells me that if i lived id ve treated like shit so why do it and complicate shit

but id totally choose the instant death button
is shotgun in mouth almost guaranteed instant death? what about with 30 years old buck shot thats basically in brand new shape

and is doing it in your backyard in a subdivision a bad idea since people and paramedics could be there in like a few seconds

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What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can't I make friends or find a gf? I have plenty of good qualities, hell, I could even pass for a normie. I'm decent looking, smart but not obnoxious about it, friendly, etc but I just cannot find anyone to like me back. Just finished my freshman year in college and I'm really frustrated cuz I thought this shit would end after high school.

Non rhetorical question: what could be wrong with me that I'm overlooking?
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read gorilla mindset by mike cernovich

it may or may not help you

it sure helped me
Invite people you like to do things with you.

If they accept it means they like you and will probably invite you to do things with them.
Also make sure to say lots of nice things to people. I say nice things to people all the time and they love it.

Sometimes I even go up to random people and tell them their outfit looks really nice.

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suicide fail thread? i'll start
>be me
>around 12 years old
>depressed af
>look for food at my grandmothers house
>notice top shelf is full of pills
>eat a whole container
>3 days later, nothing happened
>kept the container
>looked at it
>tfw i tried to overdose on tic tacs
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I've always wondered what would happen if you ate the whole thing at once. I guess nothing after all.
At most the sweetener would give you diarrhea.
It's worse than you thought, he became a robot after that.

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>customers casually calls you by your name on your nametag
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>get to the cash register
>greet wagie and smile, maintaining eye contact
>they turn to the register to enter some numbers
>quickly glance at their nametag and look away quickly so they don't notice that their nametag was read
>they finish the transaction and hand over the receipt
>thanks [name]
>smile and leave
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>have a name
>people use it
>Work at call centre
>Ringing through to someone who also works at a call centre.
>Hello, my name is anon from [my department] I have a customer on the line who needs to get through to [your department]
>Hello, anon, how's it going? Thanks, anon, I'll take that call for you, anon. Just pass the customer through when you're ready, anon.

Nigga who do you think you're fooling? They gave me that bullshit "constantly repeat the person's name" advice when I started as well.

Like I know we're supposed to bullshit the customers,but you should recognize that everyone else who works there also knows the bullshit tactics. Just talk like regular person ffs.

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>tfw there are people who are stupider, uglier, and poorer getting laid tonight
How do I deal with this feel
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I'm just fine m8. I might be one of them.
Killed the thread that fast? Damn.
Stop being beta. Delete all your frog pictures. Close this site. Buy a smartphone. Make friends and socialize. Meet girls using your smartphone.

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Who else lost the genetic lottery?
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>born premature
>manlet, dicklet, eyelet
>underdeveloped internal organs
>congenital hemiparesis
>partial epilepsy
>avoidant eating disorder
>ugly as sin
I did but geeze not that bad.

>T-cell and autoimmune disorder
You don't know the half of it

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Who else here /inferioritycomplex/?
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>Girl I like says she likes me
>Don't believe her, believe she is out of my league and is playing a joke on me
>Miss out on highschool sweetheart because I thought I couldn't compete with other guys, even after she said she liked me
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>Be me ugly fembot
>People stare at you in the disgusted type of way
>Never had a boy like you
>Never do anything cuz I'm so ugly.
>Forced myself to be asexual
>Got plastic surgery
>10/10 now
>Don't even want a bf now.
It was a ruse. Be glad you didn't fall for it and be the laughing stock.

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>there are people who want these things near their mouth
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Im a girl i and still find vaginas to be disgusting. The way they bleed every month and smell horrible afterwards, or how they always secrete junk is just plain repulsive tbqh.

The dirtier is the more turned on I am
penises are so much more dignified

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I feel so fucking bad, guys
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Tell me what happened then son
Welcome to our very large club. What's making you feel bad? For most of us it's girls or the lack thereof.
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what's troubIing you my son?

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puppet master.jpg
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>tfw met someone online who is in the process of becoming a trap
>tfw im in charge of feminizing her
>tfw im telling her what clothes to buy and wear and how to act
>tfw she does it and sends pics
>tfw she already is qt and looks convincing at times plus she has lots of potential
>tfw im having her get on hormones next
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You are just as delusional as he is, faggot. If you want to fuck a feminine man i don't give a shit, but calling him a woman is retarded and inaccurate
Does he live alone? How the hell is he paying for hormones? I really don't get how traps live the way they do in general. Like most just seem like cute NEETs since I never see any working anywhere, so I'm pretty sure a lot of them come from money.

Also, where did you meet? Trying to find someone to hook up with is so torturous to me.
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Apparently has rich parents. Has own apartment and doesnt work or go to school.

Randomly met chatting.

>tfw i could eventually quit my wagecuck job and move in with a trap whose parents pay for everything

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Why do I keep falling in love with generic unremarkable girls?
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because youre a generic unremarkable boy
she looks like kate in the last picture
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She got fat as fuck in the hospital. Stop posting those pics. It's embarrassing her.

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What would you do if you were the only person on earth?

id steal a mack truck and drive it because i really want to know how to drive one even though ive never drove stick

thatd be badass
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Get better at drawing so I could draw cute anime girls like Satania.
When I was I kid I liked to daydream that I had powers to freeze all the people I wished to freeze, and unfreeze them too. Usually I'd freeze everyone and eat chocolates and pilot an aircraft. KEK
Watch whatever anime on my hard drive I felt like until the power goes out since there's no one working the plants, then probably find a cool way to off myself like driving to Colorado and off a big mountain

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Hey robots would any of you ever going full vigilante and fight crime at night?
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I don't even know where the first place to go look for crime would be.
If i had super powers then fuck yes i would
That'd be pretty damn cool, but I live in BFE and there's little to no crimes here

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