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I'm very sensitive. How do I mentally toughen up? I've already started taking only cold showers and beginning working out
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ask yourself why youre so sensitive with the true intenion of knowing why, your brain will spit out an answer so fast it'll make your head spin. keep asking yourself more questions based on your answers and you'll get close to the root of your problem

origami originali in origami
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Whoa calm down buddy.

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>tfw you get into an argument with someone irl about gay rights and the LGBT community where you argue for conservative notions and see the normies getting visibly angry and agitated at your arguments, only for you to reveal right after they blow up on you and call you homophobic that you're gay
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I do this too. Also gay. From my experience it just pisses off liberals even more when I reveal my homosexuality.
This is a bretty good feel, it's amazing to see the mental gymnastics of leftists trying to find a way to call a bisexual mixed race man with long dreadlocks a homophobe or a racist.
>"What?! You're gay, anon?! Then why aren't you on our side? Don't you know that the mean republicans and alt-righters want you dead? WE'RE HERE TO HELP YOU"

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Traps/trannies/pedos/transcopters btfo.

Your not allowed in the military. You hear that? That means you freak shows can go pick another career. Maybe start a youtube channel teaching kids about anal sex or something, youtube is transfriendly! haha!
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Link or GTFO, alt-right fascist.
Why the fuck would they ever want to get into the military and why the fuck would the military want them?
>thank you
What a bizarre President America has

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>talking to normie
>he's a libtard, obsessed with how evil "imperialism" is
>I tell him it's unavoidable that some group or nation always holds power over the rest, as that is how nature pitchs its creatures against each other, and if there is a power vacuum someone will immediately fill it

Why are normies so stupid? They believe in a fantasy world of universal justice and get angry if you tell them basic truths that contradict their delusion.
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You didn't communicate your point of view at all. Holy fuck learn to talk to people
>talking to robot
>he's a poltard, obsessed with how evil the Jews are
>I tell him it's unavoidable that some group or nation always holds power over the rest, as that is how nature pitchs its creatures against each other, and if there is a power vacuum someone will immediately fill it
Why are poltards so stupid?
They believe in a fictional persucation of the white race and get angry if you tell them basic truths that contradict their delusion.
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Normies don't want to debate. They want to murmer in agreement with one another.

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Who /racemixingvictim/ here?

>have a solid 9/10 blonde, cum colored skin future mom
>as soon as she reaches 18 she gets a black, fat, tall 6/10 african-american boyfriend
>she get's married and pregnant in the course of 2 years
>she gives me birth at her 20's
>i get mom's cum colored skin, and dad's black hair, his brown eyes and his horribly bad metaboulism
>the divorces rates between white and black couples is sky high so dad divorces my mom back when i was 3 years old

>dad was dominant and my mom was incredibly submissive, and as expected she doesn't has a single clue on how to raise a son
>single mom raises me like 90% of single moms do, by telling them "don't cause any trouble and be a nice guy"
>granfather has to come here on a daily basis because mom has to go to work
>he doesn't has a clue on how to raise me neither

>mom has the polar oppositive of my metaboulism, she can eat whatever she wants and she won't get fat
>i keep up with her diet
>i get fat
>i was a literal whale from my 5's-16's
>i have to go to the gym every single fucking day just so i can keep up the average weight


I'm 20 now and i still live with my mom, i don't know how to drive a car or cook something that's more advanced than pouring water or put something to the microvawe/furnace, barely know how to iniciate or keep up an interesting conversation. I needed that nigger dad to raise me tbqh
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>from my 5's-16's
Why did you word it like this...
>Black dad leaves
Gets me every fucking time. Never not got a chuckle out of this. Although I do feel bad for race mixed people that is by far the most evil thing a person can do is racemix.
I wouldn't call myself a victim but I'm the product of generations of race mixing. I identify as black but my mother has yellow skin and freckles, one of her older brothers looks like Mr. Clean with green eyes, my grandmother and her family have naturally straight hair. I love the fact that I'm mixed.

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Ladies and Gentlebots, I have a story for you, it's a borderline horror story so viewer discretion is advised
A Student Worker's Horror Story-part 1
>be me
>be a student worker in the high school performing arts center
>it was so big and so complex it required a semi-competent crew to run it
>I was new at the time and had just recently completed my internship
>I was trained on a light board, so that was my responsibility whenever the older lights guy wasn't around
>we were scheduling for the month and hardly anyone signed up for one specific event
>so I did
>first red flag, the event was called, "Miss Jacqui's Dance Recital"
>let's break down all the things potentially wrong with this
>1st, the "Miss" in "Miss Jacqui's dance recital"
>this means one thing: she isn't married
>but why, I wondered
>1.she isn't a very likeable person, it's pretty obvious why that would be bad
>2.she was married, then divorced, this leaves a pretty big grey area as to what her personality would be around other people
>the divorce angle opens up more possibilities, but more on that later
>or 3.she is married but continues to call herself miss jacqui, because it makes her feel "empowered"
>that was probably the best case scenario
>2nd problem, her last name
>I have never seen a more pretentious name
>but that was probably the least of my concerns
>the third major problem
>"dance recital"
>as in, an event in which girls aged six months to 9 years old wear tacky "ballet" clothing
>and jerk around spastically to shitty, copyright free music
>by the time I was done analyzing this in my head, four people, including me, were signed up
>we had also heard from our boss that miss jacqui tips the tech people
>that was a big incentive for signing up as well
>I ignored all this and took the plunge
>it would turn out to be the biggest mistake of my career...
the rest of the parts will be posted as soon as I finish them
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Nothing to see here, folks
A Student Worker's Horror Story-pt.2-The Setup
>two weeks later
>the fateful day arrives
>I would be working lights, as per usual
>we arrived an hour earlier to prepare the stage
>then, the second red flag appears
>you see, our PAC was so fancy it had it's own acoustical shell that could be taken down and put up at will
>we were bitching about having to take the shell down
>but then our boss showed up
>she said, "Miss Jacqui wants only the roof of the shell taken down, the walls will hep her wrangle the kids and keep them on stage
>I'm sorry, what?
>I was understandably confused, I had never heard of a PAC event in which the performers had to be wrangled
>suddenly. Miss Jacqui arrived
>she was wearing enough makeup to make even the most depressed circus clown shit his pants with laughter
>this opened up the 4th divorce possibility
>she was divorced and was on the prowl
>she was probably signed up for at least 5 different dating sites
>up to and including farmerlesbiansonly.com
>some of her helpers show up
>oh god
>they're volunteer. soccer moms.
>and a couple of their older, probably partially lobotomized, children
>we're so screwed
stay tuned for part 3-The Setup Continued
A Student Worker's Horror Story-pt3.-The Setup Continued
>I was trying to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach
>I began performing a last minute lighting check
>I spotted two little shits onstage, stretching to prepare for the show
>they were about ten feet away from me
>I yelled that the lights were coming in
>and I began pulling down roughly 500 pounds of heavy light fixtures
>now, my voice at the time was very coarse and loud, so there was no way they couldn't hear me
>they were still there, stretching
>I acted quickly, grabbing on to the opposite side of the pulley
>dislocated my right arm
>I got dragged three feet up the rope before the lights stopped moving
>after popping my arm back into its socket, I was unbelievably pissed
>luckily, they understood and left
>I realized that this was going to be a long night
>two small children were nearly maimed, and the show hadn't even started
>miss jacqui called us over, to explain how the show would be run
>she said she was, "old school"(claimed to hate technology while using her iphone for fucking everything)
>so instead of running her show from the sound booth like a normal person
>she wanted to run it from the front row of seats
>we all were dumbfounded
>no one runs shows like this
>so we had to be spread really thin across the entire PAC
>in addition to having a person onstage, and a person filming this shit show
>we had to have someone sitting beside her, in the front row, giving orders into a headset
>that unlucky bastard was Carl
>Carl suddenly began to hate his life
>I asked Miss Jacqui what she wanted for lighting
>she told me to surprise her
>lighting is based around giving people what they want
>I, begrudgingly, asked if she wanted to use the disco ball
>she said yes
>but she never told me when
>so now I had to designate someone to go up into the catwalk to lower the disco ball
>I never knew something this side of dashcon could be so poorly organized

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So many paedophilia threads today


really makes you think
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People realized that they can get easy replies this way so they started spamming it
Makes me think the pedos time is up. We're taking back 4chan from these Sexual deviants.
>Makes me think the pedos time is up.

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trannies BTFO.png
46KB, 589x320px

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I can't serve in the US army because I'm not a US citizen
Doesn't the US military have a thing that they will give you citizenship if you sign up for like 8 years?
Reminder that Trump couldn't serve in the military becuase of the tremendous medical costs and disruption it would have entailed.

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1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Free edition today, do what you want, say what you want.
3. Here's a form, if you complete it, copy/paste the whole thing; the name is your in-thread name:

condition(s), if known:
living conditions:
on 4chan since:

Disclaimer: due to risk of trolls, you would do well to use a trip and make sure the person you're talking to is really themselves, especially if my name is used. Make sure the code corresponds to the one in this post. Do the same for other regulars. If anyone tells you to kill yourself, or any post that has my name on it, make sure who you're talking to.

Here's a list of verified trips. If you are a regular with a trip and aren't on it, make sure to notify me.

1. Nick !!fj+6JtTXdtt
2. Dan !!PN2b+OY1wIv
3. Facet !AhnkjmgKCA
4. metapsych !a/rF/lI3WM
5. Winter Coats !!Hk4v4zKE1XV
6. Mac II !!6lVQFpZ/l1n
7. Zeno !!fyiIl19MUvj
8. Medman !!Sooz56wUGqu
9. attenuated !!oXJDpK2abs7
10. Charlie !!g+ifZJDNiIY
11. Tanny !!8uqjvCcoSkX
12. Mac !!zyvLbPc8BEP
14. checkers !!AWl2YAu3pjs
15. hurtbro !!NctRL2wsiyk
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Stop impersonating me. You don't have the qualifications that I do.

The only way this is going to work (temporarily) is if you start the thread yourself. Then people might believe you until a regular points out that you aren't me. It'd be a great irony: you'd be opening the thread you want closed. So I don't expect you to do it.

I assume you're here for trolling fun more than the cause.

Have a nice thread.
Everybody please sage this thread, the imposter will intentionally give you bad advice. I'll post the real thread in a few hours when I'm done with work.

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have you taken the Allah pill, r9k?
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esti prost
Inshallah my muslim brother

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>when your mom is so catholic she gets church hymns stuck in her head
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You posted a turtle omg
Yeah that's my mom
I'm converting to Catholicism soon.

It's 2017 and there are "men" who still take a shit while sitting. Explain yourself
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Google "Woman cuts her ass cheeks on ceramic toilet bowl"
I like to sit. That way, you have the little table in front of you to read magazines on
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>Anno Domini 1980+37
>not performing the Chad Earthquake
No wonder /r9k/ is the most pathetic board.

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>worst spec ops ever
>has a crush on a woman
>likes climbing buildings
>everyone makes fun of his name
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>that picture
Please fuck off to 9gag
Grabbed the first pic I could find in google; I tried finding the one from last thread but I can't into archives.
>sucking cocks 24/7
>not really from a video game

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It seems like the only things they contribute to your country are rape and acid attacks, yet you just let them stay.
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The rapists are muslims, not pakis in general. Plus, we prefer to attack the problem at its source, rather than just go for a minority it's associated with (since, y'know, it removes 100% of the problem with no collateral damage).
And these acid attacks are gang related, with mostly whites and blacks as perpertators iirc.
So you banned Islam?
They are Pakistani.
Pakistan is a corrupt misogynist society.
Acid attacks are common in Pakistan.

Why dont you skateboard robot? You meet a lot of people just from being on a board even if you suck.
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I used to ride BMX for years. Most of the guys were honestly cool and really helpful, meanwhile skateboarders here were the biggest cunts. Always loved skating but hated the people
I skate, nobody else here does though. I like doing it alone though, the thought of skating with people makes me nervous.
im thinking of picking it up since i have a decent skateboard
what should i learn first? ollie? any tips?

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