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>It's just be yourself, dude.
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I don't understand, how is that bad advice?
talking to humans is not something I do so how would being myself help me for example finding a gf?
Where did you get this picture of me? Never post it again.

crazy girls are the only girls crazy enough to be our gfs. normies don't want them

so how do we get crazy gfs
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-niche hobbies
-not giving a fuck and dressing weird
idk man
lol not even crazy girls want beta faggots like you only choice is to kys haha

t. craxy girl
can you just pls be my crazy gf

Can we have a wholesome thread? How are you doing anon? Looking forward to something?
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feeling tired, i got back from the gym. today i just felt tired, i already took a nap.
looking forward to suicide, my friend
Wholesome? Let me get in on that.

I'm sort of mixed about school coming up. I hardly know what to do, I have a half-assed plan to study history in uni and go into either
teaching or politics because engineering failed. I'm unsure about that future and I'm not looking forward to have to spend time among normies
who are all dumber than me because my lack of life motivation and severe depression caused me to function far below my level which means
I'm in a school for average intelligence even though I'm far above that. Also I know I'll get treated like a fucking kid again, which I don't
appreciate since I'm now 20 and both smarter and wiser than pretty much all my teachers.

Y'know, advice for a future plan would be appreciated. In other words: how do I find my life goal so I can get motivated and function on the
level of intelligence I actually have?

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>tfw /r9k/ addicted NEET chad
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Addicted? What mean
i can't leave this shithole, i enjoy the bants too much
>thinking facial hair makes you a chad

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Is 4chan a good place to meet someone to date?
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>Is 4chan a good place to meet someone to date?
Maybe if you are into cute boys

Definitely fucking not. People from 4chan aren't usually mentally stable enough to date someone else from 4chan
I'm not gay, my man.

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just made a tinder, although I still need some pictures of myself.
What do you think of my profile?
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savage m8

I wonder if you deserve that arrogance
You better be a 10/10 or you're fucked with that profile.

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I really need your help robots, I have my last exam tomorrow, it's on contract law, but I need to have 35 cases and the principles they determined memorised, what the fuck do I do? How can I have all 35 of the names and a sentence determining the law around them memorised by tomorrow morning? Does anyone have any ideas?
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Behold my quads, you are blessed child, you will get an A on your exam
you tried bro, I still appreciate it though
That failed just as hard as you will, OP.

>be me
>fucking love Blade and Soul
>haven't played in a long time because life keeps interrupting me.
>Have bi-polar room mate.
>Occasionally he'll go full tard rage
>Finally get a chance to play B&S
>It's seriously so good that it's initials sound like a fetish genre
>but wait...
>It needs to update
>it'll take hours to update
>waiting for opportunity where no one will be bothered by my bandwidth hoarding.
>notice room mate is being an annoying shit again
>he works online, spends most of the day using the internet.
>start updating game while he's working to punish him
>cancel update before it's complete.
>do this every time he acts up, completely forgotten about playing the actual game.
>another reason why I love B&S
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Oh I know who will be the first to die when that guy goes on a rampage
Don't worry, I have a three meter thick wall of armor around my body made of chicken tendies!
Still, I would be worried.
Stay safe, Anon.

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>perfect is overrated
>you matter :)
>try keeping a journal
Therapists are a meme
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>Keeping a journal

This meme works.
can normies actually put their thoughts into words? nothing that ever came out of my mouth was what I wanted to say
I feel bad because I can tell that my therapist cares, but they don't know how to help me. So they try all this generic advice hoping something will stick.

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>be 30 and alone after relationship of 4 years
>failed normie

It's too late now, isn't it? I mean, if all goes perfectly, I could start a family at 35 and become a father.
If my next relationship - IF it even happens - fails, then that was my FINAL chance at happiness, right?

To anyone still in their 20s... find her now. Don't waste your time. Find her right the fuck now, or else you'll end up like me.
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Become a father isn't happiness. Your son will be a disappointment, you will be a disappointment to your son.
Creating new life in 2017 is not ethical, and do it only for your own happiness is selfish and cruel.
Your life is shit because your ancestors was. Break the fucking circle.
Finding a good women in your 30s is near impossible.

Good luck failed normie anon.
>wanting children
uhh no thanks, I'm not fancy fucking up my quiet and peaceful lifestyle with some loud stinky shitters

a gf wouldn't hurt though

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How many of the "neets" on here are actually underaged kids trying to explain why they have so much free time?
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I can confirm that I am not underage and that I am truNEET
never had a job
recently dropped out
definitely counts
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I'm pretty sure it's just one person, and I think they may have dropped that they do live with their parents.

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Getting admitted to psych ward in 29 hours.

Been there once before but in closed off section for violent people.

Any tips? Experiences? How long will they hold me? Do I have to participate in some group therapy bullshit? Can I just play with my phone and lay in bed?
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>Any tips?
Its going to suck unless you live in Scandinavia, US psych wards are prisons
Ive been to several wards, short-term though for various suicide attempts and mutilations. Its not like the movies, its just pure boredom and maybe you'll make an acquaintance to play cards with.
>How long will they hold me?
Depends what you're in for: suicide attempt is minimum 3 days, psychotic episodes usually land you in for longer
>Do I have to participate in some group therapy bullshit?
More than likely.
>Can I just play with my phone and lay in bed?
Every psych ward I've been to have never allowed me to keep my phone and the wall outlets were all blocked to keep people from trying to electrocute themselves. The best you'll get is some TV time and some magazines. And they can't make you get out of bed, though they will try.
Where are you being admitted.

I work on an acute adult psych ward in the UK.

Can give advice but would be location specific. Know a fair bit about the MHA etc.
Damn. I'm not in the US but Scandinavia is miles away in terms of development.

3 days, are you serious? When I was in the locked section (psychosis)they held me for a month and I got out ONLY because my mother signed some bullet to let me out.

I dont even know what my psychiatrist told them this time to get me admitted. I just told her mother is kicking me out and I just can't get a job and be around people and that i dont want to starve on the streets.

Fuck the group "therapy" senpai.

And that's weird that they didn't let you keep a phone. The closed off section I was in with aggressors and crims? The chads walked around with phones playing music and porn. (They didn't allow me to have phone though)


She will be your future wife after 10 years of being stretched out on the cock carousel with the occasional side-chad if she gets slightly bored of you. nice guys aren't that bad if they provide, after all.
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every 6 months after 30 that she's still single she removes one requirement from the list
>Jerk who spends the night intellectually challenging you in a heated verbal debate

This dumb bitch thinks Chad negging her all night until she fucks him is "heated debate" and an"intellectual challenge"
>Blood type O+ or B+ (I'm BO+ and I don't feel sexual chemistry with a man who isn't B or O)
>thinks she's intelligent

wew lad

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I have a biology final in two hours. Give me your numerical energy robots.
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Rolling for your faggy exam friendo, may the digits be with you.

Oregano 12341224
Sorry, you're fucked OP

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Hey friends.

I've always known I'm a loser, but never really bothered to change. I just can't find a single reason to, I'm a bit disillusioned with life.

I have a lot of free time right now so I thought it could be nice to make a thread where fellow anons could share and indulge in eachother's reasons to succeed in life.

What is your motivation to keep going?
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What's a good reason to lose weight? I don't care about being fat, but finding motivation to lose some could be nice.
The bit of enjoyment I get from vidya and art. (lewd art too)
My main reason to keep going is to achieve an almost impossible dream. It's so hard that I'll have to work my ass off for as long as I live.

Try it. It is what keeps me going.

The love of my life and I broke up bc reasons. I almost kill myself but i have to make it. I just have to.

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